To Live Without Anger

Cultivating truth and justice is pretty easy for me…living without anger seems far more difficult. I really dig the ancient Greek Stoic philosophers, of which Marcus Aurelius was one. Very pragmatic and sophisticatedly deep thinkers.


Is that even possible? I sense we all feel anger. We don’t have to marinate in anger but it damn sure pisses me off from time to time. Grrr. Tap tap.

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There are rare humans whose nervous system never feels what you and I would call anger. And, very rare. It’s also I’d say on the neurodiversity scale quite outside the median.

So… I wonder though what “anger” refers to here is the expression of anger – the violence, the threat, the defensiveness – that appears so often externally when people are angry.

My own intention is to recognize when anger arises and see where it leads, without getting stuck “staying angry” because, well, I don’t know what else to do with those energies!

Anger into Oomph is what I hope to do, wherever it is possible, whenever the threat anger alerts me to is not life-or-death (and sometimes even if it were).


Exactly! I have pushed anger down so often but usually my body will let me know with some kind of pain. Usually it is stomach, often back and sometimes a weird “where did that come from” pain.

I do know someone who does not seem to get angry. Anger scares this person so much that - well I don’t know what they do with it.