Looking Forward Workshop

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Looking Forward Workshop!

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Hosts: Rick Wilkes (@Rick) and Cathy Vartuli (@Cathy)

Recorded Sun December 27, 2020

2021 is almost here… And many of us want the new year to be more connected, abundant, and less stressful than 2020. Setting intentions and knowing what we’d like to create is a powerful tool to creating the experiences we want to have and using our time in ways we value. We got Together on Zoom and did some deep prep work clarifying our intentions and want and actions we can take, to make 2021 meaningful to our hearts even if it is sometimes hard .

We’ll did EFT Tapping to quiet the noise and gain clarity. In breakout rooms (which you won’t see on the recording), we invite you to share here what you’re intending to anchor and define (if you choose). Here you can access ideas and encouragement that let you (and us all) express our Heartistry in 2021 and beyond.

We’d love to know what this brings up for you and anything you’d like to express or change in 2021. Feel free to hit reply and share that and the main thing you feel stands in your way of creating that.

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The replay is available now!

We’d love for you to share with us here!

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Listened in today , my resistance to feeling joy is intense ! I never realized that I was given in to feelings that were not allowing that joy into my life . I’m very fortunate to have everything I need to cultivate joy, yet my resistance was greater then my wants for this joy !
I feel that I can now resist my need to stay stuck ( because I feel safe )
And try new ways to find this elusive joy that I crave so badly!
Thanks, Rick and Cathy


~ Scott Adams

The experience of “couch lock” is one I sense many of us can relate to, where we’re really without the energy to get up off the couch and take action.

Microsteps might be a term you like better at times than “baby steps.” Wiggling a finger is definitely a microstep! I tried that earlier and… it worked!

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@Lourdes, what doesn’t feel SAFE about feeling Joy?

“If I allow myself to feel Joy, then… ____” (and no, it doesn’t have to be logical).

And this kind of insight can make a LIFELONG difference. We can notice and acknowledge when we allow a bit of joy in, and then another time a bit more.

When we put our awareness on anything (as mentioned in the session), it changes.

I’d be delighted to work with you on this on a circle call!

Thanks for sharing here!

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I mentioned Activation Energy in the workshop. For things that MATTER to us, if you’re not doing them at all, it’s a clue:

Reduce the difficulty or complexity of the action, so the activation energy required is much much less. A microstep.