You're not the same BEING that you were 300 steps ago

Welling Sadness…

That’s what I’d always called that feeling. Sinking energy, welling feeling in my throat and face like I was heading to tears.

I was on my way to my Morning Mile walk in the woods. This feeling was so familiar. The question I asked was the same one I’d asked so many times before…

Why am I feeling so sad?!?!

Hmmm… this morning that question didn’t feel useful.

I’ve been working a lot with unnaming. Sure, I do believe that our emotional vocabulary is important. Someone who only has two words: happy and sad… will be always painting their emotional world in two colors.

At the same time, I’ve noticed more and more that sensations I habitually have labeled sad or scared are not always… that. Taking a courageous act that really and truly matters to me that I feel really good about can hit the same sensation pathways as being fearful… even if I’m not really scared!

“I feel sad.” Actually, it was true at a 2.

Meaning, not really an accurate description! (10 would mean totally true.)

“I have these sensations I’ve always labeled as sad in the past.” That was a 10.

But it was a blend of sensations. With a bit of extra attention, it was clear that I was not feeling what I’d call “sad” – my energy felt like it had some… cravings… longings… wantings.

What does my body-mind most want right now?

It wanted to move, but more slowly than my usual walk. It wanted to spend time really savoring and noticing. LOTS of Simple Uplifts. And it needed permission to feel sensations wherever they were present, in sinews and bones and heart and blood.

300 steps later, I was a different Being.

My energy had changed, just 300 steps into my walk. (Yes, I measure with my phone.)

Those sensations I’d initially labeled sadness had shifted. There was an awareness of the cold causing my body to activate more inner heat. There was balancing and shifting and breathing and heartbeats I could feel.

Just 300 steps.

Interesting, isn’t it?

Our emotional weather (our State of Being) is so dynamic and changeable. 300 steps. 30 taps. 3 breaths. Notice. We’ve changed.

For me one core of Emotional Freedom is a sense that we have increased savvy with our energy – it’s flow, vibrancy, expression, balance.

I’m inviting you to try this for yourself.

  • Pay attention to sensations and flows and stagnation of energy in your body.
  • Move for, say, 300 steps :smiley_cat:
  • Be With+In your body-mind.
  • Notice what has changed.

If you’re a yes, please [Reply] and share! @Rick


I love noticing sensations and Being With them, feeling into how their energy wants to move or be met… rather than labeling them or creating a story about them too quickly. (Sometimes easier than others!)

I remember when we would have an uncomfortable sensation (during an acupuncture treatment, or just in describing our experience), my teacher in acupuncture school would gently remind us:

“It’s all just energy.”

Somehow that’s very comforting to me, and it’s helped me be with uncomfortable feelings and experiences much better since then.

Because energy always transforms.

I don’t have to afraid it will be stuck like that forever, or even for very long (which used to be my worry), and indeed, it can change so quickly — in 100 steps or a few breaths or a long hug or a quick qigong shake.

Sometimes, the physical energy changes faster than my mental construct about it, and I’ve been appreciating watching our baby change so quickly between smiles and tears, without attaching to a story about what she’s feeling… or whether it’s ok or not to feel that. She’s just deeply in her body in the moment!

Letting go of the label or the story (or being more aware and curious about creating one to begin with) feels so freeing!

Plus, it’s fun to become a new Being so frequently!


Yes. Indeed.

Do you happen to have a video of that? Or brief description?

My emotional weather has been changing this week. Monday I was busy making phone calls. The county library insisted we come in with a photo ID to prove that we lived in the county or our cards would be suspended. Three phone calls later we got our cards updated for 6 months without having to go in.

The person who delivered our food order was not wearing a mask, which I didn’t realize until later. I assumed he was. I know, strange. Anyhow I needed to let Wal-Mart know and that it was not acceptable. That took a few phone calls, emails and chat. I forget what else I did but by Tuesday I was ready to say stick me with a fork, I’m done. Plus neither of us slept that well. So I allowed myself to be a slug. And even though it made me feel sluggish I was ok with it.

Also I stopped dancing for 4 days. My legs and hips were aching big time. They told me to rest a bit. Today I moved a little, maybe 2 minutes with no music or video. I just moved my legs and hips a few times. Hopefully I will keep going but even a bit slower.

I didn’t feel like being on FB or even talking to anyone for 2 days. That was ok too. I allowed myself to feel and be sluggish and not beat myself up. These are the hardest months for me of winter but they will go fast as all time is for me. I’m looking forward to getting vaccinated and trying to stay in the now as much as possible. Not sure 300 steps would have done it this week. Maybe soon. Maybe not.



Yay Jean!

I believe when we practice listening, hearing, and honoring our body’s signal to slow down, it makes “the relationship” a lot more trustworthy… which means our body can also say “Yes! Go for it!!” knowing that the natural recovery period will be allowed to happen, too.


The rest did me good. I just finished 6 minutes of funky movements. Yay Me I did not give up. :grinning: :grinning:


This is such an important piece!

Yes, when we honor our bodies’ signals, we deepen our trust in the relationship with ourselves.

We can allow our Inner Voice to speak in ways that perhaps weren’t allowed when we were growing up, or indeed as adults in various settings. The more we listen to that voice, the easier it is to build healthy relationships with all parts of ourselves — and then with others, too.

There’s a balance between making a commitment to doing something daily, and listening to what our bodies need, with honesty and compassion for where we are in the moment… How do we make space for that, while maintaining kindness towards ourselves?

Committing to Doing also invites a commitment to Being, to resting, to letting things balance out — at least, it does in health, if not in the broader context of a society that’s hyper-focused on productivity and action!

The natural energy exchange of Yang (Doing) and Yin (Being) allows us to notice and open to new possibilities that we might not otherwise have trusted ourselves to rise into.

Indeed, finding that balance, and improving our trust in ourselves, tends to open up much more room for growth and health than purely focusing on “just going for it” or else beating ourselves up for not meeting a goal we set that wasn’t honoring our need for rest in the first place…

So vital to focus on aligning with ourselves to have a healthily evolving inner relationship!