Why "deeply and completely accept myself?"

In EFT Tapping the standard ending to the setup phrase is:

“…I deeply and completely accept myself.”

Why do we say that, even when it isn’t completely true?

Carol Look stated the reason succinctly recently. She said we do this to:

Stop fighting ourselves internally.

That’s it. When we consider body image issues and self-dislike and many other pains, struggles, and feelings of anxiety and unease, it is so often the inner conflict – one part of us in resistance and opposition to another part – that keeps us stuck, stalled, and chronically stressed.

What’s potentially even more effective for this? Add the word ANYWAY.

Even though I (name the internal conflict), I deeply and completely accept myself… anyway.

Try it! You’re invited to share what you notice.


I feel a tiny bit lighter when I acknowledge what I am feeling with this phrase, especiallythe anyway part. It makes it feel real and I sense a little bit of compassion and acceptance for myself in there.


Isn’t that one of those tail enders if we don’t really accept ourselves anyway even if we want to? I could hear “No I don’t right now but I am open to loving myself anyhow.”


Yes, it’s a useful tail-ender to notice. You got clarity that loving self more was more readily available. Nice. :heart_decoration:

For me there’s been usefulness – especially since Accept Myself is such a potent part of tapping – to go a bit deeper when that tail-ender arises.

What isn’t acceptable here? Reality? Or my behavior being out of integrity? Or that I believe if I “accept” that I can’t change my boundary or my choice?

I used to internalize “accept” as “tolerate” – and I needed to de-couple that.


I really like to say these words as I tap because I truly feel loved ! And I can actually accept the simplicity of how well it feels as I tap alone…


I feel compassion and acceptance for what’s alive in me when I say those words out loud giving them strength.


I like it. Seems to give alittle bit more lightness & space.

I also like - ‘I’m open to the possibility I could accept myself.’


My brain still wants to argue with the verbiage because just saying I love myself is REALLY hard, but adding “anyway” does make it easier.

I agree w/Purple Dragon re: “I’m open to the possibility I could accept myself.”


“I’m noticing that I’m accepting myself a wee bit more, and it’s awkward… and I accept that awkwardness anyway”