Our response to life is a decision we make

The Invitation: Be aware that our choice gives direction to our energy. Our “response” is to encourage and guide energy (emotions and awareness) in the direction of that choice.

The Resistance: Choice is made in a part of us that then wants to influence the rest. But there are parts of us, especially primal parts, that resist that. The content monkey? Does it get eaten more often than the vigilant ones?

The Practice: We might choose to be content, right here, right now. We feel the resistance come up. We calm the resistance and boost the feelings of confidence.

  • I am aware of my ecosystem.
  • I can be both content AND aware.
  • I choose this… to be content while I also grow into my evolving desires and thriving.

In the quote, I assert that the default reaction we have is a clue – a clue to where we’ve been and how those experiences “trained” us.

I also believe that our choices – for them to become our responses – require nourishment and encouragement. It’s incremental. And… the trend is our friend.

Your thoughts and experiences with this? I’d love to hear from you :heavy_heart_exclamation: