Wonder and Rigor


Natalie Nixon in The Creativity Leap shares her definition of creativity as an ability to toggle (switch) between being in a state of Wonder… exploring, imagining, designing in the ethers… and applying the rigor necessary to bring our wonderings into form. In this, we solve problems and produce novel value.

Of course, “novel value” can be something evocative emotionally, or the inspires others to bring forth their own heartistry.

For many of us who were traumatized in various ways, our “creativity channels” often need some lube. And some engineering support. And even a celebrator or two.

I’ve spent truly many THOUSANDS of pages of journaling, taking an idea like this one and writing PAGES on what it means to me and how I might apply it to being more Rick and less Stick. :smirk:

In order for me to express these thoughts here, in “public” to others, required a sense of safety-ish-ness, that what I share will be met with respect even if not approval or agreement.

Thank you to those of you here that do that.

I’m a coach ~ a flavor of teacher. It’s a part of the “rigor” of my identity and profession to offer into the We-Space what is helpful for me that might be helpful to you! To me coaching is a form of rigorous Presence, Skill, and Sharing Wisdom.

Wonder is what fuels my curiosity.

I wonder how this might be Useful?

It’s true that wonder in and of itself is a Simple Uplift. It’s doesn’t actually get us a sweet looking garden though…

The expression Inspired Action might feel “too soft” when it comes to the labor needed to turn rocky dirt into a luscious garden. Without focused engagement – whether called Inspired Action or Rigor – the seeds never make it into the ground to grow.

Some people who see the movie The Secret or listen about the Law of Attraction can get a bit… uhh… ungrounded. I remember a client (well, one session with a couple) where they were convinced that all they needed to do was get their vibration R.I.G.H.T. and $10 million (a very specific, daily visualized amount) would arrive in their lives. Any lack of it arriving was solely due to them not being a vibrational match for that wealth, so they wanted to use EFT Tapping to clear those blocks.

Honestly, one block was their complete unwillingness to consider how they might apply their creativity to co-creating Value in the world that would be worth $10 million (or more!).

Nope! It had to go from visualization to manifesting the money. They wouldn’t even consider buying a lottery ticket.

I’m not the right coach for everyone. Perhaps they today are reveling in their manifestation, sharing their “you too can manifest your dreams without any labor.” Perhaps that is true.

For me it doesn’t feel like a “limiting belief” to know that inspired action is what can definitely turn a plot of dirt into a lush garden – water, seeds, and environment allowing. I know that making a difference in the lives of others is valuable, and we can get even outsized “rewards” financially at times for making such a difference.

There are almost infinite ways this can be done. Wonder. Rigor. Wonder some more. Add rigor. Build. Refine. Share. Repeat.


Great piece Rick. I’m reminded of that old bit of folksy country wisdom that goes 'If you spit into one hand and wish into the other guess which hand is gonna fill up first?"…or something like that.

‘The Secret’ IMO and IME was one of the silliest and least inspiring films ever made for the reasons that you describe and for several others as well. For example, I don’t recall any of those ‘enlightened’ folks in the film doing their best to manifest world peace or the end of all disease…or even just neighbourhood peace or the end of a friend’s illness. As I recall all everybody talked about manifesting was money, cars, houses and jewelry. Nice.