Circle Member Changes 2022

I so appreciate all the support as I get the systems repaired, refreshed, and redone for the Emotional Freedom Circle. Briefly, the “MemberMouse” part of the membership system which is how we originally did all memberships and products stopped working properly in early February.

While I had been transitioning away from MemberMouse, we still had 75% of the members on it, and all the self-paced coaching products.

Right now the coaching products cannot be ordered or easily accessed (22-March-2022). I’m working on redoing those over the coming 1-2 weeks. Its about 50 hours of work, on top of the 30-40 already done.

The good news is that we’ll be clearing out old technology that worked then but that I’ve not enjoyed having for at least a year. We’re also on a new server (same provider but faster and updated).

When a “failure” like this happens, I’ve learned to take it as an opportunity to evaluate what still feels good, what does not, and what might feel better for the NOW that we’re living in. With that in mind, the circle membership is evolving.

Circle Memberships No Longer Expire

Whether you paid a one-time or paid monthly and then stop, you remain a circle member.

Why? Because sometimes people want to stay connected but don’t have the funds. Their “right depth” is to take a break from financial support while still feeling that they can participate and feel a part of the circle. I like that. It’s important to me. I want to grow a community of emotionally free beings who feel like they are a part of our deeper intentions on an ongoing basis.

People can, of course, unsubscribe, take a break, or even ask to be removed from our records.

One-Time Payment

There’s a new one-time payment option starting at $98. The Pay-It-Forward option allows for generosity and is an important part of our long term sustainability.

One-time membership will be the primary option we suggest to everyone considering working with us or accessing our self-paced courses and real skills workshops.

Why? I’m in a place myself where a monthly recurring fee doesn’t feel as much a YES for me as a single, generous, one-time payment. The test of the 1-year payment also showed I’m not alone in this! Any previous 1-year memberships have been converted to one-time.

All Monthly Membership Are Credited Towards a Private Session

If someone supports the circle on a monthly basis (rather than one-time), their monthly support can be credited towards their first private session with Rick each month. This now applies across all monthly memberships from $11 on up.

So, a $11/mo member could deduct $11 towards the minimum gliding scale session payment for either a 20-minute or 50-minute. Instead of $35 or $75 they could pay $24 or $64.

The former Engaging Hearts Circle started at $47/mo and included a 20-minute private session with me. That continues as an option along with an $88/mo which includes a 50-minute session. It will just now be ONE circle, the Emotional Freedom Circle.

Why? I expect many members to join or switch to the one-time membership. For those who want to support these efforts on an ongoing basis, I want to honor that support by being even more flexible with private coaching pricing.

Also, there are members who I get the privilege of engaging with privately every month, and for the past two years I can say those regular engagements have felt really CORE for me, especially during the pandemic. I want more of that kind of consistent private engagement! So, I’ve added a 50-minute option, and also want to encourage more members to engage privately when it feels right to them. For example, at $27/month, a member could have a 20-minute session for as little as $8. It’s an experiment! Would love to know how it might be adapted to work even better.

Emotional Support Circle Replace with Scholarships

We offered a 2-month membership gift, and many grateful people took advantage of it to access the circle calls, workshops, and self-paced programs.

Sadly, over 500 fake-but-real-looking accounts also signed up. It was a big cost to me to reach out to so many and the admin issues. Also, engagement was low.

By switching to scholarships (partial or full) requested by email, my hope is that people who really have a strong asking and willingness to add to the community will still have access. We’ve had gift members from countries where it would be unsafe or impossible for them to pay, yet they have benefitted from the recordings in privacy. It also means that vulnerable members won’t be “cut off” after two months.

This is another experiment, and we’ll see how it goes. I’m very open to feedback on how our outreach and service can be of stronger benefit in supporting Emotional Freedom for All.

Self-Paced Courses Moving to Learning System

I’ll be moving the self-paced programs that come with circle membership into a new learning system. The Stress Relief on Tap program has been there for awhile, and the latest update of the tool (Thrive Apprentice) means more flexibility.

This will take a while. I’ll do my best over the coming weeks to get all programs back available.

The members page and the course list are also a bit “messed up” still by the change.

Circle Members Rock!

If you’ve not been a part of a group that really and truly supports people through laughter and tears, chaos and clarity, and more… I do invite you to join us and come to live sessions.

I feel so blessed to have been doing this facilitation and coaching for over 16 years now! Thank you all members past, present, and future!



Thank you Rick!!! We all appreciate your many hours of work on our behalf. :pray:


This is deeply commendable. I’m grateful for the transparency and the level of empathy you have to reach out to those that matter despite the financial challenges!


Wow I was just wondering how I could manage the private session tier and here we are! Ha. I’ll have to read this again and ponder what would be best.

Are you saying Rick that one option is that ppl pay from US$98 once for indefinite membership… & I think it does but just to be clear, are you saying that gives ongoing access to all zoom (open) calls, or just the skills workshops?


Yes, the one-time gives access to everything that goes with Circle Membership – open calls, workshops, and the group of self-paced programs included.


That’s such an incredible value you are offering. Thank you Rick.


Re the Seth quote: I’m not sure that makes much sense to me, in that the 3 options seem so disparate. What’s your takeaway or paraphrase Rick?

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Yeah, it meant something to me when I posted it, but reading it again feels more like a non-sequitur so I deleted it. I believe we in the circle are making change in the world, change we want to see. :heart_decoration:


We’re blessed to have generous people in our circle, and this feels really important to me in my core. A long time member cancelled recently, and I asked them if based on this new structure they would like to continue being a member. Turns out, they are on a fixed pension and with energy costs in their country soaring, they had to choose between membership and essentials. Now, they get to continue with us.

I didn’t know this situation before my intuition was to make this change. Yet, I can nod and acknowledge the Universe kindly saying, “Yes, this is one of the ways this serves.” I’m trusting that for me and the family, and for our circle, it will work out with similar grace.

Divine filtering and guidance at work? Yes, please.


Indeed and in deed…

And we are supremely blessed to have you as the hub of our circle with all the ‘energetic spokes’ connecting us. Thank you!!


Thanks so much @Glenn ~ appreciation is one of the nutrients that really gives me endurance for this.

Another is where members add and help make the offering and the tools even better! The replies and engagement you and others bring here on the center are really… crucial… to my energetic well-being during these times. Getting to “watch” as people engage around shame means when I have time to tune in, there will be more there for me to see and sense… from people I am tuned to! Sooooo good for me.


Yay, shame!! Thanks, @Rick. Im hoping to uograde to do 50 mins a month with you when i renew. This new pricing seems awesome.


I’ve gotten at least the courses with links into the new learning system. Hope to update the members page to reflect that, then over the next days get them back into the “store” as well. Then to move the content itself into the learning system (like Stress Relief on Tap is structured).

Yay! Pro-gress!