Rising... Confidence

Rise 'n Shine!

Ahh, it’s a day when I’m feeling the question: What does it mean to be Rising?

Easter. Resurrection.
Spring. Frozen tulips 2 days ago rising into the sunshine today.
Rising 20’s! New decade. Pandemic! Now what?

I woke at 230am. Yes, my shoulder woke me. The shoulder attached to the arm that was strong enough to catch me as I slid on the steps at 5am with Adira, keeping us from toppling. 3 days… rising in the night fro the pain… rising in connection to Spirit.

Honestly, if I had not gone through Hell with disease and unescapable pain 30 years ago, I might not be a man (and father) I respect today. I was pretty… sunken.

There’s something about the rising sun that remind me. Reminds me of periods where I needed to rise, wanted to rise, chose to rise, and… I did. I have. And it’s my choice to continue Rising Together.

I wanted to share this little story…

After waking at 230am, tending to my body and spirit, meditating, praying, feeling… the boy woke at 730am and did his Easter Egg Hunt while @Jem and Adira slept a bit more. He shared such feelings of happy delight, expressed how generous his Mom had been with him, and more.

I made bacon and cantaloupe, more coffee :heavy_heart_exclamation: – and was pretty darn tired. Jem suggested I go for a nap. And there was this sense, in me, around me… to go for my Morning Mile first.

I also sensed specifically where to go: what we call the Fairy Path.

There, just as I was listening to the first choruses of Easter music I also felt drawn to, with words of remembrance of how Source and Love are there for us (and me)… BUNNY!

Right there in the path. Like it was there to say Hi! Happy Easter!

It let me get CLOSE. Then bounded off… a bouncy reminder that while some reminders of the potential in our Guidance are so obvious as to give us tingles and joy… perhaps we are all Rising even when it may not feel like it.

Rising from where we slipped…
Rising from what knocked us down…
Rising into what matters to us… our Heartistry.

I did sing songs of praise as I walked in the woods this morning. I’m grateful for this life, for all that happens behind the scenes in my life and yours… and still we meet, still we share laughter and tears… still we do our best to embody love.

Blessings to you this Day, and all ways,


I’m sending you some healing thoughts for your arm. I’m happy you were able to keep yourself and Adira from calamity!! Nice catch Pops!



What a lovely read, Rick. I hope your shoulder feels better by now. Such a protective Father too.

Easter was one of my favorite holidays as a child. I got new Easter clothes and I loved the hymns. Then the Easter egg hunt and all the yummy candy. Spring was here, it was beginning to get warmer, my birthday was ahead, then summer and no school. July 4th celebrations in my home town too. So many wonderful things to look forward to.

Now there is the rising of hope with the vaccinations and the feeling of being able to get out more safely.

One of my morning joys is looking out the window at the rising of the sun and taking pictures of some of the prettier sunrises. Knowing that no matter what else is going on the sun always rises even when it’s cloudy, rainy or misting, somewhere under it all is the sunrise.

Also our angels, guides and spirit buddies love us always :hugs:`

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