Why walk in the rain?

I walked in the rain this morning… again.

This message is for my younger self. Going back in time as encouragement from Rick who has now walked 90 Morning Miles

Hey buddy, I know you don’t “like” the rain… or at least you prefer a beautiful sunny mild day with clear blue skies and fresh smells on the breeze. I get that. I feel the same.

And… I know how much you value resiliency. And I know how much you crave the capacity to get past the “I don’t wanna!!!” energy that rises when something (anything) is uncomfortable. We love ease and comfort. :hugs:

There’s something about taking an intentional walk when it is muddy… when the rain is coming down… when your shoes will definitely get dirty… when you will have to navigate not getting the seats too wet in the car…

This morning I got to hear something I wouldn’t get to hear if I didn’t walk in the rain. I got to hear the rain making noise on my raincoat.

I also got to hear the forest when it’s raining. See rivulets of water in places they are not all the time. I got to feel the aliveness of… my ancestors if that makes sense. Walking those paths I felt connected to those who walked and gathered and hunted in the rain when that was what was called for.

In the walk of only a mile, we gathered energy. We gathered wisdom. We got clear that weather changes… physical and emotional… and we can still… walk. Live. Even smile!

There’s a pleasure that can come from navigating around the slick spots and keeping our footing. There’s even a pleasure knowing that “fair weather” and “perfect conditions” are not required when we have clarity about what matters.

Being alive… this day… in precisely the weather than exists right NOW (inside and outside the body)… matters.

Love to you, and love to us all!


An ‘activation energy’ chat with your younger self…I like that…I’m going to use that myself…it will help me establish some daily practice rituals.
Thank you…
Love to us all…


I woke up from a nap just a bit ago feeling kind of blah. “Why don’t you turn on your funky walk video and get some exercise?” The voice in my head said.

“I don’t wanna”, I answered back quietly, “I’m going to get on the computer instead.”

So I opened my email and saw Rick posted something about blame in the center. I went there, read the post, then saw Why walk in the rain?

I cried for a minute and a half first.

Ok I think I got the message. At least it’s not raining in my living room and I do enjoy funky walking/dancing. My legs will thank me for it and maybe I’ll feel better. “What do you think self?”

“Yes, hopefully we will. Why don’t you share the delightful video of the baby exploding with glee when she feels her first rain?”


This makes me sooooo happy!! Especially linked so beautifully to our connection here. Bless you! Angels love me and you and we. :heart_eyes:

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I want to remember to do that too.

All kinds of wonderful Rain memories came flooding forward as I watched!! Mmmmm, such fun…especially stomping in puddles! Thanks, Jean!