Power Up Your Momentum with Carol Look

I know some of us are taking Carol Look’s Power Up Your Momentum course Apr-May 2022. Here’s a place for us to share what’s alive for us, that we’d like to get some momentum around…

If you’re not in the course, you’re still welcome to engage, support, reply.



For me the momentum I want to keep growing is around the Circle. There’s a LOT involved behind the scenes. Scheduling, putting the Courses into the new format, admin, email list stuff, shopping cart stuff…

The circle calls and real skills workshops are different. I feel engagement and momentum there. It’s more that to grow the circle, there is emotional and technological and writing/editing/revisiting labors that, well, I can get knocked off of.

One emotion I can get is “shutdown” and the belief/thought that often comes with that is “What’s the use anyway…”

As part of last nights RS Workshop on Letting Go, I did prep work on this belief/attitude.

What is it that I needed to let go of?

When I started the Thriving Now Team, back long time ago, I was happy innocently enthusiastic that this kind of experience would appeal to MANY. That we’d grow and we’d have sessions by different facilitators (which we did for awhile), and hundreds if not thousands of members.

It hasn’t gone the way I imagined. Letting go of that “vision” meant accepting that it has been a labor of love, far more than an effort that has been as financially rewarding and freeing in the specific ways I’d envisioned.

Tap tap tap. Those old visions feel like exactly what I needed to get me here. The persistence I’ve shown (H.O.P.E.) I want to keep. What changes is a letting go of the “stale and outdated” and bringing a freshness.

I can already feel the difference. And new members are showing up, too. :smiley:

Internally there’s also a shift. Carol’s bonus tapping on “Let It Unfold” is so useful for me. It goes to the Allowing part that I needed and continue to need to cultivate in me.

And my little shutdown thought is becoming a question TO BE ANSWERED. “What’s the use?”

  • These beings matter to me
  • There’s wisdom we share that I am blessed to integrate into these teachings, and we all get to benefit – including me!
  • I want to live in a world where emotional freedom is valued and celebrated
  • These emotional skills and concepts are… SO valuable. And, like any early technology skills, they are going to be recognized by the leading edge explorers before adoption grows.

The next 30 years I feel are really important in human development. We’ll have the technology to enslave people… And yet applied with liberty and justice for all, that technology can free us in ways we can hardly imagine.

Our co-creativity as a thriving ecosystem of emotionally free beings has yet to be “tapped” in the profound ways it CAN be. You, me, we… we’re a part of that. Our work together in the geometry of the circle towards emotional freedom is just as important as the network effects of the internet for communication. That’s what my heart asserts :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Thank you for listening and engaging. I so appreciate our community and those investing their heartistry in it and letting that spread out in ripples and waves to others we hold dear.


Thanks for sharing that Rick. I love your openness here, and also love hearing how new members are showing up after you let go of the old visions or expectations, old energy. How wonderful! and an affirmation of the process /concept behind tapping, as in removing our internal blocks to allow flow.

Also I so appreciate your story of unfoldment here and the reminder about the energy behind the question being so important. I first saw this only fairly recently on Young Sheldon of all places. Haha.

(Spoiler alert) After taking a philosophy class when he first went to uni Sheldon lost interest in physics, his life purpose. He was all: What’s the point? In a downtrodden way. Eventually his professor said that it was the right question but he was saying it wrong. As in, just like you did, more like: What’s the point? with a bright energetic curiosity.

During my watching that show I had been thinking what’s the point with respect to something in my life and this pivot turned everything around, as pivots do, as you say so that it’s an actual question. The answer came which I guess couldn’t come before while my energy was down. As you say, shut down, the picture of which even doesn’t have any windows of possibility, or at least they’re boarded up.

Well, thank you again. Your process already feels brighter! I’m looking forward to tapping with the call today. I did the bonus Let it Unfold just before which actually freed up energy to engage here. So, here we go! Will check in again with my focus for momentum. Maybe momentum staying open to answers :wink:


I’d like to create momentum around decluttering. Initially. I’ve been doing the recent Skills Workshop as well this week and landed on ‘letting go of this old thang that I thought I wanted’ being the belief I formed as a child that to be good I needed to be poor.

The rich and or powerful villains in the old black and white films I used to watch often trampled or tried to trample on the ‘good’ protagonists, and they usually got their comeuppance. Ha. Lesson learned :upside_down_face: :slightly_smiling_face: Of course we’re on side with the Jimmy Stewart’s or the Danny Kaye’s or the Dorris Day’s or Audrey’s, and often the lesson in the films was that it ‘pays’ to be the nice guy.

Maybe life’s more nuanced Kate :slight_smile:

So yes I think I’d like to build momentum on decluttering. Clearing space for me to move forward in abundance momentum in art, in creativity and the love of that.
I want to be in the pocket, in my groove, letting go of some of the old internally and externally will be a good way to start that momentum. Yes. Because I don’t want to keep trying, as I have, to keep moving forward bc it feels like not all of me is in this vehicle, and it’s a rough ride!

I’ve done the Let it Unfold tap x 3 now and that has helped let go of some frustration. This latest time I felt more open in my body and relaxed and thought to let the information come that I need, to gain the perspective I want. To build the perspective so that creates my groove around me.

I’ll keep doing a little each day I can also.

Thanks for starting this thread Rick. Without it Im not sure I’d’ve gotten through Carol’s call and processed this as much as I have.

One thing, Rick, or anyone if you have any thoughts on this… I’d like to move on from also child formed ideas of reward and punishment. And I noticed Carol uses the word rewards about inviting abundance in. So does Louise Hay. It’s all around. But for me ‘reward’ invokes its opposite somehow as well and I’d rather that wasn’t in the pot. So I’m wondering if there’s some other language you’ve thought of? Maybe just ‘abundance’.


There was a book I read long while ago, “Punished by Rewards.” They sorta go together… even the withholding of a “reward” is considered a “punishment.”

“Well, that’s worth savoring!”

Your question got me tuning into how and what works better for me. Honestly, abundance is not an ideal tuning for me. Sorta… well, duh, it is an extraordinarily abundant universe! It can be a “neutralizer” for feelings of scarcity that arise in me, a reminder of a divine truth.

But “abundance” doesn’t get me going, creating, engaging.

What does are those things that matter to me. For example, I love beauty that feels natural. That can be art that is natural art, and words that are spoken in a natural way (as contrasted with academic way for example).

Can also be that white flower that changed the whole smell of the path I walked this morning. It wasn’t there last time I walked that path. It was today. It may be gone tomorrow, as these things go around here in the mountains. Today, it was Beauty Worth Savoring.

Tears can be “worth savoring” too. Perhaps when I say "worth savoring’ it is that I’m activated and engaged with something and someone that… reaches deep and close enough to me to want to make the “heart hug” a little longer, a bit more intimate.

Like what I just wrote! For me, I’ve never really thought of experiences and savoring in that heart hug way, yet I feel it in my body – YES! That’s what we do! (pause pause breathe savor)

You might guess that “rewards” do not land the same place for me. If it is a “reward for winning” then, ugh, someone else lost. If it is a reward for compliance or being a good person, ugh, that feels external and makes me feel compulsive to try and get MOAR! [sic, a kin to ROAR!]

That’s where I am right now. I’m using the session this week on Limiting Beliefs now to let go of the notion that what I get that I like is a reward and what I get that I don’t like – that’s contrast – is a punishment. Ugh. It’s Life and so much is actually worthy of savoring.

Love to you! Thank you! Engaging with you hear makes the course of Carol’s more concrete for me as a participant, and not just in my role as facilitator. ~Rick


Wonderful thank you Rick! That was such a rich deep connected reply, I felt the heart hug too :hugs:

And it hadn’t occurred to be to think of those concepts as beliefs to use as the target for this week so I’m with you on that one. I’d like to invite a new spring of wisdom here. Yeah, and I like your idea of noticing what’s worth savouring, mmm to linger.

I’ll need to linger on, ponder on, the tears aspect of this. Not sure I’m quite with you. I hear it as an inclusion all of life’s aspects. & certainly those ppl and events who/that touch us more deeply make life worth living, and are part of a life well lived. And it can hurt as well as all the rest. Is that what you meant?

Here’s something I heard recently which fits here I think. It’s to do with meditation, by Sam Harris.

He was talking about how meditation is a preparation for all that is to come in life. Then, “And it’s also, I hope you’re discovering, an intrinsically pleasant thing to do. Even when it hurts, you can discover, in the midst of discomfort, a kind of pleasure, a kind of fulfilment. If you haven’t found that yet I promise it is there to be found.”

I’m not there yet, but loved to hear that and I’m thinking of it now as perhaps a way to traverse rewards and punishments.

I had a funny moment with respect to my wanting to be ‘in the pocket’ as I’d expressed it. I’ve been reading a book of poetry once a year for a while now, one poem a night. Last night’s line, which made me laugh out loud, was:

How much of your life will you spend seeking shoes? Hunting the keys you’re certain you left in a pocket…

Haha. The poem’s entitled: Already Here
& talks later of going barefoot.

Love to you too Rick. I’m so glad we’re doing this together! Yay!


Yes, it’s embracing the fullness of the emotional experience. Tears of joy, tears of release, tear of relief, tears of grief…

Being alive in the full realness of our feelings does, I believe, fill us up. Full-Fill-upness (Fulfillment).


Week 2 on limiting beliefs is going well. The tap along was powerful, and yesterday I brainstormed a load of limiting beliefs, general ones and ones to do with moving forward in life towards creating and sharing. Wow, that was a big list!

I grouped them and named them as a whole and then imagined them on their way, floating up into the sky to transmute, with thanks for protecting me and let them know I don’t need them any more.

This was easier grouped, to be willing to let them go. I found that to be willing to give them up individually wasn’t happening for me. Each one is sticky I guess, rationally. But as a group of ‘limiting beliefs’ it was easy.

And so now to replace them which could be the turnaround that Byron Katie talks of. Maybe I’ll go through the list and turn them around. Or just think of something general: “I am loved and buffered and ease-ily go forward in inspired action.” I’ll work in that I guess.

How are you going with the process Rick?

Anyone else feel like releasing any limiting beliefs?


Oh haha just saw a typo. Me saying, I’ll work in that, when I meant to say I’ll work on that, to do with the wording of the affirmation. So maybe it’s a good affirmation and I could work within that framework of thinking. Nice.


I really like the “generalization” of tuning into the specifics, and then seeing and allowing them to shift/transform as a group. I remember making a list of over 300 traumas in my life that had intensity. I did a lot of tapping on having all of them, and interestingly for many that was enough!

With my beliefs, many have also shifted as soon as I was “grounded” and moving energy towards how I actually want to be. That’s the thing about beliefs – they seem to “sit” in our default matrix inside, and until made conscious and given a new “default” of how we’d like to be, it… stays. Limits us.

For me I can feel “stuff” letting go, and I feel stronger with more “long term” momentum. Today and yesterday were days where I am not, honestly, “clear” about what’s next. When, really, what’s next is tending to myself and my home and perhaps attuning myself to what has ripened as a result of other work I’ve done.

Coming into Week 3 on Monday on Inspired Action, that feels… right. Clarity about what’s next, then moving energy into it. With it. And Dancing with the Uncertainty!


I got a lot to think about with this class on momentum. I’m going to go back and tap with the others on the emotions that have gotten me stuck. What stood out for me was how much I like saying, “I accept where I am and how I feel.” It feels better to me than, “I deeply and completely love and accept myself” because I don’t always completely love myself. Yes I can say “I am trying”…

I resonated to someone saying how they have had their hopes dashed so often and how they flinch when they start feeling hopeful again.

I love the freedom to be me. I’m not sure I have ever felt that but I’m curious. What would that feel like?

What if I’ve been enough all along? Yes what If? That brought tears. I never felt enough. Others always wanted more. I have lots of examples of this one.

Waste of time to care what others think of me. Tap tap! It sure is and I’ve let go of some layers, still tapping/working on a big one.

EMOTIONAL MATURITY: This really hit home. Emotional compatibility and depth. How to get it when the other person has no idea how and doesn’t want to know. I could hardly breathe when I thought about it. Tap tap, I wonder what my lifelong lesson has been about this. Yes, find new friends but this is one isn’t about friendship.

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