Processing too much through ___

On the circle session last night, one of the members said they were processing too much tension through their body.

Ahhh… interesting.

This morning during my quiet reflection time, I realized I was processing too much tension through words and thoughts and not ENOUGH through my body!


Today’s Morning Mile was with music and dance down the trail.

Earlier I would have said my body felt scared. When I asked my being how scared I was, it was actually only a 2 out of 10. That’s pretty baseline for me. So… what it was was a build-up of tension that needed to be expressed.

Allergic to Exercise, Delighted with Expression

Yeah, I am allergic to exercise. The word and the energy around it – for me – feels flat. Emotionless. Energy expended without being nourished by the artistry of it.

Expression… ahhh. Dancing down the trail, taking moments to savor what pops into view, even laughing with the person who walked up behind me and had to “applaud” me to get my attention with my earbuds in… this both processed the energy AND nourished me.

How would you like to express yourself through your body?

What stops you from doing that – if anything?


That is awesome that you got out and got your body moving and expressing, Rick!!! Yay for you!!

I miss doing the super intense workouts I used to do, but doing that all the time for decades got me to where I am now: pain, dealing with imbalances in my body, and other stuff. So starting a year ago, I decided to take the remainder of 2020 and all of 2021 to address these issues, or at least get my body functioning and moving in the way it was designed to without the imbalances and pain.

What is stopping me from doing these workouts is the commitment I made to myself to address these things. It requires self-control and giving my body proper rest, recovery it needs. I’ve spent weeks on myofascial release and I think there will be this for the rest of the year, at least done on a regular basis.

But, I am about to begin corrective exercises for my imbalances. I experience a lot of heel and Achilles pain and the origination of it isn’t from my feet. I’m finding that I haven’t been activating the right muscles for different exercises and other muscles have compensated.

So I am noticing the resistance I have to rest and relax and letting my body know that it is okay to rest and relax. I know I could go do one of those workouts I love, but I know it will undo and hinder what I’m already doing. So it’s best to learn to appreciate this healing, recovery, restoration process instead of fighting it.

There are PLENTY of less intense things I do do, like T-Tapp workouts which greatly lower my blood sugars and stimulate my lymph system. Low intensity indoor cycling lowers my blood sugars. The functional training, at least at this point, is quite painful, but I know it’ll get me able to do the things I want to do down the line.


I thought Body Groove was going to keep me “motivated” to move my body. I do like it, I like the energy of it and it feels more like dancing than exercising. But I’m not doing it. My legs ache a lot and after doing one of the dances on there, the next day my legs ached even more. I have a vein problem that needs compression socks which I finally got and I’m not even wearing them. For some reason I’ve shut down again. I don’t know what would get me activated again. Yes I have tapped about it but didn’t get answers. Maybe bringing it to a call would help. Your fun in the woods sounded fun.


If my fun in the woods sounded fun, perhaps a short 10 minute saunter in the woods?

Dance with music and a leader means we have partners. It means our energy is being influenced by them. When I dance in the woods, it means I have a partner in the musicians and singers. That can be great! And it can also get me to do things with my body that it may or may not want (or be ready for). In general I listen to music 5 out of 100 morning miles.

Nature changes the experience for sure.

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That sounds like something I would do occasionally but not on a regular basis.
I want to get myself up and moving to body groove for 10 min a day or at least 3 times a week. Plus a ten min walk in the neighborhood either before the sun gets too hot or in the evening.

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