The Morning Mile

The Morning Mile is now a ritual. 25 days now. Wow.

I want to come clean. COVID as the quarantine period dragged on activated the hibernator energy in me…

It’s not that I wasn’t doing things, especially around the home. But lack of a weekly dance and the usual outings to stores and parks meant, well, my energy field changed. It seemed to drop into a mode where any possible calories were being stored for “a long winter” and my energy level – vitality – was reduced.

With a new baby, LOWER vitality is NOT what I needed! To say the least.

I know some (rare) people establish new habits and rituals easily. Not me.

For me I need to make it easy straightforward as possible. It needs to be achievable. A quick walk somewhere nearby (or even around in circles in the house if necessary) for 1 mile would be it. About 11-15 minutes out, and 11-15 minutes back.

We’re really fortunate to be near the Blue Ridge Parkway and the Mountains to Sea Trail that runs along it. For the past 25 days I’ve picked a segment, set a timer, set AllTrails to map the trip, and walked. Three mornings a week I’m by myself. The other four my boy Emerald (almost 7 years old) comes with me. Adventure!

The results inside me are significant. The trend towards contraction has reversed. It feels like my “world” has expanded.

The trend towards storing energy and shutting down any “unecessary” expenditure has reversed and now there’s a trend towards having more energy (and resilience).

It’s not dramatic. It’s palpable… I can feel it. My partner notices it. I notice it.

Here’s the map for a bit longer Morning Mile that Emerald and I did this morning. You may be able to click the image to see the photos and path in more detail:


We took a side track to explore which added a half mile. :smiley:

Why am I sharing this?

Well, because getting movement seems to be really hard for many in the community right now. Yes, there are still quarantine restrictions in many areas. But even in areas where outside activity is allowed, there’s the fear factor and the “contraction” factors to consider.

As the quote above mention, it is often the reason you want to do something that is the most important.

I’d say it is the REASONS (multiple) that are most important!

One reason alone – like wanting to use weight – would NOT have gotten me out every morning for 25 days. No way. Not when it was raining. :slightly_frowning_face:

Stack Your Reasons

When I have many reasons why I want to do something, each day one or more will feel activating – even if others don’t. Here are just some of the reasons for my Morning Mile:

  1. Vitality Re-activated!
  2. Expand my energy
  3. Experience Nature in its weather variations
  4. Get to be an Explorer
  5. See and sense what’s around me - sensory awareness
  6. Feel the earth beneath my feet
  7. Dance along the trail
  8. Listen to music
  9. Unwind my tensions
  10. Use my stored weight
  11. Build strength to be able to carry my daughter as she grows
  12. Process emotions that get clogged in my tissues
  13. Move lymph to support my immune system
  14. Have more temperature resilience (so I can enjoy cold, hot, wet, dry weather)
  15. Maintain my physical and sexual presence
  16. Have a positive, FUN physical experience I can do each day with an intention for 5000+ steps a day (without overdoing it)
  17. Live longer and healthier to be alive and vibrant with my partner and children

What’s It For You?

I’m inviting you to consider what movement daily or weekly would
add to your vitality. Share it in a reply if that’s a YES for you.

Make a list of as-many-benefits as you can come up with the support this change. Those are the fuel.

Then, make a list of the RESISTANCE that comes up. Resistance is a companion to change of any kind.

If you choose to share your resistance, I’ll do some tapping to help support you and post it here. Deal?

Here’s to Thriving Vitality for you, me, and WE!

~ @Rick


The world feels so different in the rain. Same path I’ve walked a dozen+ times. Alive in a different way. Grateful that this devotion to ALL the ways the Morning Mile serves my well-being and intentions also has invited exploring the world in weather than used to quite simply “keep me HOME.”



On top of the Morning Mile are aspects of my thriving life like Simple Uplifts. There’s also an opportunity to really feel my energy and how adding music changes the flow of chi (qi - energy) during the experience.

This morning my energy was sluggish. As I Dropped In and Tuned To the experience I was about to engage with, the action of putting on headphones and listing to Latin Dance music came to me… YES!

From that YES the music started affecting my energy. Instead of being in the dampness and mud, I was on this flowing juicy dance trail. I had not gone down a trail quite like that before. Dancing around soft spot… feeling the bounce of the moss with the music… softening my steps to flow with vocals…

I remember reading the book Chi Running five years ago, not to RUN, but to bring more of that energy awareness to my rollerblading. Now, bringing it to the Morning Mile. Grateful to have this quote above resurface today.



Going back and re-reading the 17 reasons I listed above, over a month ago, I am struck by how these are interwoven into my Morning Mile experience… all of them. Writing them out brought them more into consciousness.

Most days I do not listen to music. The days I do are so perfectly right for that.

My sense of what is “cold weather” has definitely changed. Layers and a sweeeeet soft neck wrap and fleece hat make even the low 20’s feel fresh rather than biting.

Most of all, I have explored and see this territory in ways that I had not before.

I know I need (!) Nature time. But to be fair, I need connection and writing and nest even more. Yet, Nature is an essential nutrient. Like altitude for me. Vistas.

Noticing nature this past week I’ve been struck by how often it’s… The Dead Stuff… that really captures my eye. Well, not dead dead. It’s a tree trunk once alive as a tree and now alive as an ecosystem of its own with moss and fungi and sprouts and rot. Wow. So beautiful.

Kinda makes me wish I could form such a little world when my time is done. Well, at least I can be a “dusty contributor” in the right place.

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It’s interesting how this milestone – 90 days AND walking in the rain – helps re-invigorate me. Today was day 92 and 2.4 miles of exploring along a ridge, taking a new path, hearing the quiet along the road… listening to streams AND my body.

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Yes I am considering doing movement a few times a week. Some weeks I actually am moving to my funky walk and a few others. It does help my legs feel better.

My reasons for moving myself.

  1. Moving my legs to help them stop aching.
  2. Move my lymph to help the swelling in my legs.
  3. Staying mobile at my age.
  4. Enjoying dancing once I get started.
  5. Loosen tensions in my body.
  6. Help lower my blood sugar
  7. Getting stronger and have more balance
  8. Staying stronger and more balanced to prevent falls.

My resistance is that

  1. I get involved in stuff and don’t want to get up and move.
  2. My legs ache and I will baby them instead of getting up and moving.
  3. I would rather take a nap.
  4. And so on…

Only #4 is really activating of emotional energy. The others are primarily “survival” feeling and “maintenance.”

How about something like, “I get to experience being ALIVE in ways that other activities don’t offer.” ?

“There’s a part of me that longs to express Herself, and I want to give Her some playtime and art, too!”

“30-seconds of dance a day… makes me a Dancer! I want to activate that aspect of my identity because I’ll move through my entire life with more of that identity when I do.” :heart_decoration:

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Yes I see that. I didn’t feel the emotional feelings when I posted mine. I thought I was.

I will play with these and see if I can come up with some more feeling ones.

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I’ve been both types. :wink: