Ugh... Membership Tree Fell

I’m asking for emotional support and encouragement.

In February there was an undiagnosed incompatibility that arose in the membership system we use, MemberMouse. No one using a credit card that was set up some time ago has been charged since Feb 5th.

Trying to resolve this has been many hours, with… no solution yet. There are “too many” parties involved (hosting provider, membermouse support, me, stripe) and “too many” moving pieces.

I find myself needing: Simpler, Useful, Freeing.

I am not yet sure what that will look like. Or how to engineer it with the least disruption. And yeah, I am not sure how to structure the offering right now.

Yes, still planning to continue the circle. It’s (and you) are important to me. Just wasn’t expecting a 40-100 hour project right now…

In the meantime there will be some weirdness on the site as I turn aspects off and on to try and test options. If there’s something you can get access to that’s important, let me know.

May blessings flow from this for all,


Oh boy…what a drag that is. I’m so sorry that you’re/we’re having this issue. Is there specifically something we can do to help? For example would it help if we paid our membership ‘manually’ for the time being until the system was sorted out? I’m guessing mine is one of the payments that wouldn’t have gone through automatically.

Sending love and deep, calming breaths to you my friend… and thank you for all the behind the scenes work you do to keep us up and running.



(((((Rick))))) I am sending you soooo much love and support during this unexpected membership system difficulty. I know you can do it even amidst all the moving pieces and remember to take care of yourSelf!! XOXO


Hugs and courage, dear one! :purple_heart:
I appreciate all the energy you bring to community and trust this will resolve well for everyone… and am happy to help in any ways possible! We love you! :kissing_heart::rainbow::sparkles::yin_yang:


So sorry to hear this @Rick! Let us know how we might support you!! I appreciate every effort and moment you give and please take good care of yourself!



Thank you all!

Woke at 4am and the clarity of yesterday and the tapping in the circle call last night seemed to settle into a plan: Going to ditch MemberMouse and move to Thrive Apprentice (assuming that works as planned).

There will be some other changes, but nothing to impact the current memberships – perhaps some new options for folks. I’ll be in touch personally with each member as we move forward with options and status and requests, and appreciate the offers to help with testing / rollout. Will keep y’all posted!

Thanks so much :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Hang in there, you can do this. Sorry it’s such a pain.


I can send you a check or send you my payment to you personally if this would help. :hugs:

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Turned off the old MemberMouse system, building up a replacement using Thrive Apprentice and Thrive Architect. Weird, eh, how the core tools for Thriving Now are by companies with Thrive in the name? Thrive Cart is a different company, even, and used for checkout.

Any feedback on a name change from Emotional Freedom Circle to Thriving Now Circle? Feels simpler, and feels a bit more inclusive of real skills, thriving lifestyle design, concepts for thriving…



Hmmmm…not really sure why but Emotional Freedom Circle has more allure for me although I understand your thoughts on the other name. It’s like I can feel into ‘emotional freedom’ more easily…I get an instantaneous “aaaaahhhhhh” sort of response… and ‘thriving now’ seems a bit more intellectual…like there’s more steps involved in unpacking what it means. That’s what comes up for me.

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I think I’m liking Thriving Now Circle because between the words “Thriving” and “Emotional Freedom” I seem to have a better, innate understanding of what it means to thrive over being emotionally free. I like the simplicity of it and as Winnie the Pooh said, “I am a bear of very little brain and long words bother me.”


A bit of a ‘meta comment’ here: It’s interesting to me that ‘Thriving Now Circle’ would be seen as “simpler” than ‘Emotional Freedom Circle’. I’m not being argumentative, I’m curious as to why it would seem that way for others because it doesn’t for me. I’m actually wondering if it seems simpler because there’s less syllables in the Thriving title (5) compared to the Emotional title (8)?

Curious In Canada… :slight_smile:

P,S - either title is just fine by me

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Thriving, to me is simpler/less complicated than Emotional Freedom; also it feels like emotional freedom is already part of thriving. The number of syllables in no way made it simpler for me! But, maybe what the circle was called when first joined plays into it?? Either is fine with me too!


Thank you. Allure.

It’s why I renamed from Thriving Now Team to Emotional Freedom Circle. It’s why the essential mission is Emotional Freedom for All. It’s why my identity has become an Emotional Freedom Coach.

Overnight, allowing the feedback from you and Norene to settle and sense within me, I feel more alive showing up for an Emotional Freedom Circle. True, it doesn’t immediately feel “simple.” Emotional Freedom isn’t… simple. If we look at all we cover over the course of even a single month, it’s rich, deep, and vibrantly alive and sometimes deeply challenging.

Co-creativity is emotional, it feels to me. I get more personal clarity through the emotional interactions with you all than any other way. It’s something I want to model. Laughter and Tears being welcome. Safer spaces for realness and vulnerability.

At least right now, my clarity is to keep it as the Emotional Freedom Circle.

One decision made, 359,231 more to go! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Lots of hours of engaging with the members list, course design, checkout design and flow, auditing the members list… whew!

Membermouse is gone. Still working to connect a myriad of pieces together. Should be possible to login to the site and at least get to the call schedule if needed. Still working on members pages and all that, after other parts get pulled together.

Off to bed!


Thanks for all your heartistry Rick!!

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Feels like it is coming together…

If anyone would be willing to look over the circle member page as well as monthly and one-time membership options, I’d love another few hearts to check it out… see if there’s something missing and what might be unclear.

I’ll have more to say on this going forward. The intention behind the one-time membership is so that people can join us and feel like there isn’t an ongoing “question” of whether they are or are not going to stay a part of the circle financially. To me it allows for more “right distance right depth” that is dynamic and changing over time.

The monthly memberships of all levels can now credit the monthly fee towards their first private session of the month, as desired. Like the previous Engaging Heart Circle, anything $47/mo is a 20-minute session (or applied to a 50-min) and the new $88/mo includes a 50-min one. Monthly continuity payments certainly support a sense of security for me and my family, and… I want that to be a really conscious choice for anyone who chooses that kind of ongoing connection to us.



I wrote about the changes here: