Habits as Identity

“I am multilingual” means more than one language matters to me. I just reached 450 days in Duolingo, building on my clarity of why adding another language would be good and enjoyable for me. And while the identity of multilingual will be more solid I’m sure after another 450 days and a broader vocabulary and fluency, "I am a student of Spanish is also identity and fits me well.


“I am a morning miler at day 310 also feels like it has become part of my identity, building again on many ways physically and emotionally that walking in nature would (and has! and will!) nourish me. Perhaps I didn’t realize when I started the deeply spiritual aspects of my morning mile; now I do.

It’s a recurring theme in emotional freedom work that we hit resistance… even rebellion… at making a change in our behaviors – creating a new habit and allowing it to reach our core identity.

While having a solid STACK of energetic why’s won’t necessarily eliminate the resistance without tapping and using activation energy… it’s certainly more congruent with freedom than alternatives like self-shaming and self-hate!

I invite you to explore that, and if there is a habit you’d like to become part of your self-identity (and isn’t yet), reply here and share that if having support would be helpful. It’s made a big difference for me :heavy_heart_exclamation:

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