Welcome! Please Introduce Yourself!

Love your personal peace goal - with you on your Journey to “buttons to push deactivated”. What a great goal!

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Purple is royal and I think intuitive in the energetic space (?)…beautiful for your personal nest!

I once read parts of a book about Highly Sensitive Persons (HSPs)…defined introvert and extrovert which helped me a lot. Introvert rejuvenates with quiet time. Extrovert rejuvenates by being with people. Introverts can be outgoing too…that opened up much insight for me. And extroverts can by shy. :thinking:

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Welcome Karen! Glad you like the word heartistry… I’m wanting to encourage it’s broader use!

Hi Everybody,
My name is Mestiar from Indonesia

What Matters to me is HEART, being kind and sincere


Thanks Rick, will do that in the future!

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Welcome Mestiar!

Heart matters to me too! :heartpulse::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


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Hi Rick and everyone,

I’m PurpleDragon (aka Shelley) from New Brunswick, Canada. I used to be a member of the Thriving Now circle and did a fair bit of tapping with Rick & Cathy. Thanks you guys for all your support. Met Jean Maurie Puhlman in the TN group and she still taps with me on the phone and is a good friend. Lately I’ve been learning about a healing modality called “Internal Family Systems” (by Richard Schwartz) and enjoying the pandemic (NOT!). :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I was sad to hear that Dave Bryant passed away and will write abit more later to share some memories and celebrate his life.

Thanks for this space to connect, learn & grow together.

Blessings & Peace: PurpleDragon


Me too! I’m guessing most of us here feel that.

Compassion when we’re not feels important, too. You know, sometimes my primitive brain picks up on something, like “It’s not really SAFE for me to be nice or generous here.” I’ve come to trust that my intention is strong enough that I’m GROWING (best way to put it) in “reliable kindness” – while also recognizing that Boundaries are also a thing… and some people DO take advantage of kind and generous people unless we keep the right distance (and neutrality) towards them.

Ahhh, a discussion for another topic. Great (!) to have you with us here, Mestiar! May this community center serve you well. @Rick

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Ahhh, feeling the beautiful continuity of having you here as someone who has known and connected with us, with Jean, with David, with Cathy and me and more. Thank you and welcome, PurpleDragon!


Hi Purple Dragon, so nice to see you on here with us. I’m looking forward to reading your posts if you choose to write on here. :smiley:


Hiya Jean, I haven’t had a chance to look around yet, but it’s nice to connect here. I want to listen to that free call on “Blame” sometime, and will comment more later on what comes up.

Blessings on your weekend: :heart_eyes:

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sorry, trouble getting into the site!!! Yes, my name is Barb, I’ve been familiar with tapping for years, but for some reason NEVER remember to do it in an emergency! THIS time I DID…and it’s helped. I need to get some coaching and encouragement to do a better job. My husband is coming off meds for BiPolar, and tapping has made a definable difference in the depression…and confusion. I used a routine from your site to get us to sleep at night, without meds, and it’s worked well for four nights now.
I also need help with stress, weight loss, and assorted maladies. Would love to learn more. Thanks for your time and encouragement.


Welcome Barb!! It’s great to have you join the community… :slight_smile:

Thanks for the greeting, Glenn.

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Hi Barb! Welcome! Great to have you with us and as a circle member!

So… NO ONE remembers to tap in an Emergency unless they tap regularly when they are a little stressed, a little more stressed, and a lot stressed. An emergency situation goes straight to the primitive brain, and unless we’ve reprogrammed our primitive brain to look to Tapping as a Really Useful Tool when we’re activated, we just… won’t.

Did you see the Pain Relief with EFT program that is a part of the circle membership? You could choose from those tappings, perhaps do different ones 3-5x a day for a few minutes (the emotional states and limiting beliefs you could see as a Vibrational Medicine Chest).

When we bring some activation AND relief to our emotional and physical body, we teach it new pathways… and are less likely to end up in emotional emergencies to begin with.

Thanks for introducing yourself, and do feel free to start a new topic if you’d like to go into this deeper together! @Rick


Welcome Barb, glad you are here with us and sharing.


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Thank you Rick for your nice welcome~!

I’m James, I live in the Lower Manhattan area of New York City. I attended a Tapping workshop several years ago at Easton Mountain in Greenwich NY. I have been interested in EFT ever since. Although I am a novice, I am always excited to learn more and be in community.

I have been in NYC for awhile now, I came for Art school and then just remained :smiley: I enjoy all that the city has to offer including the Citi Bike riding, our subways, all of the accessible parklands, walking adventures, the variety of neighborhoods and the multi-cultural events.



Welcome James! Carol Look also lives in NYC and sounds similar about all the ways it nourishes her. Although I’m a mountain boy myself, I do appreciate sharing a person’s enthusiasm when they find their “home territory.”

We’re starting the Real Skills Workshops and it would be awesome to hear from you which skill(s) matter most to you right now. There’s a little poll at the previous link for you, if you’re willing.

It’s great to have you with us!

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Welcome James, I am a Taurus too if that is what bluTaurus means. Years ago I had dreams of living and working in NYC. It didn’t happen but NYC still fascinates me!

Glad to see you here and yes tapping is amazing.



Welcome Andrew! It’s wonderful that you joined our community!