C'mon, Let's Go!

I saw this quote today… Seth’s invitation to be an Instigator.

But… but… but… :grimacing: Where? When? How? What will happen?

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There’s an uplift in Let’s Go! …if I feel like I’m a part of something that matters with people I care about. Tonight, wanting to post something fresh here, Let’s Go landed in readiness.

Where? The Center.
When? Now.
How? Click +New Topic and paste this quote, then write.
What will happen? WORDS! Energy Expressed!

Earlier I also used Let’s Go! for recording a podcast audio. Was pretty easy to answer those questions, too.

But then, later after the recording was done and I had spent 30 minutes editing with my new tool, Descript… Let’s Go! landed in… “Too hard, why bother, not worth it.”


You see with the editing I wasn’t grounded in Where, When, How. And I didn’t have anyone I could share the process with. I got a boost after the circle call when I mentioned the tool… but then going solo ended up causing a pause… ongoing pause.

Writing this is my way of reminding myself about Let’s Go! It reminds me, too, that I’d love to hear this more often in my world, too (but not sounding like ‘we’re running late and we need to go.’)

I want more of a community-shared Let’s Go! feeling in my life.



I had a “C’mon, Let’s Go” last week when my brother was trying to find out why my windows 8 computer was locking up. It was ten years old and for a couple of years I had been saying no way, no how am I going to have a computer with windows 10 in my house!!

He told me he had a spare desktop with windows 10 on it that I could have. I still thought no way. He was willing to set it all up for me too. But I was going to have to buy a new version of my astrology program because the one I had would not run on windows 10. I didn’t want anything to do with windows 10 but my budget didn’t include a MacBook, especially since we both need new cell phones. Plus it is a new operating system that I would have to learn and I would lose all my backed up stuff from windows. What to do, what to do?

Suddenly something shifted and I called bro and said, “I’m ready for your windows 10 computer, so C’mon, Let’s Go.” I felt lighter somehow and curious.

Here I am typing on my “new” windows 10 desktop computer. John set it up just like I’m used to, downloaded all my email and gave me an updated version of office. Everything was so easy and went so smoothly and I am so thankful. Ok I have to buy the astrology program if I decide I still want it but the budget is ok with that, its a heck of a lot cheaper than a MacBook (which I would still like to have someday) plus I didn’t have to buy a new computer.

So C’mon, Let’s Go worked so very well for me. I am so grateful for my dear brother’s help :heart: I remembered after our father died how I was alone in the house rocking this baby brother in the nursery and crying. Now he is helping me :heart:

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It was a week ago and I found myself at Target with my 13 year old
Granddaughter . Her c’mon let’s go , is something she tells me all the time . Yet I have not been able to do as she said . I’ve been too terrified to leave my home … now on this amazing day I realized that I could . C’mon Let’s go ! Became real . I accomplished a mile stone , I felt as thought I was finally “normal”. At that moment as I look around I realized that I’ve come a long way ! So yes , C’mon let’s go looks very
Promising right now :hugs:



Oh Yeah! Let’s go @Lourdes!

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