Not Risking Life and Limb... But Still

Braveheart. I’ve watched it a dozen times. There’s something in it for me, like the movie Hacksaw Ridge. Something in, well, what it means to have courage… to be a hero… to risk what matters for Freedom.


But I’m NOT risking life and limb. I cannot make the call to my cohorts to rise up against tyranny, to avenge wrongful death, to die a “hero’s death” if need be.

Honestly, that all feels so TIRED to me. The warrior with ax and sword (or missiles) I am not, and yet…

What of the courageous heart?

There’s a calling within me and yes, within my tribe, to express our heroism. To stand for what matters to our heart – even if we’re not bonding through risking life and limb.

Not Risking Life and Limb… But Still… Expressing Heartistry Demands Focus and… COURAGE

There’s a topic here in the Center about a different kind of “axe.”. Last night I read a question about why this person uses his axe to play a certain kind of music. This morning, I read his reply… to honest and real and reflective of the energy and emotions involved with expressing his heartistry. I encourage you to feel for yourself here.

It takes focused courage to share like this. It takes focused courage to be true to your own Essence, to express what is in your heart – including the messy regions.

Choosing to believe that it matters… takes courage. Showing up for what matters… takes focus and courage. Staying true to yourself and your heartistry… takes sometimes more than we have capacity for alone.

Which is one reason why we have this Center. It’s an act of my heartistry. It’s supported by a few Dear Hearts who agree. It’s an open invitation to those who come today, tomorrow, or later in the decade to sense that the “vibe” here is one of understanding.

People who have put their heart “out there” UNDERSTAND.

Those of us who show up and reveal our tenderness, our ferocity, our heart craving UNDERSTAND. We can recognize that in each other.

And feel it in you.

C’mon, Let’s Go! Let’s do this Together.