Pain Relief: Understanding the Messages from Your Body


There’s pain that’s an OUCH, where we’re doing something or something is being done to us that hurts… hurts right NOW!

  • The right now pain can respond well to fixing. A needle is jabbing you in the butt? Get away from the needle. A rock in your shoe? Take out the rock from your shoe. A person tickling you against your will? Get away as quickly as you can.

Then there is another category of pain that I, frankly, was never taught anything about so I mistook it for Ouch-Right-Now pain…

It’s the pain that comes from imbalances. Chronic postures – physically or emotionally. Depletions in diet, movement. Trapped feelings. Unhealed traumas that feel, sorta, like that needle in the butt but are not really the same. They need a different approach, a type of healing that my Mom and Dad never seemed to be aware of… nor my peers.

I’m soooooo grateful that is changing. People (like us in this community) are recognizing more and more the difference between ouch-now pain and trauma and emotional distresses and chemical / energetic depletions and excess.

It’s a Big Deal.

I hope this article adds to our shared understandings.

I’d love to hear your perspectives…



Emotions affect your body and your body affects your emotions. I can be really distressed but then feel so much better after eating something. I have to consciously focus on correcting my posture. Sadness and fear have locked my shoulders rolled inwards. My body basically tries to curl in a ball and hide. Pulling my shoulders back and having my chest out changes my energy, just like smiling when you aren’t happy sends a signal to your brain that makes it a little easier to change. The pain relief with EFT program has helped me immensely. Just changing your thinking about the pain releases some of it. Also accepting I am where I am (even though I don’t like it)

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Right. I’ve started adding this to some EF Tapping setup statements:

…and I accept this unwanted reality.

There’s something grounding about that for me.

This resonates with me. I’m becoming aware of chronic pain in my body and how it is connected to trapped emotions and traumas. Tapping has allowed me to start tuning in to these things without being scared of overwhelm. I struggle with blaming myself for the pain in my body. That’s what’s alive right now for me regarding this.


As @Jem noted in my post on 300 Steps, it is revealing to see how much pain there is in just being a baby! Just digestion and poops seem to have a LOT of discomfort… and then it passes (literally sometimes), and there’s a smile.

What did baby do that she should blame herself for such pain?

Makes me wonder, in that healing way, how much pain there is in “just” being alive and human.

P.S. SOOOOOOoooooo nice to have you here with us, @Dru!

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Welcome Dru,

I used to blame my myself too but even more so I blamed my body itself. I would get really mad at my body when I would try to go to a class and my stomach would twist itself in a knot so bad I felt like I couldn’t move. I felt like my body didn’t like me or something, not realizing it was my emotions trying to get my attention. I was very agoraphobic then and actually cursing my pain for not letting go. I understand it so much better after joining Thriving Now and tapping. Thank goodness I have different and healthier ways through. Just be with the pains, tap, listen and love them.