What are you letting go, to make space for what you want to grow in 2021?

My partner @Jem posted this on Facebook. I wanted to open a space here for us to share as well, especially with the Circle Members session tomorrow:

Let’s Rock 2021! Inspired Action & Emotional Freedom Together!

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So what are YOU letting go?

I am letting go of an archaic belief about myself.

The old belief: I am inconsistent. Painfully inconsistent when it comes to “regularly scheduled tasks.”

That old belief has taken up a lot of space. It too easily becomes the filter I see my actions not taken through.

For example, last year around this time I started the Emotional Freedom for All Podcast. I was doing pretty well with the weekly schedule. Then pregnancy! Then COVID!

Through the filter of this archaic belief, I see and feel the pain of a “commitment not kept.” Ouch.

The truth is that I have commitments that take precedence. That means they are more core to my values and integrity than a calendar schedule.

I started doing more sessions for circle members, moving to every 2-3 days consistently (!!!). Yes, I’ve been consistent with that.

And there is more. More consistency. And absolutely where calendar inconsistency shows itself, there is consistency and devotion to community and to family.

I’ve also shared elsewhere how when I’ve stacked many ways a particular action matters to me, and made the “consistency” something easy to fit into the flow of my day (which varies as widely as the weather!), I’ve been able to do my Morning Mile for 37 days now and Duolingo for Spanish for 177.

It’s true that those two things give me clarity. Right now, it seems less about the “win” of those consistent daily behaviors as those being the last clear proof that I’ve been WAY TOO HARD ON MYSELF with holding onto a belief that “Rick is inconsistent.”

Letting go of that.

“Rick consistently shows up for what matters. And that is free to change and evolve and grow.”

Thanks for listening!

What is it for you that you are letting go of?


There are a few very useful nuggets of practical wisdom in there for me to use Rick…thanks!


Lovely, thanks for sharing that Rick. I love that you shifted perspective and saw the evidence that old belief is ready to go.

When I saw the qn I thought of physical things I’d like to feel good about letting go of but now have a new direction to ponder. About to go to bed so will ask the question and see what arises in the morning.

Looking forward to the call tomorrow.


I am letting go of being as sedentary as I was. Like you, hibernation buried itself deep into my psyche and every bone, cell and even my thoughts felt it. Now that I’ve started Grooving, my outlook has changed. I feel more hopeful, have more energy and my body is thanking me.



That is most certainly true! Thank you. :heart:

I think I’m settling into a similar shift… deepening into being free to change and evolve and grow, in ways I may not even know yet, while showing up for what matters… This past year certainly looked much different than I had any idea it would!

I’m still tuning in to what exactly I’m letting go of and what I want to cultivate more…

Definitely opening more to being in flow with what feels good and aligned for me and our family, on multiple levels… and not getting too attached to exactly how that might look, since so much is in flux, both in the larger world and in our home/work life with a new baby.

Letting go of expectations, especially those related to old stories from past experiences.

Opening into what is Here Now, and noticing that it is indeed different from what I’ve experienced before (in parenting, partnership, work in the world, etc) — and appreciating how much more pleasant it all is these days! So, welcoming more of those feelings of Home, Love, Trust, Safety, and Joy, without being attached to what exactly things might look like that allow me to experience those feelings.

Definitely listening to my Womb Wisdom more deeply, and being patient and curious about how things unfold. Coming back to my center within.

Choosing love and trust and curiosity. :sparkling_heart:


I blush a little at how long ago I used to assume that things would happen a way I expected. One of the most significant internal changes is awakening the awareness that, yes, I can notice and make new associations… even let go of expectations as a way of navigating and rely more and more on inherent resilience and competence and devotion to be the core of our thriving. :heart_decoration: