Drop In. Tune To. Engage With

I get overwhelmed sometimes. You?

There are many people who are dear to my heart.
There are many projects that are dear to my heart.

I work from home.
I have a family.
I have a new baby.

Emails come in all the time.
Many include requests for help or support.

How do we get out of the mode of making sense of all that and actually… be in it?

For me I use these three invitations:

1) Drop In.

Pause everything else. Come into my body, breath, gravity, being alive and here.

2) Tune To.

Pick something, anything really, that matters right now. Like this sharing this with you all. Like tending to my need for food. Whatever it is… Tune To it. If it requires some energy, boost my vibration a bit. If it requires more depth, drop in a bit deeper to Tune To.

3) Engage With…

Take some microstep of Inspired Action. Such action arises when we Drop In and Tune To something that matters to us. Engagement is more whole bodied. As I write this, I am coming back to the body with each pause – as I tune to the words and to my community.

If you find the term Mindfulness or Be Mindful a bit too vague to get your body-mind-spirit aligned and engaged, perhaps these three invitations will help. I certainly would not have written this if I hadn’t followed them. :slightly_smiling_face:




This is a reminder that Drop In. Tune To. Engage With… applies for inner world tending to our me-space and physioemotional needs… and the external world of We-Space and Projects.

I do so love it when I get synchronicity messages from Source after engaging with something that matters to me.