Be Calm and Confident - Map

Welcome to the Map for Be Calm and Confident.

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A map gives an idea of a territory… in this case our ongoing Real Skills Workshop for being more calm and more confident at the same time. It’s such a valuable skill to cultivate.

As we open regions and topics, we’ll add links to each of the items. This is also intended to be a group effort (WORK-shop) so expect to see refinements. Some topics will appear in other Real Skills, since there isn’t a hard “border” between one real skill and another.

There’s no specific “order” here

Like a map, you can start where you are, go where you choose, and still get to calm and confident. Each of these regions is included because we know they are valuable – worth time and energy because the rewards are useful (and keep growing!)

Please Engage.

Your engagement is what makes this a workshop and not just a course. Please reply! Share your insights, questions, resources, and challenges. We honor your courage and vulnerability and welcome it with safety, respect, and curiosity. This community center is meant to be a Brave Space for all of us.

This is especially empowering if you’re someone who traditionally holds back. Maybe you are ready to introduce yourself? If not, it’s okay. We strongly recommend that you practice using some of the tools in this workshop with the intention that you WILL… when it’s your Yes… add a reply, a question, ah-ha.

Share what matters to you. Because YOU matter to us. People who yearn to be more calm and confident are important for co-creating the world we want to live in. Thank you, and Welcome!

Being Calm and Confident When…

1. Everyday Life Situations

2. Work

3. Health & Well-Being

4. Love & Relating

5. Money

Essential Tools

1. Grounding for Calm and Confidence

2. Breathwork

3. The Power-Full Pause

4. EFT Tapping to build awareness, acceptance, and direct energy

5. Unwinding Tensions while Activating Confidence

The Calm and Confident Framework

1. Responsive not Reactive

2. Acceptance of Reality

3. Attitudes and Frames of Reference

4. Activation Energy

5. Action-Taking

Please feel free to add your experiences, comments, etc. I will be integrating them into this map as we go. As we offer topics for each of these they will be linked.


A nice map Rick…thank you. Perhaps under ‘Essential Tools’ could be ‘positive/compassionate self-talk’?


I’m excited to digest this topic!! Thank you, @Rick! I’m needing these skills big time in my life right now.


I see that under attitudes and frames of reference. (Perhaps because I’m trying to keep lists to 5 :wink:


Maps are good!! Never leave home without one! I am in the process of some, dare I say, monumental changes in my life. I am clear that this is the right move for me and, at the same time, I am processing the BIG picture emotional impact that the prospect of moving away from Califonia, the home of my ancestral roots has brought up. It surprised me, it really did! I’m dealing with it in this way…every day I spend time in each room, just BEING there, appreciating, loving…maybe, looking in drawers, cupboards … exploring, discovering…it’s helping me know what matters to me…and what I want to bring to my new “landing spot.” I’m not sure this has anything to do with what I’ve just said, but I’m wanting to share this quote from Naomi Shihab Nye ~ Poetry calls us to pause. There is no much we overlook, while the abundance around us continues to shimmer, on its own.


Added the upcoming workshop session (click image to learn more and register):

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Added the upcoming workshop session (click image to learn more and register):

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Added this workshop - hope you’ll join us!

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Added this workshop. Hope you can be there with us!

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Added this workshop… hope you can join us. Pauses are so POWER-FULL!

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Added this workshop session… hope you can join us for Emotional Freedom Day!

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Added this session…

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Added Better Boundaries: When Others are Sad and Unhappy

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Added What If I Am Not As ___ As I Thought? (Bad/Lazy/Selfish/Unwanted…)

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