Embrace your constraints

See the book

Mmmm, a reframe. Constraints are Activating!

On the back of the circle session where we dove into pain and the limits it can bring, this felt like a refreshening.

I do have constraints. Financial. Time and energy. Focus-ability. Especially with weird sleep with a 6-month-old, I’m needing for sure to activate more creativity and have.

For me the combination is clarity about what matters so I can return to that over and over again as needed (daily). Whether it is a morning mile and all the reasons it matters (I’m on day 159) to the core work of community cultivation… the constraints I’m under mean a lot of things fall away.

Constraints can do that. They can help us let what doesn’t REALLY matter fall away, and put the limited life force and focus we have where the thriving is.

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This reminded me of Will Ferrell in Blades of Glory. I like the reframe. Applied to unwanted anxiety I experience, for example, it does make me more compassionate about other people and their challenges, and keeps me on my toes. Hmmm.


This morning my constraint is how much sleep I’ve had. I can tell just climbing the stairs that my muscles need recovery (I climbed a lot on the morning mile I did yesterday).

I’ve often been guided that when I could describe myself as really tired, another truth is that I’m softer. My presence is softer. My energy is softer and less initiating.

**What if that’s okay? Even a creative way of being when the energy level is lower? **

Resistance: aren’t I ‘supposed’ to be all vibrant and vital all the time?

Hahaha. I’m not, and the constraint (with this reminder) allows me to softly smile rather than chortle. :slightly_smiling_face: