Free Yourself from Subconscious Blocks

 Real Skills Workshop - Community Event

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Free Yourself from Subconscious Blocks

Real Skills Workshop: Be Calm and Confident

Hosts: Rick Wilkes (@Rick) and Cathy Vartuli (@Cathy)

Recorded Sun July 11, 2021

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Clearing Blocks for Emotional Freedom Day

I want everyone to experience the pleasure (and surprise) that comes when we identify a subconscious block and clear it.

It’s an amazing feeling.

It builds such confidence!

I remember when I was pretty… clueless. Sure, I’d heard about the subconscious, but I didn’t REALLY understand how some belief or trauma operating there could force me to… NOT:

  • Not do what mattered to me.
  • Not behave in ways that made me feel good about myself
  • Not be clear and calm and confident

Have you noticed this in your life at all? If so, do sign up for this Real Skills Workshop we are holding on July 11th. (Yes, you’ll also get the recording.)

This is the second annual Emotional Freedom Day – a day when the Thriving Now Community celebrates our courage and growing confidence in living with more calm, confidence, and emotional freedom.

A block keeps us from feeling free. It’s useful to learn the real skill of noticing them and clearing them.

If you CAN support the workshop with a payment of $7.11+ thank you – your financial support matters so much!

If you can’t, well… by all means join us for free, as our honored guest. We know this work, done together with compassion and courage, will support movement towards thriving.

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What is WRONG with ME?!?

Have you ever said that to yourself? Ever seen yourself do (or NOT do) something and get all angry and judgmental with yourself?

I mean, sometimes we can behave in a way that seems so counter to what we know we want and how we want to live! What’s up with that!?!

Truth is that such a question is really natural. We can see behaviors. It’s easier to identify behaviors than to understand why. We’re taught to criticize ourselves and others for behaviors, too, as if they are the result of carelessness, disrespect, or lack of willpower.

It’s ridiculous. It’s so ignorant (uninformed) to view ourselves like this.

We’ve known about the subconscious for eons and gave it a name in the 1800’s. Yet, we still assume that if someone goes “out of their way” to not do something they say so earnestly they want to (eat right, move more, find a healthy relationship, balance their budget)… it’s because of something they have control over.

Uhhh, probably not.

As humans we can make a vow – “I’ll never be like my father!” – that sets up behaviors decades later that make no sense logically. We can have a trauma – they betrayed me and I’ll never love and trust like THAT again – that can have us not show up for meetings we’re actually excited about.

Subsconscious blocks. They are a thing.

The good news is we’re not powerless here. When we find ourselves noticing a behavior and screaming at ourselves, “What’s wrong with you!!!” – we can take that as a CLUE.

As an emotional freedom coach, I can assure you that 99 times out of 100, there’s an underlying block. We’re literally stopped… and will be until the block is made conscious and we begin the process of changing our vows and associations – and becoming calm and confident in taking our desired actions.

Would it be useful to you to have more savvy with your blocks? If so, do sign up for this Real Skills Workshop we are holding on July 11th. (Yes, you’ll also get the recording.)

This is the second annual Emotional Freedom Day – a day when the Thriving Now Community celebrates our courage and growing confidence in living with more calm, confidence, and emotional freedom.

These subconscious blocks keep us from feeling free. It’s useful to learn the real skill of noticing them and clearing them. It’s also a skill that is made easier working TOGETHER.

Knowing what Cathy and I will be covering, I would gladly have paid hundreds of dollars for this approach many years ago. We also understand people are in different places, sometimes really and truly blocked. It’s why we offer these workshops on a gliding scale. So, if you CAN support the workshop with a payment of $7.11+ thank you – your financial support matters so much!

If you can’t because you’re financially blocked (and maybe not sure why!), by all means join us for free, as our honored guest. We know this work, done together with compassion and courage, will support movement towards thriving.

See the replay below

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Workshop is today. Hope you’ll join us (or watch the replay which will be posted below.)


This post is in reply to Free Yourself from Unconscious Blocks on 7-11-21. Wow! This was a great gathering, and I had a totally unexpected realization of hidden blocks as I was finishing my notes to file. I was unhappily married for 16 years and divorced because I longed to be with someone who could care anything about what was important to me or being in a workable relationship. He didn’t want a divorce and said, “I always thought I could count on your dutifulness to keep you in place.” I had no desire to be alone after the divorce or be unloved for the rest of my life. I spent 30 years wondering why I kept choosing unavailable potential partners. Block: my parents were married to one another 3 times before I was 20. I learned from them that marriage is HARD/impossible. No one can be happy. I learned from my mother that the woman cannot find what she needs and will be constantly angry, frustrated and unfilled. She’ll need to support herself, because she’ll have no help from her partner. SO, all these years I’ve blamed myself for not finding another partner. I can stop beating myself up and begin to release fears of being in a relationship. Sometime in the future, I can choose a loving relationship if I desire.


Language in the tapping session today was helpful, especially the 1-on-1 volunteers.



This is what is made possible when the subconscious block is made conscious and given caring attention. Thank you for modeling this and for doing the work. May you thrive in all relationships with ease and rightness, whatever form they take!

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Free Yourself from Subconscious Blocks - Workshop Recording

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WOW! What a workshop! What a great group of engagers with this potent and life-affirming work.

I know hundreds of you could not be with us live. We missed you! Those of you who choose to watch the replay AS IF you are with us live can find deep insight, relief, and change possible when you learn the why, the clues, and the process for becoming free of subconscious blocks.

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Free Yourself from Subconscious Blocks


[00:00:03] Welcome everyone today. We’re talking about freeing yourself from subconscious blocks. I’m Kathy Marcelli from the intimacy dojo, and I’m honored to be here with Rick Wilkes from thriving now. And this is one of my favorite topics, because I think that so few of us know about this and we’ve been kind of taught by our teachers and our parents that we should just use willpower and power through and make stuff happen.

[00:00:27] And yeah. A lot of times we feel broken. It’s like, why am I not able to power through, why am I not able to use my willpower to create this? And we’re going to be talking about this. And once we understand what’s happening, we have so much more power. So one of the tricks about subconscious blocks, they do not want to be seamed.

[00:00:47] They’re protective mechanism and they’re much more protective and they work better if we don’t even know they’re there. So we’re encouraging you. You don’t have to do this. Everything on our calls are at will, but if you’d like to pick one topic to work on for this call and you put it in the chat, you can just write it down in front of you.

[00:01:05] That will help. Because one way we, uh, for some of us that have, uh, either ADHD or like, like to do a lot of different things, cause we’re very creative. One way that our, our subconscious keeps us from seeing our blocks is by distracting. So you get partway down with the way to look at some countries blocks around money, for instance, and there were all of a sudden like, oh, I can never clean that closet.

[00:01:27] So that’s a block too. They may have common routes, but if we stay on one path, we get a lot more clarity. We can map better if that makes sense. So really encouraging you to identify one thing you want to work on, and we encourage you if you feel comfortable to put it in the chat, because there’s something powerful about sharing with a loving group.

[00:01:48] It is, it really helps people heal faster and better. And the collective energy we have here today will help as well. So whether we’re watching mine now or later, there’s a, there’s a collective energy we’re creating and stepping into that allows us to dissolve some of the blocks much more quickly. Great.

[00:02:09] So happy emotional freedom day. Um, I really liked that day seven 11, and last year we started with, uh, kind of an official first annual emotional freedom day. So this real skill is worked up. Um, one of the reasons I believe it’s a real skill is that unlike breathing, which we get pretty quickly after birth, um, we start breathing and our heart starts beating long before we’re even born this idea of a subconscious block.

[00:02:46] Even if we’re aware that there’s a subconscious, oftentimes we get, we get lost in self-criticism self-hate we can also get really way too general. So for example, someone put in the chat, my real thing is fear of success.

[00:03:08] That is so general that it allows us to stay like a hundred miles away from the wall and not actually see, feel and, and be aware of what’s going on. And as Kathy said, and I’d like to, we use an emotional technology called EFT tapping you’re unfamiliar with it. Uh, you can get a free slash tapping.

[00:03:32] And we’re not going to be teaching it today, but if you just follow along, we tap on natural comfort points on the body. These points are also used in acupuncture, acupressure, a lot of other things. And we, we use words to help tune us where we’re not just tuning our listening and our head we’re tuning into our body and our body’s reaction.

[00:03:56] Um, the subconscious. Is a part of the primitive brain. I believe in the sense that things are happening long before you’re aware that, you know, what might be going on your body is already not doing or doing something. And that is useful information. As long as you’ve got some skill and training, to be curious, rather than accusatory, what’s wrong with me?

[00:04:28] What’s wrong with you? You know, I heard that. I didn’t know what was wrong with me. All I know I was scared. I just didn’t want to do it. I froze. I, um, and a subconscious block is something that is powerful enough. You know, you don’t go through a block wall. Um, it’s not the kind of thing that if you’re stuck a bit and you apply it an oil power, you might grind your wheels to get out.

[00:04:58] If you’re stalled, you can grind away on the starter. And eventually the motor might pick over and you go for a little while longer. A block is something that is really significant. It is keeping you from something that you may really think and believe is something that you want to move toward, but you’re actually not.

[00:05:21] You can see that like a movement toward it is. You get as much or more of a movement away that one step forward, two steps back. Um, it’s like one step chord, five steps back. That would be a block. And I’d love for Kathy. If you could lead us in some, just some tapping to help and some grounding to calm our body and maybe give us a little confidence too.

[00:05:47] I’d love to, and I just read before we do some happiness, I just want to reiterate what Rick said about the, the S the subconscious I’ve actually asked several traumatologists and neurologists about this, because I was curious, and the subconscious is not like specific part of our brain. It does include the survival part of our brain, the primitive brain, but includes other parts of our brain that are operating beneath our they’re not, it’s not the prefrontal cortex.

[00:06:12] It’s not the thoughtful, logical intellectual side of our brain, if that makes sense. So, as we’re trying to move forward, I like the idea of this invisible wall we’re running into. We can’t see it. And the closer we get, have you ever tried to put two north magnets together? Like two same side magnets together.

[00:06:28] Like the closer you get, the harder it gets, the more work you’re putting in. And you can never, if they’re strong magnets, you can never put them together. You’re just not strong enough. And so I think of this invisible wall and we’re wandering through our lives and we’re hitting these walls and it kind of hurts and we’re kind of like, oh, I don’t know where they are.

[00:06:45] I can’t map them. And I’m constantly running into them. And often we’ll feel like we’re broken or under a certain topic. Like Rick said, there’s something wrong with us. So karate chop, even though I have some sort of subconscious blocks, even though I’m sure I have some subconscious blocks, most people do most people do.

[00:07:07] And they kind of make me feel like I’m not very effective. And they kind of make me feel like I’m not nearly as effective. I’d like to clear these would really like, even though I’m not even sure what some of my subconscious blocks are. Even though I’m not really sure what some of my subconscious blocks are.

[00:07:28] They don’t want to be seen. They don’t want to be seen, and I’m smart enough to hide them from myself. I am definitely smart enough to be able to hide them from myself. There might be ways to heal this. Anyway, there might be ways to heal this. Anyway, I have not aligned about moving forward in the story. I am not aligned about moving forward in this director.

[00:07:54] Part of me really wants to do it. Pardon me, really wants to do it. I put a lot of time, energy and money into moving forward. I put a lot of time, money and energy into moving forward, and yet I never make progress. And yet I never make progress. Sometimes I think I’m making progress, but sometimes I think I’m making progress, but then I ran away.

[00:08:20] When I ran away, I get distracted. I get distracted or I fail yet again, fail yet again. Is there something wrong with me there, something wrong with me? What if there’s nothing wrong with me? There’s nothing wrong with me. Let us some part of me is in reverse. What if some part of me is in reverse for very, very good reasons.

[00:08:45] It’s very, very good reason. They may not be logical reasons. They may not be logical reasons, but it has its reasons, but it has its reasons. And we can heal this

[00:09:00] and we can heal this. We can align with ourselves, align with ourselves, start making really beautiful, easy progress. That’s smart making even surprisingly easy. Take a nice deep breath. And notice what’s coming up for you in your body. Some of you may feel hopeful, expansive. Some of you may notice a fear because there is, there’s a very protective mechanism about subconscious blocks.

[00:09:31] It’s really trying to save you from yourself. And so if you notice that fear, just like you to just comfort yourself and you can recognize, never try to bully any part of you. We never try to throw away any part of you. We want to love that part, understand it, and then offer it upgrades that it gets to choose.

[00:09:51] This is not about forcing yourself or willpower in yourself. So if there’s part of you that feels afraid, just like offer yourself to love and say, I’m not going to, I’m not going to make you do anything right now. Can I just lead the tapping really quickly on the making? Cause I think that’s really important and there might be a part of you.

[00:10:09] So let’s just try this, try this on and see if there’s a part of you. That’s like, please don’t make me. Can you just, just repeat, please. Don’t make me, I don’t want to, don’t want to. It’s really scary. It’s really scary. I’m afraid we’ll be hurt. I’m afraid we’ll be hurt again. I’m afraid they’ll be angry.

[00:10:35] I’m afraid they’ll be angry. I’m afraid someone will take it away. Afraid someone will take it away. What if this isn’t safe? What if this isn’t safe? What if I get too full of myself? What if I get too full of myself? There’s so many things to be afraid of. There’s so many things to be afraid of. Please don’t make me do this.

[00:10:59] Don’t make me do this. Just take a breath. I just send some heart love to that part of you. That’s been, there’s been part like if you have blocks and you aren’t moving forward, there’s likely some parts you that is terrified. And it’s been trying to keep you safe, despite all your eagerness to move forward.

[00:11:18] It’s like this really isn’t safe. We have early experiences that Rick and I call their traumas because as children, they seem too big. They seem too big for us to handle. We form these energy bubbles. We have the travel stored as an energy bubble, and that part does, doesn’t get the upgrades. It’s frozen in time, literally freeze it’s frozen in time.

[00:11:45] So while you cognitive brain and a raw, a lot of the rest of you is kind of going along, learning new things, new experiences, learning that you’re powerful. That part of you that stuck in the energy bubble probably thinks you’re still a little bit. This three-year-old or what a four-year-old or five-year-old that we’re in this thing.

[00:12:03] And so it’s really scared. It doesn’t feel powerful and we’re going to do tapping, do they have to help you integrate that part and help it? Often, those parts are really, really excited. Once we dissolve the energy bubble and get them on board, they’re very powerful and they’re very excited to help you create the very thing you’ve been fighting to get to.

[00:12:26] So notice one of the things that we’ve done in this sort of the first step in the process is we’ve, we’ve acknowledged that there’s probably some things hanging out. Kathy tuned you to one area of your life really useful. Like if you’re going to be doing this work, um, part of it that you can do on your own.

[00:12:49] Like, okay. There’s this area of my life. And what we’re seeing in the chat are things like eating fast then where we live and you know, what, what we’re going to be like and what relationships are like with others, you know, am I allowed to put my known needs even be aware of my own needs? Um, what would that mean?

[00:13:14] Um, we’re freeing up that this is not about, um, forcing anything. So one of our assumptions like Kathy, and just to amplify it, one of our assumptions is that if it’s a subconscious block, it’s the kind of thing that actually wants is so devoted to your safety, but it wants to stay hidden because maybe you’re the type of person.

[00:13:41] That’s mashes into thing. And this block is not actually there to be smacked. It would be that it’s there because if you try to go exactly in that direction, doom lies ahead. And I don’t use that lightly. I’ll give you, I’ll give you a specific, if you’re one of the people said, I keep trying to lose weight.

[00:14:13] This is a paraphrase, but there’s a part of me that refuses to be deprived. Show of hands. Anybody like to be deprived? Is that like your, your thing, like please deprive me of nourishment. Please deprive me of food, air, water, love, please deprive me of that. That’s really what I want your energy about your well-being the size of your, what you’re carrying in terms of stored organic energy in your body.

[00:14:50] If, if, if what you’re trying to do is to go in the direction of deprivation, it will be like, oh no, that’s a guardrail, a block. I would, I would invite us to assume that the block is there for a good and profound. I have never found a block that didn’t have intelligence behind it, working with thousands of people and chances are, if it’s like, I try to go towards success.

[00:15:20] Express in that direction, energetic direction actually is doom for you. You’d end up being someone you don’t like. That doesn’t mean that success doesn’t have 359 other directions. Maybe that you could go in the per block until we make it conscious and start playing with it. It’s going to keep you now.

[00:15:51] That’s just an assumption. You know, I got a lot of anecdotal and real life evidence inside of myself, too. About all of these things, love friendship, money, um, health wellbeing, learning a new language. You name it. I believe that most of us that are trying to do something that’s not happening for us. If we assume that there’s a really profound and important.

[00:16:17] But it’s keeping us from going in the direction until we work with the energy in a conscious, mindful way, in a way that makes it different than what you’ve, how you’ve viewed it before. And that’s the difference between a being a subconscious block, which is stopping you and a conscious guide who says, oh, I’m starting to go into this direction of deprivation.

[00:16:41] No wonder, no wonder I couldn’t do that. There’s this beautiful guardrail there to keep me from going in that direction. Yeah. And I really think that this is such a juicy topic and I’ve seen him several people saying they’re not really sure how to identify blocks. They’re not seeing the blocks. And some of us have really clear ideas.

[00:17:04] And as Rick said earlier, sometimes we keep them general. Because if we keep them general, we don’t have to know the pain point. There’s I have never met a subconscious block that didn’t have some pain stored in it. Some grief, some anger, some betrayal, some experience of, of trauma. Uh, subconscious blocks are formed because we experienced something that’s traumatic.

[00:17:29] Um, and so we don’t often want to look very closely at them because it’s paint, it’s it’s sore. So we’re going to have you follow some clues and we’re going to do some tapping to make this more gentle and easy because one of the biggest things to realize is the pain happened a long time ago for most of us and we can heal it.

[00:17:48] Now. We’re not stuck with it for life. We’re not like it’s not like we got a wound in our arm and we’ve got to carry it for the rest of our lives. The whole point is, okay, we’re going to find out, is there something in there that’s causing pain, take it out and make sure it gets, you know, the right medicine.

[00:18:04] And so it can heal. So we don’t have to face that particular wound ever again. It’s now healed up and all the energy that was when he went into protecting that she can go into creating the life we want. So, Rick, do you want to talk a little bit of the clues? We can follow it so that as we’re trying to, like, you know, again, we don’t want to see these, so there’s a lot of resistance and there are some clues that can help us narrow it.

[00:18:32] I’m also seeing in the chats and energies. I’d like to just pause for a moment and, you know, there’s some shame, there’s some anger at the, my, my term guard rail is like guard, rails, guard, rails, you know? Yeah. We hate the guardrail until we look about 15 feet past it. And there’s this cliff. And, you know, we don’t see that.

[00:18:58] We just see the guard rail. We see the, we feel the block. We feel the, the weight of the past. So

[00:19:10] even though a part of me hates that I have these blocks, even though part of me hates that they have these blocks, they don’t feel smart. They don’t feel smart. They don’t feel caring. They don’t feel carried. I’ve assigned. So much of my pain, I have aside so much of my pain and my shame and my shame around these blocks around these blocks.

[00:19:36] I decorated them. Graffiti. I tossed a big pile of fantastic even decorated them. I’ve even decorated them. Yeah.

[00:19:57] I hate what I perceived as my blocks. I hate what I perceive as my blocks. What if it’s actually deeper than the way I’ve perceived it, but if it’s actually deeper than the way I perceived it. What if it’s deeper than the story I’ve been telling myself, what if it’s deeper than the story I’ve been telling myself, let me have your arm.

[00:20:20] What if it’s not about the money? What if it’s not about the money? What if it’s not about the fat? It’s not about the fat. What if it’s not really about what I, the story I’ve made up? What if it’s not really about the story I made up? What if there’s something subconscious here? What if there’s something subconscious here?

[00:20:46] I wonder if there’s something deeper. I wonder if there’s something deeper.

[00:20:57] Is it really deprivation that stops me from taking care of myself, taking care of myself, nourishing myself in a more balanced way and nourishing myself in a more balanced way of getting the money. That is right for me getting the money that’s right. For me, who would I have to be? Who would I have to be?

[00:21:26] Who would I have to be match up with what I want to match up with what I want. I know there’s something in there that repulses me. I see.

[00:21:41] Well, one of the things that I’m noticing as

[00:21:49] not.

[00:21:54] I believe that our subconscious blocks are often at the place of identity. So for example, I have a hard time knowing what my needs are. Okay. What would you be if you really knew your needs and asked for them to be met? And is there any part of that identity that feels a little repulsive to you or a lot repulsive to care?

[00:22:22] If you made money, if instead of making $10, you made a hundred dollars on the same exact piece of art who was you have to be, oh, I’m I’m this. And does that feel really good in your body? Because subconscious blocks act an identity. And protect us from identities that are not going to be right for us.

[00:22:52] It’s one of the clues. And if you have something that you really tapped on and worked on, one of the clues is this is to imagine yourself getting that and see whether you’d like who you think you’d become. Okay. Um, does that make sense? We can do that after. Oh, one of my favorite ways to do that is just to daydream that I’ve achieved what I want.

[00:23:29] And often I will notice my daydream goes south really fast. Like I’ve achieved the money and then everyone wants it for me. Or people are jealous or angry, or I’m now in danger because of it’s like, let yourself just, we’re going to give you just a minute. Just however you want to kind of step into that thought pattern of having the thing you want and notice what fear, what comes up in your body and in your mind.

[00:24:06] And we encourage you to share in the chat if he wants to, or at least write it down because our brains around this they’ll wipe they’ll race. The whiteboard really quick when you’re not looking.

[00:24:24] And have compassion for yourself. If you can, if you feel a lot of fear, just be gentle. Just notice it clues. We’re not, we don’t need you to dive into the deep end of the pool. Just notice what’s there.

[00:24:58] If you have something as potent as I don’t feel like I deserve to exist,

[00:25:08] I’m guessing that the people around you that felt like they deserve to exist are not nice people. The ones that treated you as if you didn’t deserve to exist. We’re not nice people. I’m pretty sure that if you had hung with Kathy and I growing up and yesterday, you know, that might not be as much of an issue.

[00:25:31] I see a whole bunch of people on here. I know that if you hung out with them that you probably, it wouldn’t be as strong, but one of the blocks can be, I don’t want to be like them,

[00:25:48] even though I refuse to be like that, even though I refuse to be like them, they treated me, like I didn’t deserve to exist. Like I didn’t deserve to exist. Like I wasn’t worthy just being here. Like I wasn’t worthy of just being here. They were worthy. They were worthy. I’d rather be worthless than be like them.

[00:26:12] I would rather be worthless. Maybe I’m blocked from being at all like them, maybe I’m blocked me at all. Like them eyebrow. They felt like they were king. They felt like they were the king dictator. The dictator of me being their slave or me being this lame, I feel so worthless. I feel so worthless. They felt really worthy.

[00:26:42] They felt really worthy. Maybe a part of me decided that I was worthless. Maybe a part of me decided I was worthless. That’s the way they treated me. That’s the way they treated me. And I refuse to be like them no matter what. And I refuse to be like them, no matter what.

[00:27:04] Well, you could do something like that about somebody who is really clear what their needs were and demanded it of everyone else. You could do that about, like, I have an issue about diets. My cousin, my mother was on a diet all the time. So always felt the pride. She always, you know, there was a lot of noise about it.

[00:27:24] So for me to think about changing what I eat brings in a lot of that. Cause I don’t want to be like my mom. Sorry, love you, mom. I don’t in that area. Oh no, I really don’t. I don’t want to have that relationship with food. And a part of me will be repulsed by it enough that I’ll eat chocolate bars. If that’s strong a block, a guard rail.

[00:27:48] It’s like, no, no, no boy, you do not want to be in that gravitational, Paul. And these are clues. Like if there was someone in your life where if you said, well, that’s what success means because they had success, but you really don’t want success the way that they did it, whether it’s academic success or financial success or artistry or, or relationship.

[00:28:13] And you’re like, oh, I would never want to be married. Like, Hey, were they had a successful marriage and that they didn’t kill each other. And it lasted until death. Do they park? And they were all in a hurry to get out. Like, why would you think of marriage or deep relating as a good thing? And this is the subconscious who looks at life this way.

[00:28:35] Well, we do, because we want you to be free of this operating in the background, this kind of like, I don’t want to be like this person. And it, it can be, that’s why we’re looking at really narrow, like mine today was like friends, male friends. That’s an issue for me. I have, uh, I have, I was abused by a man when I was a teenage boy.

[00:29:01] I know about that one. And he had a lot of male friends that were a part of his world. My dad too was a man’s man had all of that. And so like, this is what I’m playing with, but this applies in just about every of the cases that I’ve seen. Think about the person that taught you about what success meant or what about like losing weight, man?

[00:29:27] For what about, um, being, um, getting paid? Did you like the way that they get paid? If you didn’t, your primitive brain probably said, oh gosh, it made a vow. Never to be like them. And that is a, a really core bind of guide rail. And they, they can happen really subtly. I remember growing up, we were very, very poor.

[00:29:55] Like at times my mom had to decide between putting gas in the gas tank or feeding us. So there was like, there was a lot of lack in around money. So, um, and my mom was very sensitive about that. She’d not grown up that poor poverty-stricken. And I remember we were driving past a neighbors house and it was a nice house and the way she said, oh, they got a new house.

[00:30:16] And just her tone. I was like, oh, if I, if I get something nice, like that there’ll be, there’ll be an issue. Like just, you know, the way she is little Snyder judgemental, my survival brain just went. Oh, we can never have anything too nice because you will be judged your family. Won’t love you anymore. People will make comments about that.

[00:30:37] And I had to do a lot of tapping before I could really get past that. So there’s sometimes there’s just a subtle thing. Traumas don’t have to be big, like explosions. Sometimes they’re like my brain went, oh, if I want to be loved, I can’t have anything nice like that. If I don’t want to be judged or pushed away.

[00:30:56] So as you’re going through clues, let yourself pick up like a love when everybody’s sharing. And I encourage you to read them. If you, as you could get a chance, because sometimes other people will say things that remind us of the thing where we’re, we’re trying to avoid. But just to kind of go through the clues.

[00:31:10] I want to just kind of give an overview. Like if you’re not sure, or are you wanting to narrow it down, you can just look at areas that you’re not making progress on. If there’s something you keep saying, I’m going to do that. And it’s been years and you haven’t done it or you keep starting it and never finishing it.

[00:31:26] That’s a really good sign. There’s a subconscious block there. Um, and you may have some conscious ideas too often. We’ll blame it on the conscious ideas to avoid seeing the real root of the cause of what’s going on. Um, like the daydreaming or just imagining what’s what would happen if you got the thing you want, it can help you.

[00:31:46] Um, if you notice that you feel broken about something. You feel like there’s something fundamentally wrong about you, that you can’t change? This one thing? That’s a good clue that there’s a pretty strong subconscious block there. Now there are many, we often have a lot of little bubbles, like we’ve had, you know, big and small bubbles of trauma.

[00:32:06] Are interspersed in our system. We don’t necessarily have to clear them all. We have to clear it. Some of the big ones that are blocking us, and we may find that the others clear more naturally or, oh, there’s one. I can tap it through really quickly and clear it out, but there may be more than one, but we’re trying to help you focus on a big one.

[00:32:23] That’s stopping you from moving forward so that your system can learn how to clear this. Because the really cool thing is, as our system learns how to do this, it gets more and more easy. The first few times I tapped with Rick, I was like, I had to take the day off from work a couple of times, because I was like the next day.

[00:32:40] Cause I was so exhausted, so much was changing in my neurology. Um, and. Over time, it got easier and easier. Now I can be like, oh, I’m going to sit on the couch for five minutes and just let things is integrate. And I’m okay to go ahead. Our systems get better. It’s like building this muscle and clearing and identifying and clearing and identifying so that we have this power.

[00:33:01] I mean, one of the things that inspires me the most about this work is that while we have some conscious blocks, we’re fighting ourselves where like there’s part of us that wants to move ahead and do this thing. There’s part of us is terrified. And we put so much of our energy to doing that. And we’re like, oh, I don’t have enough.

[00:33:19] Energy is so hard. You go back and we stop fighting. We’re like, oh my God, this must have been so hard. Thank you so much for helping me stay safe. Thank you for all your good intentions. Let’s do some tapping on the whatever, because this and this part starts healing and, and it opens up. And then I love asking, Hey, you’re really good at protecting me.

[00:33:42] Can you help me achieve this now? And instead of doing this with all our might, all of a sudden this side is helping and we’re just like rocketing forward. And there’s been times, uh, Rick and Carol look, Kevin amazing program on clearing flutter. I was helping them a lot with stuff. And I went through the trans, I was editing the transcripts and the audios, and I was tapping as I went.

[00:34:04] I got rid of so much stuff. I had to call a moving van to take stuff to the women’s shelter. And I would wake up at five in the morning, so excited, like not tired. I was like, oh my God, I can clean this closet. It was so easy. So natural. It felt great. I had tons of energy and you know, there’s occasionally get a little cluttered again and I’ll just do a little tapping and I’ll clear it out.

[00:34:27] And my house is really not cluttered anymore, but it was, I had so much stuff. It was ridiculous because it made me feel safe and I cleared that cleared the blocks and all of a sudden, I couldn’t not do it. And that’s what we want for you. These goals that you’ve long for, that your heart has really been aligned with.

[00:34:44] I mean, envision for yourself that you may have even given up on. Just like, I guess I never get to have that in this lifetime. When you clear these blocks, not only does it get so that you can do them, it’s that you sometimes can’t not do them and they’re just like they happen. And it’s, so I love that so much.

[00:35:03] And I want that for each of you

[00:35:09] happy. Um,

[00:35:15] I’m getting the feeling that people are becoming aware of the intensity of the block and how much pain it gets from like being with it and banging into it. So for example, if success was embodied as something that you’re never going to have, you’re always going to be a failure. This isn’t for you, you’re inferior to other people.

[00:35:39] Then the truth of the matter is that the energy of sex, as, as you experience it right now is a block. What, what you believe in your body? I’m not talking about somebody else’s body. I we’re noticing a lot of people that hear this, right? Like my definition of success was something that is very different.

[00:36:10] Now, when we have a blog, we’re trying to get to something success or a win. And we’re trying to go through this thing that it’s really been set in place in our nervous system.

[00:36:29] In your story about clutter, that what Carol and I do in the clutter program is start shifting the energy from being about you being a slob who, who has way too many things. Which is what a lot of people feel the shame of their clutter to it being about each of the things we has has emotional content and, and be with the emotional content of it.

[00:36:59] Then you can have a very different direction wearing flutter because you’re ashamed almost never actually. And if, if the, the clearing clutter is I have to get away from this shame, when people clear it, it comes through, it just does because they haven’t, they haven’t actually like move their direction so that they’re moving towards something that they want.

[00:37:26] And so, again, like, I believe that tapping can clear a lot of box and that happens, but I also believe that that a block, like what we’re talking about, the subconscious blocks. If we assume that what you think is success, what you think is failure, what you think is worthy is in really strong need for compost, right?

[00:37:58] It’s like as like the produce you bought 27 years ago, that’s still in the bottom of your psyche, right? Really ready. I’m posting. It’s not useful. Um, you get to a place where you start using your energy and, and that’s part of our, our process here is like start using your energy to come up with a new direction and a new definition.

[00:38:30] So, um,

[00:38:37] Pounding away against this block, even though I’ve been pounding away against this block, they taught me I was worthless. They taught me I was worthless that I would never succeed and I would never succeed. I’m not allowed to earn money. I’m not allowed to earn money, not allowed to get up and move, whatever that means to get up and move, whatever that means.

[00:39:06] Maybe it’s time to compost a lot of what I’ve been thinking. Maybe it’s time to compost a lot of what I’ve been thinking.

[00:39:17] What have I composted? A lot of what I was thinking? Well, if they come posted a lot of what I was thinking and approach this fresh, a way that would feel right to me, I way that it would feel right. A way that would feel attractive. That would feel attractive to me, but I could actually see myself moving towards a way that I could actually see myself moving towards.

[00:39:49] That would be different. That would be different. What if it’s not about success, but if it’s not about success, what if it’s not about deprivation? What if it’s not about deprivation? What if it’s not definitely about exercise? It’s definitely not about exercise. Where would that leave me? Where would that leave me?

[00:40:12] What would open up then? What would open up?

[00:40:21] Okay. And I think this is a really good time to point out that as you’re getting clues and you’re starting to narrow down, ask yourself, where did I learn this? Your subconscious will often answer questions that you pose that way. He can’t help it. We answer questions. If you walk up to a complete stranger and you say, what time it is, they look at their wrist.

[00:40:42] Even if they don’t want to talk to you. They’re like, there’s a natural response. We want to answer. Who taught me this? Where did I learn? This can be really powerful ways to target in where this particular block came in and is if the closer you can get to the core of it, the faster you can shift it, which is really powerful.

[00:41:01] And I’ve seen a lot of people talking in the chat about like this fear of like, people want us to be small and quiet and not try to not succeed too much. So I just like to lead a tapping on that because I think a lot of us heard that when we were growing up, they wanted us to be small and quiet, even though they taught me not to succeed.

[00:41:22] Even though they taught me not to succeed. They never wanted me to stand out. They never wanted me to stand out and they judged people who stood out and they judge people who stood out. Maybe they’re just scared rabbits in the bushes. Maybe they are scared rabbits in the bushes, even though they traumatized me with their fears, even though they traumatized me with my fears, maybe I don’t have to live that way anymore.

[00:41:50] Maybe I don’t have to live that way anymore. They were scared.

[00:41:58] They were scared. They wanted me to stay still in, quiet in the bushes. They wanted me to stay small, quiet in the bushes. Never stand out. Never, ever stand out. Yeah. And maybe their experiences taught them that. And maybe their experience. But I’m actually really quite safe right now.

[00:42:25] What if I can dance in the yard? What if I can dance in the yard rather than hiding in the bushes rather than hiding in the buttons? I might be safer than I think I might be safer than I think. And I don’t even have to call that exercise. Yeah. I might be safer than they think too. I might be safer than they think to just take a nice deep breath.

[00:42:53] I know that my mother is always very afraid when she says I have YouTube videos out and then I’m doing these calls. She’s like, who’s watching you, who’s doing these things. And I noticed every time she says that there’s a little leap of fear in my body because I grew up with this woman and I love her.

[00:43:09] And maybe she’s seen something that I don’t, and I was, you know, like it was really scary to start doing this to whether you’re putting out your art to sell or you’re, you’re expressing yourself more at work. It can be scary to do that. We’re leaving the bushes and are like the part of us. That’s afraid we’ll feel a little leap of fear.

[00:43:29] And for a long time, I thought that fear was assigned. There was something wrong and I’m learning to kind of be with it and like, okay, let me look is objectively. Is there anything that I should be afraid of? I don’t see anything. Maybe I’ll take baby steps forward and just notice that sometimes the fear is just, I’m doing something new that I’m not used to.

[00:43:49] And I love that I can, you know, touch people, slaves all over the world. That’s really important to me. And if I let that fear of. Be the scene of being visible, holding me back, I would have never been able to do that. And I think for many of us for wanting to be a little more successful and more visible out there, and we were, there’s part of us that there’s a very natural inclination to stay quiet and still, because that is safer, it’s certainly not more fulfilling.

[00:44:20] It’s certainly not or abundant. And there are times in our lives where we have, you know, it’s a very wise thing during COVID people stayed home and being quieter. It was a very wise thing. And yet as we go, you know, like, okay, many of us are in places where it’s safer now, but we get to judge. And it’s nice when we can judge with our cognitive brain, as well as our not letting the fears, override us the experience that we’ve had, just swamp us and shut us down.

[00:44:53] Rick, do you want to have some people come forward or you want to listen? There’s something that like, we’re, we’re coming up. We tend to attract people that have done a lot of personal work. And,

[00:45:11] and this is, this is something I’m feeling. Um,

[00:45:19] yes. If your dad told you that you can’t make money as an artist, and you’re many, many decades aware of that. So like a subconscious block. I don’t know why I refuse to do art and try to make money at it. And then if you tune into, where did I learn this, this third, one of the steps that we’re talking about in the process and you go like, oh, dad, dad told me that I can’t manage my money.

[00:45:54] Where do I learn that

[00:46:00] women never make as much money as men? They don’t get to be taught about finances and the like really are care stop, but you weren’t aware of it. That’s really our classic, um, subconscious block. Now, if you’ve been aware of this for decades and you’re still pointing at that as the reason.

[00:46:35] One of the tests is imagine that you’re there now. And dad tells you this, does your energy collapse. Do you get angry? What happens to your, your energy there? Um, but sometimes we can, we can land with a piece of the conscious, like, oh, where did I learn this? Well, my dad said, and I’m going to make it true.

[00:47:04] Right. I’m never going to make money as an artist because you know, I, so the subconscious block is below that story. If you’ve known about your, what your dad said, if you’ve had therapy, if you’ve spent thousands of dollars, if you’ve worked with other people on it and it’s still there and you’re pointing to that as to why you’re.

[00:47:29] Being an artist just being direct that ain’t it. That’s not your subconscious box. That’s not why you’re not actually being an artist. There’s something else at work here. That’s my theory to hide. And sometimes it’s the opposite. So like for a long time, I would feel this longing for people. And I was like really wanted, I was so I’m very, very shy person.

[00:47:52] I’ve learned to deal with it, but like I wanted to be around people and I would tap and tap and work on love. Like I want to be around people, but I don’t know how it wasn’t until I really tapped on my fear of being hurt. Like a part of me didn’t want to be around people. Pardon me have learned that people are really scary.

[00:48:10] I had to look in the mirror and look at the opposite side and do some clearing. And then I actually started moving forward. Our subconscious is super tricky. It will try to hide things. So if you’ve like Rick said, if you’ve done a lot of work in one way and look at the opposite, what if I don’t want to do this?

[00:48:26] What if part of me is afraid of like, look and look in the other direction. I want to be around people or maybe I don’t want around be around people. Part of me doesn’t does that make sense? But this is, uh, another way that you can loosen up and drop a little deeper. I’d like to lead a, that we’re going to take our seven minute break here in a moment.

[00:48:48] Um, so that you can like drop in, take a pause, take care of yourself, get some deeper reflection and then we’ll come back and type the fix. Yes.

[00:49:01] Even though I want this, even though I want this, I don’t want it. I don’t want this, even though I don’t want this, even though I don’t want this, I really want this. I really want this.

[00:49:16] My block is a tug of war and my black is a tug of war. Well, what I want and what I don’t want about what I want. And when I don’t want the people, I didn’t want to be like the people. I didn’t want to be like people. I vowed to show it’s people. I vowed to show I’ll show you. I’ll show you. Even if it’s worked against me, even if it’s worked against me, I want this, I want this, my bra.

[00:49:48] I don’t want this. I don’t want this. I don’t want this because I don’t want this because.

[00:50:04] I want this because

[00:50:09] I don’t want this because pardon me takes my vows. Seriously. A part of me takes my vows a very serious. They become deeply embedded. They become deeply embedded. You could even call them a block until I changed my bow and even call them a block until I changed my vow. I’m bringing all this to consciousness and I’m bringing all of this to consciousness conflicts by the wars, the conflicts, the tug of wars and the vows and the repulsion and the repulsive.

[00:50:58] Kind of look at this as a way, like if you had nodded yarn, like we’re, we’re kind of getting it loose a little bit right now. We’re not actually knitting yet. We’re making sure we can get the knots out so you can actually see what’s going on. So can over the next seven minutes was during our break, take care of your body.

[00:51:16] You know, bio break, whenever it gets water. Walking around can help some people too. But if you feel drawn to just doing a little bit of journaling, we’re still in this collective connection, this bubble that we’ve created together. So your subconscious giving you a little bit of time for you to process again, our subconscious likes to white or waste the whiteboards.

[00:51:37] If you can write it down, you can share in the chat as well. I’ll be monitoring the chat during the break, um, that can help because it’s now presented to other people and it’s a little harder to erase. It’s, it’s more real somehow to our subconscious. So, um, if you can stay focused and on this a little bit, stay in the bubble we’ve created.

[00:51:59] And, uh, Rick, are you going to give us times? Yep. We’ll be back at the top of the hour. So seven minutes. I’m going to pause it.

[00:52:12] Welcome back. Good to have you with us. And just to acknowledge as we take with that applause, you returned, you’re the kind of person who has enough courage and hardiness that this matters enough to you. And that makes you really in my heart and my mind, an exceptional person in the sense that a lot of people are running around with their blocks and banging around and

[00:52:45] for you to take the time to be present with a group of people at a time in our, I think in human history where the blocks that are driving a lot of our behaviors in addition to our primitive brain, you know, fight flight, freeze reactants, if we can shift that, one of the things that really matters to me about emotional freedom is that.

[00:53:08] When we see ourselves in our mirror and in our behaviors that we bring some savvy, some real skill. It’s like, oh, that was a fight flight freeze response. I’m pretty sure that was coming from my primitive brain. Um, when we see that we want something, but it’s that every time we move toward it, we backed off or there’s a sense of rebellion or resistance that we can’t overcome, that we’re aware that, you know, I’m probably dealing with a subconscious block and I’ve got some people in my life who really can help me look at this with some savvy, not like, are you week new week, dude?

[00:53:52] They’re, you know, Rick, do you need to just pull your stuff together and get it done? Like, that’s not helpful to me with a subconscious block. I’ve already tried that. I probably have a bruise on my forehead from hitting it hard enough from driving that way. That probably just blocks to main need refinement.

[00:54:10] And that’s where this type of work is something we do in our emotional freedom circles. If you go to thriving, many of the people in the call are members of the circle. Um, we’re building up some experience and savvy and community about doing this together. We also have the thriving now center, which is a place where you can collect your thoughts.

[00:54:32] And you can share about a block that you have and kind of what’s the landscape. What’s the, what’s the story, you know about it. What are some things that you kind of sense that might be a contributor? And if you’re willing to open up to some other perspectives, that’s a very powerful way. I know that when I share out there that I get back, even just what people hear me say.

[00:55:00] It’s wonderful to get back a little bit about what people are hearing you say so that you get another perspective and that’s a free service, a thriving

[00:55:15] Yeah. So we have some hands raised. Are you willing to take our first volunteer? Yeah, I’d love to Jennifer. If you’d like to unmute and we’re taking, I’m taking people in order as they came up. So,

[00:55:31] hi. Hey Jennifer. Oh, so what’s coming up for you around. Well, I realized it’s, I’ve been having a lot of problems with my eyes lately. And, um, it’s really interesting cause I’ve also been having a lot of trouble with, um, just getting a clear vision for my life in a way that I feel really inspired. And I also, I just keep, um, bouncing all over the place.

[00:55:58] I’ll get really excited about something and start it. And then it fizzles out. I go to the next thing that, and I’ve been doing this for years and I just, yeah, so it’s just, there’s something else going on. And I don’t know if it’s something I can’t see, I see. Or what would happened if you had that really clear vision for your life?

[00:56:19] Can you tell us, like, what would happen, um, in, in, in a good way, like good. But like, if there’s probably some fears in there you have more clarity probably. Yeah. I think that, I think part of, um, what I suspect might be the, the block is, um, a fear of, if I am really successful, that I’ll be overwhelmed. Like there’s this part that is just like a scared of being overwhelmed, um, or losing my freedom in some way, not being able to, um, to, yeah, to do what I want to do that I’ll be over committed and be too responsible that I won’t have the freedom that I think I have now, which I don’t know if it’s real freedom.

[00:57:02] Great. All right. Let’s just do some tapping and I encourage people that are listening to tap along. Even if you feel like this, isn’t your thing. Our system will copy over and you might find some things that you weren’t looking at credit job, even though I really don’t want to see this. Even though I really don’t want to see this.

[00:57:18] I’m afraid to see a clear vision. I’m afraid to see a clear vision. And part of me is protecting me for myself. And part of me is protecting me from myself. I would like to know what direction to head. I really would like to know what direction to head, even though I can’t see this, even though I can’t see this and I’d probably have some subconscious blocks and I probably have some subconscious blocks, what if I could find a safe way to move forward?

[00:57:48] What if I could find a safe way to move forward? I can’t find a safe way to move forward. I can’t find a safe way to move forward. If I have a clear vision. If I have a clear vision, I’m going to overwhelm myself, I’m going to overwhelm myself. I’m going to over-commit myself. I’m going to over-commit myself.

[00:58:07] I’m going to hurt myself. I’m to hurt myself and I might lose track of some other things that matter. And I might lose track of some other things that matter. So wonder. I don’t want to see this. No wonder. I don’t want to see this. I’m scared. I’m scared. I’m afraid this visual pull me forward so strongly I’m afraid this vision will pull me forward so strongly I’ll lose myself that I’ll lose myself.

[00:58:36] I’ll lose my balance. I’ll lose my balance. And I won’t be able to take care of other things I love. And I won’t be able to take care of other things. I love. What if that doesn’t have to be true? What if that doesn’t have to be true? I learned this from somewhere. I learned this from somewhere, but I bet I could find new ways to move, but I bet I could find new ways to move forward.

[00:59:03] Where does that leave me some balance ways that leave me some balance, plenty of time for self-care and plenty of time for self care. Take a nice deep breath. I notice what’s coming up for you as you, as we tap through that, like what’s is there? Yeah. Buts are like, what’s the, what’s the, what are you noticing in your body and your mind?

[00:59:25] Yeah, I do notice, like, there’s just the conflict. Like there is this part that just feels like I want to share my gifts and I want that dedicated attention, but the fear that is like, like, I don’t know, there’s something really resistant to it. Where did you learn this? Where did you learn to fear this? Do you have an idea?

[00:59:50] You know, it’s interesting. Cause when we were talking about like, is there someone who is what we envisioned that we also were kind of repulsed by it? And I’m thinking about my mom has had a very clear vision and was very successful. Um, but she was also really overwhelmed and really overworked and depressed.

[01:00:09] And I hadn’t really thought of that before. I don’t want to be like her. I don’t want to be like her. I don’t want to experience a vision like she has. I don’t want to experience a division like she has. And part of me thinks I’ve got to follow in her footsteps. Part of me feels like I need to follow in her footsteps.

[01:00:28] No wonder I don’t want a vision. No wonder. I don’t want to vision. If I have to follow her steps. If I have to follow her steps, that’s not a dance. I want to dance. It’s not a dance. I want to dance. Why do I have to follow her steps? Why do I have to follow her steps? Well, that’s what I saw. Well, that’s what I saw.

[01:00:50] And part of me absorbed that part of me absorbed that, that younger me felt neglected. Yeah. That younger me definitely felt neglected. It really left aside and really left aside. So I think I have to neglect myself to create this vision. So I think I have to neglect myself to create this vision and maybe neglect other things I love and maybe neglect other things that I love.

[01:01:20] So why would I want that vision? So why would I want that vision? So I really have to be that driven. Do I really have to be that driven? What if I can find a balance that works for me? What if I can find a balance that works for me? I invite the part of me. That’s been hiding the vision from me. I invite the part that’s been hiding the vision from me.

[01:01:45] We come up with ways that I can create a lovely balance to help me create ways that I can create a lovely balance times where I’m following my vision times when I’m following my vision and times when I’m taking care of myself. So well in times when I’m taking care of myself so well each day, each day.

[01:02:09] So I never feel neglected or lost, so I never feel neglected or lost, and I can still feel my passion. And I can still feel my passion. Take a nice deep breath. Okay.

[01:02:25] And then just invite you to notice that some people will follow a passion as a way to avoid a lot of their lives. It becomes the passion becomes an avoidance mechanism like OCD or whatever. And they don’t see that because it’s this, like, I don’t want to look at anything else. I’m avoiding my life. It becomes very compulsive and we don’t have to experience our, our passion might be something that makes us smile and we get up in the morning and we’re excited about doing it, but we still can have a balanced awareness, like, oh, I’m really tired.

[01:02:58] Maybe I’m not going to, maybe I’m going to work less today or this person that I love is having a hard time. So while I can still enjoy, you know, feel the passion flowing and the vision I can choose to like, say I’m only going to work a little bit of time, or I’m going to put that aside and still have it be part of the life without sucking everything into it.

[01:03:17] If that makes sense. Does that feel like something you can try out? Yeah. Yeah. Thanks so much for bringing this forward. Thank you, Kathy. Appreciate it. Meet you. I think I did. And then you might have as well that we mess up

[01:03:40] and one of the things, um, just to, to be amplify something, when, when chappy asks, like who did you learn this from? And what were they alike? She mentioned overwhelmed. So one of the things, as you’re, as you’re trying, as you’re, as you’re establishing a new path, as I believe in evolution, I believe that we are in the process of crafting a different emotional world, a different kind of emotional reality.

[01:04:09] And if the predominant energy was overwhelmed, one of the things I noticed, like my mother was worrier, overwhelmed and worry. I can tell because I will hit a block on any project whatsoever. If I am not managing kept up top my overwhelm and my worry, it will act as a, oh, we have to pause here.

[01:04:40] Manage your overwhelming worry, get curious. All men, confidence, yourself subjects for other calls that we have available to us, calm yourself and confidence yourself so that you’re not in this place of overwhelm and worry, Rick, because we’re not going to let you go off the cliff. And when I do that, things change. looking forward to working with you.

[01:05:09] You’ve been on mute. Yeah.

[01:05:15] Yeah. So my, my issue is, um, and I’ve dealt with this my whole life and I’ve broken. So much. So I don’t, so I don’t know why I still have this issue, which is to say I’ve wanted to be a, um, a published fiction writer all my life, and I can never do it. I can’t, it seems like something’s always blocking me distractions or things come up and I don’t have time.

[01:05:43] Or even if I have time, then I create distractions, you know, lots of things happening. And you know, by now it’s just, it’s just kind of ridiculous. It’s like, okay, I’ve worked on it so much. And you know, why am I still having these? Am I still blocked? Why am I still blocked? Definitely blocked and definitely blocked.

[01:06:08] I’m better at creating distractions than chapters. I better at creating distractions in chapters. I can definitely take myself off track and definitely take myself off track. I can even create ridiculous beliefs. I can even create ridiculous. Like I have to clear all my clutter. I have to hold off before I can write.

[01:06:33] Yeah.

[01:06:38] What is it about being a published author that doesn’t feel right to me, doesn’t feel right to me. So as you imagine you see your, your book you’re published, what, how does your body respond to that? Is it an open and yes. Kind of feeling or is there something else? Um, I have a hard time feeling things, but it seems to me what I’m feeling is fear,

[01:07:16] fear at it, or feel fear. What’s in the fear. That’s in the fear. Here’s a great block. Here’s a great block. So useful. So useful. Yeah. Don’t pet the tiger.

[01:07:36] Tiger. Okay. Don’t cuddle the Viper. Okay. Okay. Here is so useful. There’s something about being a published fiction writer that feels unsafe for me, feels unsafe. I wonder what it is. I wonder what it is feeling into your body. Again, subconscious. Probably not here. It, you might notice it. And if you have a problem feeling well, then just rub yourself a little bit more, squeeze your shoulders and be like, oh, what do I fear about being that published fiction writer?

[01:08:30] Well, then people were seeing me. Okay. And if people see you there she is. What, what is in that picture? That’s scary. Well, then I can’t tide and I can’t just, I can’t still has to do with fear, I think is that I can’t be safe. I won’t be safe. Okay. Where did you learn? Do you have anything in your family history, ancestry about being seen as being unsafe?

[01:09:05] I don’t know. Um, yeah. Hi, I want to be able to hide. I want to be able to hide. I really like being able to hide. I really like being able to sit in my nature. My nature don’t take away my ability to hide, take away my ability to hide. Refuse to be that visible physical don’t take away my exit. Don’t take away my exit.

[01:09:35] I don’t take away my ability to hide, to hide. So not worth being a published author, not being published. I’m not allowed to hide anymore.

[01:09:50] And I’m not stupid. I need to come up with some more discussions to make sure this never happened distractions and make sure this never happens. Okay. Can I ask a good question? I think because I love that, but, what if you used an anonymous name? Like, I’m just, I’m not saying that’s the way to go, but I’m curious if that feels less visible because I think there’s also a vulnerability over, right?

[01:10:14] So like, it might help, like if you imagine writing under a pseudonym, do you still have the same resistance and fear? And if so, there’s probably something deeper to go to. I think, I think it, it, it is less, I’m not sure that it’s completely gone, but it, it definitely is less. And that’s the thank you. And that’s where I was going to go to because, um, the truth is that some of us have more of a nature where like, I, I.

[01:10:44] I, I don’t want to be so visible that I’m like, I don’t want to be famous. There’s, there’s so much example of like Kanye west, you know, please save me from being so talented that everyone won’t even let me eat lunch. Right. Not the spectrum. And so like, what we did is we said, okay, what if you give yourself a little bit more of an ability to hide and a pseudonym.

[01:11:08] Um, and, and there’s a whole, there’s a lot of people I’m working with and that I’m aware of that are really talented people that are choosing the pseudonyms, uh, alter. They they’re using animated figures and other things they’re using pseudonyms, mark Twain, wasn’t called mark Wayne. Um, you know, we’re not even sure exactly who Shakespeare was.

[01:11:33] There’s some arguments about that. So there’s, there’s a possibility, but then look at like, what else in that. Um, and thank you for coming or because somebody who has such a strong, lifelong desire to do something and doesn’t do it, and you, let me say like these distraction, like it is ridiculous. The thing that you have to be clutter-free, you know, that’s the kind of thing that the subconscious mind will let oh, no, we have to be clutter-free before we could think clearly that’s not what it is.

[01:12:08] Well, before, you know,

[01:12:16] at some point. Yeah. I think tapping allows me to say, you know, even though I got this bullshit going on right now, I use that weekly. It’s one of my favorites, you know, even though I’ve got this justification bull set going on, it’s okay. There’s probably some fear here and then dropping in, like, what am I really concerned about?

[01:12:39] And I believe with creative people, like the pseudonym, the, like, what does it mean to, you know, there’s a, there’s a variety of different things from a logistic environmental thing that allow you to move forward, that aren’t in your picture of you, you described it. Identity published fiction writer removed your ability to applied and you just won’t do that.

[01:13:12] Now you could. Like again, app on maybe some other things about IDing, giving yourself permission, um, giving false, real name, but false information about where you live. You know, I don’t know where you live. It doesn’t matter. We get to still engage. Um, that type of thing. Like there’s a, there’s a way of crafting it, but not until you’re really clear about like their fears and what I think what my body thinks.

[01:13:43] And you did seem to get some guidance when you went down into your body, um, and know that there’s alternatives and that’s, and that’s where the subconscious fear and block goes to being like, okay, well, if I’m a fiction writer, what kind of story could I write about myself? Like, oh, I can create a persona, create a really enjoyable person.

[01:14:12] One that I like that I use for my book fiction. I’m not, you know, that type of thing and it can start getting you into, um, real, more freely moving the mood. Yeah. How’s that feel to you? Yes. Yes. Thank you very much. It’s also really hard for me to show up here and

[01:14:40] I appreciate your courage so much here, everyone here. This is, this is a tough one. Thank you. Yeah. Do we want to do one more quick tapping with someone or how do we want to get, um, you wanna pick Monday and then, and then we’ll finish up, but let’s, let’s keep it. Yeah, thanks for watching the time.

[01:15:04] Yep. Hi there. Well, I have been working on receiving for a while and really, um, focusing on blocks that I had about money and my story that I had about money and why I couldn’t have money. And then this morning, as I was waking up, I got this thought bubble in, you know, inspiration or intuition that said, um, it was kind of like the story of my parents and how their version of success really.

[01:15:35] Just getting by that was successful because they came from really poor backgrounds and that was their version of success. Um, settling for less just getting by working hard, it’s gotta be a struggle. And so I have this theme that is, is definitely the working hard on the struggle and also not receiving.

[01:15:54] Um, the amount that I would really love to receive in my business, it’s just like cap. Um, so, okay. I love that. Okay. So, um, when did you just a quick, quick tapping with you, but I want to first tell you my silly hummingbird story, because I think it’s applicable. It helped me a lot. Um, my cat died in January, so I started feeding the birds.

[01:16:16] So I was less lonely and I started putting out food for the hummingbirds. And I, now I’m up to four hummingbird feeders, cause they tell all their friends the other day I washed all the hummingbird feeders. I made fresh nectar and I put it out there and I was sitting in my hot tub watching them. And there was such a sense of fulfillment and pleasure that they were choosing my hummingbird feeders that they were drinking.

[01:16:35] It was happy. They were in the sunshine. They were just, you could just tell they enjoyed it. And there was a sentence. Oh, look, I gave them something they really love. They’re delighted, they’re happy. And it was like, I felt so fulfilled and happy. And I realized that I think the universe feels that way when we partake of the abundance that it’s giving us.

[01:16:54] So I just, I, you know, just slowly have me read the story, but I like the idea of like, Hey, the universe is offering us things and half the time we’re like, no, I can’t have that. Or, oh, no. And it’s like, oh, you don’t like the nectar I put out for you to haul. That’s a little sad. I would’ve liked you to enjoy the nectar I gave you.

[01:17:11] So let’s just tap a little bit if that’s okay. Karate, chop halo. A little one, the little me that decided I couldn’t have it all a little me that decided I couldn’t have it all. Thank you for loving me. Thank you for loving me. You are so smart. You are so smart. And when you were little, when you were little, it wasn’t safe to have too much.

[01:17:35] It wasn’t safe to have too much. You had to conform to mom and dad. You had to conform to mom and dad. They had a very closed system. They had a very closed system. They didn’t think that we could let nectar in from outside. They didn’t think we could let nectar in from outside. It had to be effort had to be effort, had to do it.

[01:17:55] Ourselves had to do it ourselves. Lots of struggle. Lots of struggle. Barely getting by just barely eking by I’m so sorry. That’s what you had to do. I’m so sorry. That’s what you had to do. That must’ve been so hard that must’ve been so hard. Have you been trying to protect the, all this time? And you’ve been trying to protect me all this time from being rejected from being rejected or judged or judged.

[01:18:24] And I have such good news for you. I have such good news for you. We don’t live in that system anymore. We don’t live there anymore. We can throw up in the wind. We can throw up in the windows. We can let sunshine come in without any effort on our part. We can let sunshine come in without any effort on our part.

[01:18:44] You can enjoy nectar in lots of different areas of our life. We can enjoy nectar in lots of different areas in our lives. We don’t have to work hard to earn it. We don’t have to work hard to earn it. It can just arrive like sunshine. I can just arrive like sunshine under the nose and we can feel grateful and delighted and we can feel grateful and delighted.

[01:19:05] We do not have to struggle. We do not have to struggle. And I know you thought this for a long time, and I know you thought this for a really long time, so we’ll take it slow and work together. So we’ll take it slow and work together. And I’m also wondering if you could help me notice opportunities for next.

[01:19:23] And I wonder if you could help me notice opportunities for nectar. Cause I know you’re super smart cause I know you’re super smart and I would love your help and I would love your help. Take a nice deep breath.

[01:19:39] What are you noticing in your body? I just, I feel like a giggle inside. I love it. But if you can, little, little ways, like even if you notice something small, appreciate that younger self for helping you notice like, oh my goodness. Like, you know, literally I think abundance is just like sunshine. Like we’re all gonna allow it.

[01:19:59] And yes, there are people, there are systemic oppressions that really make it harder for some people than others. And we can get out of our own way at least and make things much easier for ourselves. So, um, yeah. I just, I, if you can just imagine that the universe is offering nectar nectars, like, do you like this flavor?

[01:20:16] How about this? And I think. It really wants us to be boastful and happy and have everything we really want. Thank you. And does, I’ve got chills all over. Thank you so much for bringing this phone. I really appreciate it. Thank you. Okay. And be thank you. And thank you all. Thank you, Cathy. Emotional freedom day 2021, um, kneeling into the deeper throughs.

[01:20:48] You know, we, we do work and it takes us to a certain place. And then we come together with the, with the intention to be vulnerable, vulnerable, to the extent that we feel comfortable. And maybe you’re like several hundred other people that have signed up that couldn’t be here. Maybe you’re sitting and watching this replay.

[01:21:10] I hope that you can feel the circle, that you’re a part of the community, that you’re a part of. You’re not alone, wherever you are in the world. We have people everywhere, um, and 170 different countries that are wanting to thrive. And that recognizing that, that developing some emotional skills, real skills, skills that come together, they stack on each other.

[01:21:36] The person that can let nectar in as part of an organization is going to be a conduit for that flowing through them and to them and to the community. Those of us that, um, are exploring ways to be generous, the gliding scale. I’ll I have to just acknowledge and honor that there are people that really understand what this is about.

[01:22:02] There are a lot of people in the world that really right now, the gift of coming and doing something for free is what their soul needs. It’s like, no, I need to feel like there’s something available to me that I don’t have to pay for. And there are other people that have had that and they’re paying it forward and other people that just recognize that to do good work, requires money and.

[01:22:27] So you all are a part of an exploration and an ecosystem emotional world. To me, we’re environmentalist, we’re paying attention to what’s inside of our own skin sphere. The things that are like, oh yeah, that’s a block. And, uh, it impacts me. It impacts my ability to be generous and receptive and loving and, um, to be an artist, the share the words that are been inside of me since I was a child.

[01:23:00] You’ll notice that Kathy. Tuned into the part of us that maybe knew that we always wanted to be a writer that we want to want it to Martian stories and share them with other people and to really tap into that, but then do it in an evolved way, in a way that feels just more emotionally free and safe and respectful and maybe community to invite you.

[01:23:22] I’m driving now. Dot center is a place where it’s away from Facebook. It’s away from Twitter. It’s for civil discourse. Anyone that doesn’t get that is not going to be there. But it means that we can be vulnerable and share. Um, you’re welcome to use instead of now, by the way, and in that place, uh, we can explore this together and at the thank you so much in so many ways for being a co-creator in this, I love it so much.

[01:23:53] I love the energy. If you were here and worked on this, please give yourself, you just appreciate yourself for a minute. This is scariest stuff. And a lot of people never even are aware that it’s happening. They’re just at whim of their subconscious. The fact they were here and did this work will give you new awareness and a lot may bubble up over the next 24 or 48 hours.

[01:24:14] Be gentle with yourself, drink some liquid connect in the center. If you like. That’s a really good place to not feel alone and know that you’ve done something really good for yourselves. Thank you so much for putting this together, Rick, and thank you all for coming. You’re awesome. Bye. For now.

We covered…

  1. Why we have subconscious blocks and why we don’t see them (or want to!)
  2. The clues subconscious blocks leave for us to detect when we are ready and have sufficient skill and support to shift to a new way of being – new identity, new definitions of things like success, money, love.
  3. Where did I learn this? And how do I shift this?
  4. Lots and lots of EFT Tapping

Resources Mentioned

  1. Thriving Now Emotional Freedom Circle

Great to have you on this journey with us! We call this Emotional Freedom Day 2021 a Success! Thank you to all of you who are in a position to support our work. Deeply appreciated.

My a-ha moment was learning about those new perspectives by imaging myself achieving my goals and dreams, or being that person. I think that’s another good way to approach my tapping when I get stuck on the usual “look at the problem” approach. the “look at the opposite” approach is also really helpful!