What's Your Vibrational Therapy? (Resource Sharing)

When you need a change in your vibration – to settle down, to replenish, to boost vitality, to get your energy moving… what do you turn to?

You’re invited (please!) to share in a reply. It would be great if you would include a link (if it is a specific resource) as well as an example of how it helps change your vibration.

Also, let’s see which ones most support our well-being in this community:

Pick 5 That Most Support Your Thriving
  • EFT Tapping
  • Listen to Music
  • Meditation
  • Hugging / Snuggling / Sex
  • Talking (self / others)
  • Dancing
  • Mindful Movement / Qi gong / Yoga
  • Singing / Playing Musical Instrument
  • Journaling
  • Draw / Paint / Craft
  • Prayer / Chanting
  • Reading
  • Nature Time
  • Walking / Exercise
  • Gardening
  • Build Something
  • Watch TV
  • Browse Internet
  • Massage (get / give)
  • Other! (share below)

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This morning as the rain was heading in, having awakened at 4am with a spiritual call to meditate and EFT tap on some resentments from my past (which I did), by 9am my energy was sluggish and my vibration was sorta… quivery and unstable.

This song, Bailando… Dancing while on my Morning Mile Nature Walk utterly changed my vibe. I could feel blood and bones and sinews coming back online, coming into harmonious co-creation.

I have a history where Latin dance music like this was part of Zumba (where I started off in the back of the room, awkward and enthusiastic, and ended up leading songs in the front of the room with… awkwardness and ENTHUSIASM! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

Zumba helped me discover the dancer in me. Today, music I can tune to while I explore Nature, that inspired my body to move and dance with mindful exuberance is such… Vibrational Therapy.

What’s yours?


While watching your video, I “remembered” that I LOVED dancing A LOT starting in high school Modern Dance class all the way to dancing with Ellen at the start of her show! Then I stopped dancing :pensive:! I remember reading that in the Native American culture, a Medicine Man may ask a patient, “When did you stop dancing?” to help “diagnose” their situation. I just asked mySelf that question and my first thought was…I stopped dancing when I no longer had a partner. I don’t know if I meant “dance partner” or “life partner” but my answer surprised me! Hmmm…


Meditation is one of the things that support my thriving. Though I have meditated for many years, it never occurred to me that an app could be used and be so beneficial until I read about it in The Forums when I first became a member of ThrivingNow. It has helped in so many ways by tracking & acknowledging My Journey and special meditations when I’m grieving or anxious or whatever else might be alive in my world. [https://www.headspace.com/]


Most of those options are/have been part of my rejuvenation! Depends on what I need on a given day, and what’s easily available…

And, I created this free mini-course to share a few of my favorite practices that help me reset quickly: spontaneous qigong, kidney breathing, Daoist healing sounds to transform emotions, and specific meditations.
Free access here:

Cheers to shifting our vibration with ease and grace and joy!


Oh, and here’s another list of things I have found especially helpful during the changes and uncertainties of the past year:

So many helpful practices, both to shift energy after an upset, and to tend gently to ourselves to pre-empt unnecessary upsets too!