Midjourney - AI Art

What they show at this link changes… and I am intrigued by the possibility of generating images someday from the prompts for workshops and tapping rounds and seeing what rises from AI-processed artform prompts.

AI Prompted with: trail cam photo of fox wearing red-white-sequined-Christmas-sweater

AI Prompted with: Pixar style, a cute snow cat with a wool scarf and christmas colurful fairy lights,

AI Prompted with: mechanical heart, rich in detail, steampunk aesthetic, copper, glass, sequins, steel


Decided to get my own account for $10/month on midjourney.com. It’s geeky hard in some ways since it requires Discord to also work. Still… I mean, look at this otter! He’s got the Perfect Size cuppa coffee!

norman rockwell style, otter, smiling, drinking coffee, sitting at table by window, sunrise --test --creative

And his cousin…


That’s so cool and creative. Fascinating stuff here. I wonder how it works. Do you type something in to tell it what to create? Is it random? I signed up for one Ai but it only makes faces or super heroes. I haven’t tried it yet. Can you create any more pictures?

Want to give me a prompt and I’ll see what it comes up with?

There’s randomness, for sure, like an improv where it grabs different raw material and “riffs” on it. You can specify a style, like “classical” or “cartoon” or “Rembrandt” or mystical, etc. And then it gives 4 options and you can do variations on one of those or let it evolve the one you find most interesting.


My mystical journey with the angels has been rewarding.

First images:

I upscaled #2

Then had it make even more variations on it, just to show how it adapts:

Fun! Rewarding even!


Oh Rick I love, love, LOVE these angels. What fun and yes I would think very rewarding. May I copy and use these?

Yes! they are yours to use how you want…

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Thank you :hugs: :hugs:

More for you, Jean…

/imagine prompt:angels laughing and telling each other funny stories, mystical, glorious, blessings

And here are heavenly angels blessing a baby otter (or at least what the AI thinks that is!)

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These are totally awesome Rick, thank you. I love the laughing angels and the angels blessing the otters. What fun :heart:

I had no idea things like this existed. I did briefly see the end of a Dutch film last night which involved a woman taking part in an experiment with an Ai partner who was matched to her and designed to learn from her. It was pretty interesting to see and to explore the complexities, benefits and implications

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