Welcome! Please Introduce Yourself!

Yay Anamika! So great to have you with us!

Heartistry is a word I am attracted to because to me it reflects what MATTERS to us, that we’d like to express into the we-spaces we’re a part of. Different from “artistry” only in the sense that a lot of people (myself included) have more resistance to identifying as an artist than as a Heartist. (Maybe because it is a new concept that we’re getting to define? I love that!)

For me the path to “self-esteem” was frought also with lots of preaching and put downs.

It’s why I also focus more on calm confidence, presence, and hearty engagement. When I’m in one of those states of being, it feels really natural to feel the Value in me… and in We.

Esteem is an energy I feel is a shared one… we esteem each other and each of our self’s is included in that. Like a shared pool of mutual appreciation and gratitude.

Again, welcome! Feel free to start a new topic with any aspect of this you’d like to explore together!



Thank you for asking Dru! With some help from friends I’ve packed my most precious things like my grandmother’s china and most of the art work that was on the walls. I’m also trying to get everything in order so that Sasha can leave the airport with me instead of being quarantined which is quite the process! It looks like I’ll be completely out of the house by the 27th of May! :crossed_fingers:lol…I just today found this message (June 12th) and realized I never sent it!!

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Aloha Anamika ~ Welcome, welcome!! So good to have you here with us!

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When you’re up for it, start a new topic here in the Community We-Space and share some pictures! Aloha @Norene :peace_symbol: :surfing_woman:t2:


I will, Rick…I’m just not quite there yet.


Thank you for the warmest of welcomes. I am so grateful to be apart of a tribe looking to expand their own hearts in a safe nurturing environment. Thank you to let me come along for the ride.

Hi I’m Ally, I live in the deep south of the world, in the land of the long white cloud called Aotearoa or New Zealand.
I have a background in Functional Biology, Cellular/Molecular Biology and Chiropractic. Currently doing research looking at how we somatically store trauma and stress in the body. With that my thesis is on how deep cyclical compression therapy applied to the body from the Flowpresso suit affects anxiety, sleep, stress and fatigue.

I have come to this Thriving Community due to an Autoimmune Skin Condition that over the years has spread and got worse, and disrupting other areas of body even with the knowledge and therapies in the biological and biophysics world. Thought it was time to start exploring the intuitive and energetic and primitive bodies of me, and been loving tapping since started. So ready to dive in to these shadows and be apart of something more collective.


Welcome, welcome Ally!! I think you’ve landed in exactly the right spot! I look forward to engaging with you!


Thanks for accepting the invitation to join us, @allomello! Appreciate you helping to get to know where you are and what you’re looking for. One of those useful questions when we feel into “autoimmune” responses might be:

How do I attack myself?

I know for me I was “eating myself up” when I had situation that was a “mystery” to the medical field.

(tap tap) How might I have attacked myself today?

Sometimes it leads nowhere, which is useful to know, too, if that ain’t it!

Great to have you with us!


Welcome Ally.

What a great collection of interest, skills and perspective to have! I really look forward to interacting with you and the perspective and knowledge you can bring to discussions.

As related to your skin condition, the skin is an incredible organ as you undoubtedly know…imbued with amazing intelligence. It performs the literal task of containing us and is the boundary between us and other…internal and external. That’s it’s literal function and it may be interesting and useful to explore the embodied metaphors that come out of the skin’s literal function.

Is their something/someone that’s gotten ‘under your skin?’
Are you ‘thin skinned’ in some contexts…with certain people?
Trouble with setting boundaries in some contexts?
Do you lose your sense of self in certain contexts? Have trouble distinguishing between self and other?

Those kinds of questions that use metaphors that are related to our skin’s literal function might prove revealing and useful. In my experience that kind of exploration can be really powerful and tapping can be easily incorporated into it. Just a suggestion (along with Rick’s great insight) for an avenue of exploration for you Ally. :slight_smile:


P.S - I’m checking out the Flowpresso website…looks pretty cool!


Thank you for your awareness and questions I need to ask of self. Very grateful for the shinning of light on to what my skin could be trying to tell me. Many thanks


Thank you Glenn…wow how lucky am I to have such richness in questions to ask and tap. Very grateful for your wisdom, and time to share it. Such valuable perceptions.
Glad you found some info on the Flowpresso. My boss invented and developed it here in NZ…and finding alot of biological centers needing it as mental health and feeling unsafe increase.
Thanks again for your info :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello beautiful souls,

My name is Conde and it is pronounced CON-dee. I am a modern mystic living in Portland, Oregon. I was born into a family of people who had extraordinary supernatural gifts, and so do I.

What matters to me is being able to make a big difference in the world by being of service to others and doing my soul’s work as I gracefully move through grieving the loss of my sister.

My heartistry is healing, personal transformation, and spiritual evolution, I absolutely love it. It is my calling and my divine purpose.

What I would love to experience in this community is to give and receive support, love, and kindness. i’d also like to connect with a few kindred spirits and make a few really good friends along the way.

I am happy to have found such an amazing group of people in this circle.

During last night’s circle, I mentioned that I was having resistance to doing my yoga practice and Rick suggested 20-second yoga, as you can see in the photo it is working. :slight_smile: Totally rocking it!


It’s a genuine pleasure to have you with us Conde. You’ve added a wonderful presence to the Tapping Circle!

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Yoga for 20! (seconds…) I like it too!


Thank you Glen. I feel pretty blessed to be included in the circle. It has been so helpful in processing the overwhelming sadness I have felt for the last few weeks and it has made it possible for me to not have my emotions interfere in my work.


That’s fantastic Conde. The Circle is so much of my life now…for about a year and a half I think…maybe more? It’s made a very noticeable difference in my life. Like you I’m currently dealing with grief over my brother’s death. The few Tapping Circles since his death have helped immensely. This Sunday is my brother’s Celebration Of Life so I’m filled with all kinds of emotions…waves of them coming and going. I’ve been learning to just ‘surf the waves’ and understand that there’s a deep, biological intelligence at work that is the path of healing and rebalancing. It’s deeper than my ‘talking brain’ can understand and I’m just trying to stay out of the way of the process. Breathing…feeling…allowing. Rinse and repeat.


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Love to you and your family and brother, @Glenn – hope the travels are smooth and time together sweet. ~Rick

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Thank you Rick…for everything.



  • What matters to you?
  • What is your Heartistry ?
  • What would you like to experience in community and connection?

Hi! I’m Ashlie, a long-time tapper and still clearing the schtuff that’s not helpful.

What matters to me… hmm… The people I care about, they are happy, healthy, and feel loved.

Not sure I can answer the second question… yet.

I think the reason for joining almost anything is a way to not feel alone in life and what it throws at you. Isolation can exacerbate what’s happening, whereas community can show you that everyone is dealing with something.


Welcome Ashlie…I look forward to interacting with you here and hopefully in the Tapping Circle as well.