Do I care enough?


When it comes to cultivating a We-Space, our level of caring speaks to whether we show up… or show up again.

Distraction is normal. Avoidance even more so.

Each day in my focusing in for the day, there is an invitation to post something fresh here, in the Community Center. And I gotta admit, if I didn’t really CARE about us – the people here now and those people like us who will find us (and this message) in the future, I… wouldn’t bother.

Our Practices

I’m only part way through Seth’s book. Already though I’m recalibrating around having more Practices… making that word and the energies I invest in it mean more… be more grounded in my body-mind and day.

A meditation practice changed my health and the way my mind worked (and made it work so much better!). The Morning Mile practice is already shifting my body and energy.

EFT Tapping as a technique doesn’t do much compared to making it a practice to use it daily, and when “things happen.”

At the same time, letting go of things is also useful. Do I care enough to do it again? If the answer is NO – to an experience, to a show, to an email list… to a relationship… letting go as a practice feels freeing (and yes, sometimes tapping on the blocks/fears to letting go).

What is it that you care about enough to do it again?


I care enough to continue working on the anxiety that tries to highjack
My body and my mind ! I care enough for the life I had prior to the pandemic to want it back . At all cost , I’m willing to go all out , with all the tools I that I have learned . Today has been a good day . That’s how I validate my days . If I’m been high jacked I simply accept it and turn to
What works for me . Prayers , meditation and tapping are my salvations ! Today is a good day !


It does feel like hijacked so often when the primitive brain kicks in, putting much more emphasis on “threat” than on “living the blessed life I choose.”

I’m so glad you care enough to tend to your body-mind-spirit these ways! Your smile and presence in the world matter, @Lourdes!

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I care enough to be on circle calls as often as there are calls not only to borrow benefits, receive support when I need it but also to support you circle members.

I care to continue tapping about anything and everything I need to tap on, even gratitude.

I love feeling like I’m helping by posting positive and uplifting things on Facebook and sending lots of :heart: on other’s posts to support them. I also love posting funny, stupid silly memes on my fun page for some laughs, groans or giggles.

Practicing breathing exercises and feeling gravity holding me as part of my meditation practice is important enough for me to do again.

Working with and playing with angel cards and how to hear/feel/see them is of utmost importance to me which I do over and over again.

I so care about practicing gratitude for much in my life and asking myself “how do you want to feel?” is very important to do it again and again.


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Mmmm, THANK YOU! :heart_decoration:

Imagine if when people were getting to know each other if we shared what matters, like you did here. How awesome would that be!!

I care enough to collect myself back and re start all over again. No matter how many times I have fallen short.

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Awesome Tanvi! “No matter how many times…”

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