Welcome! Please Introduce Yourself!

Yay Anamika! So great to have you with us!

Heartistry is a word I am attracted to because to me it reflects what MATTERS to us, that we’d like to express into the we-spaces we’re a part of. Different from “artistry” only in the sense that a lot of people (myself included) have more resistance to identifying as an artist than as a Heartist. (Maybe because it is a new concept that we’re getting to define? I love that!)

For me the path to “self-esteem” was frought also with lots of preaching and put downs.

It’s why I also focus more on calm confidence, presence, and hearty engagement. When I’m in one of those states of being, it feels really natural to feel the Value in me… and in We.

Esteem is an energy I feel is a shared one… we esteem each other and each of our self’s is included in that. Like a shared pool of mutual appreciation and gratitude.

Again, welcome! Feel free to start a new topic with any aspect of this you’d like to explore together!



Thank you for asking Dru! With some help from friends I’ve packed my most precious things like my grandmother’s china and most of the art work that was on the walls. I’m also trying to get everything in order so that Sasha can leave the airport with me instead of being quarantined which is quite the process! It looks like I’ll be completely out of the house by the 27th of May! :crossed_fingers:lol…I just today found this message (June 12th) and realized I never sent it!!

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Aloha Anamika ~ Welcome, welcome!! So good to have you here with us!

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When you’re up for it, start a new topic here in the Community We-Space and share some pictures! Aloha @Norene :peace_symbol: :surfing_woman:t2:


I will, Rick…I’m just not quite there yet.