Exploring Simple Uplifts

This morning I sat and watched as two colorful balloons danced our family room as sun beamed in and the sparkly cushion we got from Goodwill glistened under the chair.

As Christmas Mornings go, this was really… simple. And yet the uplift was palpable. While my heart-adopted boy is at his Dad’s and we won’t be able to pick him up today due to treacherous ice on the mountains, the Simple Uplifts have given me a grounded sensory awareness for the family life Jem and I are actively crafting here.

The balloons are not helium. We discovered that that particular vent has an air flow that lets balloons dance, then settle down in between cycles, then dance again! Normally it is just one we have there… for Christmas, two have been dancing.

Uplift. Simple.

I’m noticing that this isn’t necessarily “gratitude.” Or even “appreciation” in the usual sense. Sure, if you asked me if I was grateful for my life? ABSOLUTELY. Do I appreciate what I have and the kin I share it with? ABSOLUTELY.

What I mean my uplift is an actual sensation. Buoyant - but subtle. A rising, but not enough to lift me up into the air.

I got the same feeling walking while talking with @Cathy for my Morning Mile - which actually was an Afternoon Adventure with the frigid cold and ice we had this morning.

I felt the uplift just being with her. Then there was the crunch of icy snow under my trail runners. Crunch Crunch Crunch. Even better than salty chips! CRUNCH!

Which brings me to this invitation…

I believe that sharing our Simple Uplifts would benefit each other. A simple uplift isn’t the same for me as the Big Gift or Win or Success. It’s something that would probably go unnoticed by someone wrapped up in tension and worry.

My belief is that Simple Uplifts are core to filling our joy tanks on a sustainable basis – and not just when the tank is empty and the indicator is flashing yellow.

To validate this I’d really enjoy hearing from you…

What is a Simple Uplift for you?

Click [Reply] and let’s share!


My friend Lauren Jane often shares art on her Facebook timeline. Interestingly, they often give me this kind of Simple Uplift… the emotional content, or how my curiosity and wonder get evoked in a soft yet unmistakably buoyant way.

Here’s one that she posted (artist is Steve Hutton):

There’s SO MUCH in this one image that gives me a Simple Uplift!


My uplift is feeling so completely thankful for just about everything lately. It does fill my tank.

This Christmas has been so totally different this year with no pressure whatsoever. No shopping, no feeling “obligated” to go to someone’s house for dinner. I am grateful for so much.


Some awarenesses: There’s a sort of peaceful euphoria from simple uplifts. My sense is that I resist that in order to have enough “tension” to do other things, to clean up for example.

I am curious how I can clean up and “do things” if I am also slightly “high” on the simple uplifts all around me.


Wonderful @Angelsloveyou ~ do you feel like you got to the place of being completely thankful by noticing simple uplifts until everything was “painted” with that awareness… or was the journey different for you?

I started by noticing simple uplifts. It began when I heard about people who were in long lines getting food to feed their families. I started eating my food with thankfulness aware that we had enough to eat.
Homelessness in the cold painted thankfulness I had heat and a home.
People missing people unable to visit for Christmas and other holidays brought thankfulness I was well and lived with someone I could hug.
One grateful awareness led to another until I have been completely thankful for oh so much.


I live by “simple uplifts” just knowing I’m not in pain when I open my eyes in the morning, that is a win ! A simple smile on my lips as I observe life from my window . A win when I hear that my children are safe ! I grab whatever joy moment my universe sends my way :two_hearts::pray:t4:


It’s easy for me to think of ‘simple uplifts’ that are sort of bigger and more obvious in nature…a hot bath, a cup of tea, a hug from someone I love, hearing kids playing, a nourishing home cooked meal, a fave movie…

But I’m trying to consider the much subtler ones that I guess I don’t normally acknowledge or even let into full awareness. And I guess that’s the ‘endgame’ in this…that the subtler ones shift into becoming the bigger, obvious ones…rinse and repeat.

So, here goes:
A natural, full breath that really settles my nervous system when I didn’t realize I needed it
When I get in my truck and there’s lots of gas left in the tank
When my truck starts without any problem…even though I expect it because it’s never not started I can now feel that ‘uplift’…interesting
When I look out my front window and see birds and squirrels carrying on their business
Seeing my cat laying peacefully and at complete ease with no worries and a full belly
Feeling a bit of breeze on my skin on a hot day

…and undoubtedly a bunch more things that I can’t think of right now…but I’m going to be more aware of them now…for awhile anyway.


Exactly! Those are the ones I’m most referring to! Thanks for capturing that essence and practice. Sweet! Trucks starting in same arena as seeing a peaceful cat.


Today, a simple uplift was seeing my parent’s cat, Chakra, lounging on a couch. There was something about his facial expression and quiet acknowledgement of my presence with his body language (ear movement, eyes looked down in my direction) that made me feel super relaxed and in my body. He’s just hanging out, letting himself be in the world. I love sharing space with this little guy who is loud when he wants treats. <3 Amazing teacher.


I love these… and our dancing balloons are an uplift for me too!

Other uplifts:

Watching my baby sleep

Lingering eye contact in sweet connection

Sunset and moon glow

Smelling good food cooking

Flowers on the dinner table


Watching birds and squirrels outside, and how my son exclaims, “it’s a new friend!” and names the critters around our house

Seeing my son’s artwork on the fridge or bedroom door, depicting his appreciation for me as his mommy in ways that he might not always articulate as he gets older

Seeing the stars on a cold, clear night

Hearing neighbor kids call for my son to come out and play, and seeing his delight in responding to them

Late afternoon sunshine casting long shadows

The way it looks like the moon is following us when driving in a car at night

Fairy lights


I imagine there are plenty more, but those come to mind immediately…

I notice that many of those have been uplifts for me since I was a child, and there’s a common sense of wonder, joy, beauty, and connection in them that helps me feel at home.


Thank you @Dru and @Jem for sharing those Simple Uplifts!

I’m noticing if I give a pause, even a half breath (or 3) when I notice the uplift, it’s like it’s energy has a chance to soak in and circulate! Mmmm. There was some moss on a very long dead tree trunk that was… magnificent in its earthy splendor this morning!



That’s one of my favorite ways to re-center and nourish myself deeply:

Savoring the Uplifts.


How much more relaxed and joyful and connected would we all be, with more savoring of the uplifts???


Mmmmm…I share many of your Simple Uplifts, candlelight especially!



“Freshness, joy… of the simple, direct experience of each moment.”

Sounds like a Simple Uplift to me! :grinning:


Hello…uplift…such a wonderful term for this kinesthetic being, as I think of a hot air balloon and am uplifted by the thought…my new “uplifts” lately are heart exercises I am doing…the basic practice is putting both hands on my heart in the mornings while still in bed and thinking loving affirmations to myself, and to generalize to others some…it tends to stay with me quite awhile…this heart sense…and lovingly carries me for awhile…gratefulness…uplifts me always…I enjoy the uplifted feeling of my mindset when I think the following…“I look for love and I find it everywhere.”…another set of uplifts here in tree filled Oregon is breathing with a tree…touching and holding a tree (Trees are my Christs, Krishnas, Buddhas)…listening to bird song is my “temple bell” or “call to God” and uplifts…the thought of this loving community out there in the space of Earth…that thought uplifts…love and light to all here


Mmmm, thank you @Sus! That was an uplift for me, to tune to your walk and way. :heart_decoration: Appreciate you being here with us!

Welcome Sus and thank you for sharing your uplifts!

Thank you Norene…grateful now that I have an ethernet connection to be able to connect with you all…


So simple pleasures ah !
When my daughter returns my car and there is still gas in the tank !
When I get home from work and dinner is ready !
When I wake up and realized my migraine headache is not there :hugs::hugs:
Ahhhhhh, such simple joyful moments