Sacred Decisions

Sacred Decisions

Sacred Decisions are choices that hold such significance that you take a powerful pause, explore deeply what matters to you, calm any anxiety that arises, make your choice, and take clear and confident action that is congruent with Who You Are and What You Hold Dear.

  • Treating a decision as sacred expands our awareness to include what and who are precious to us.
  • Sacred decisions evoke mindfulness, prayerfulness, and respect for the people, ecosystem, and we-spaces that will be touched by our decision… while keeping the freedom to make the choice that is right for us individually.
  • Sacred decisions can embrace uncertainty while avoiding the “analysis paralysis” that head-only decision-making can evoke.

It’s a BIG Deal! (to me)

What makes a decision a Sacred Decision? That’s up to you!

Just because society thinks a decision is a big deal doesn’t mean it holds a lot of significance for you. And just because your friend (or mom) says something is not a big deal doesn’t mean that it isn’t big for you.

Sacred decision-making is when we choose to accept that we’re at a place where we need the depth of clarity that allows us to take action and hold healthy boundaries with others who might want/demand we do what they insist would be best for us.

Congruence Matters Here

Sacred Decisions call us to be congruent. What does that mean?

Congruence starts with knowing what matters to us. We tune in and listen deeply to our heart, our gut, our head, and our whole being from top to bottom. We open to our spiritual guidance alongside our earthly needs, desires, and limits.

As we start listing possible choices, we feel into how a choice meshes with what matters to us. If safety and respect are crucial for our thriving, how does each choice feel as supporting us in those ways?

If we need freedom in order to thrive, does a choice enhance the feeling of freedom in our body as we try it on?

Congruence when embodied supports a sacred decision with a knowing that we’ve considered the possibilities and selected what feels intimately right, right now.

Useful Questions

  • What do I hold dear here?
  • What guidance am I getting from my head, my heart, my gut, my groin, my spirit?
  • How do my possible choices each support what and who matters most to me here?


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Making firm decisions is important. Maintaining optionality is important. Doing both at the same time is an incredibly rare skill you should cultivate. Make decisions with conviction but be willing to change your stance at any point that it’s warranted.

…at any point it is warranted. For me with sacred decisions, there is a point where we make a firm decision. “This is my YES.” Part of that can be an awareness that certain conditions may change that warrant going back through the sacred decision-making process.

Great stress can come to freedom-oriented people if they feel a decision is “final” – no matter what. Firm… and Flexible if (or more likely “as”) the ecosystem conditions change.