Finding a way forward with resilience

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Resilience. When that word and its intention came into my practice, I started to change. Rather than trusting myself that I could “succeed” I started to feel a resilience in me… a growing capacity to be with what was showing up – even if unwanted, even if really hard.

The Real Skills Workshop on Stalled? is about this. Because, well, stalls are a part of life that call for resilience.

I have ideas that seem to burst forward with energy… and then stall. My energy changes. My perception deepens (or gets distracted). A night with little sleep means the more vibrant energy the idea calls for is not there to fuel something like a recording or video or words even.

I can hear some shoulder-to-the-grindstone coaches saying this is a cop-out.

But I decided a long time ago that resilience builds the self-trust I need – to act, to pause, to let go, to evolve. My shoulders just were not built for the grindstone.

I hope you’ll join us for the workshop.

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I tried all my life to keep pushing, pushing, pushing… Affirmation after toxic affirmation to get me out there. Pushing down the pain with no self trust. I am soooo very glad I connected with you so I could stop my pushing and learn who I am. I have more capacity now to see with what’s up and that “magic” word you brought up for me on a coaching call PAUSE has helped so much.

I am hopefully becoming more resilient. :upside_down_face: Even if some days I don’t feel like it. Thank you. :smiley: