Exploration and Trust

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I want to thank those of you who are actively “priming for trust” this space – as well as the circle sessions. Reading this quote I am reminded how rare it is for someone who is in leadership to get to explore, express an uncertainty, or wander.

I’ve read “too many” management books that talked about expressing your certainty and hiding your doubts. “People want decisive leaders, fearless!” Ugh. I don’t. Not really.

Or at least I don’t want leaders around who arrogantly assume they know what is best for everyone (including the company and all its stakeholders).

To me being calm and confident is different from being someone who delusionally denies uncertainty to push ahead to Victory!

Confidence says that uncertainties can be embraced. That there is trust already primed that allows for inclusion of perspectives and angles that are even incongruent with what the people in decision-making roles are espousing.

Thanks for being here, co-creating. To me we’re engaging in emotionally free ways that matter.


I love exploring new ways of thinking. I do not know what is right for anyone. A lot of times I don’t know what is right even for myself because I can be too stressed and anxious. I felt this way today on a call and you, Rick helped me see and think of new ways to approach what was bothering me. All of this exploring is so much better than telling someone how I feel and then either they dismiss it saying, “oh you’ll get over it, you think too much.” Or having someone immediately try to tell me what to do and how. I’ve experienced both and in those years when I didn’t know how to embrace uncertainties, I used to do that to people too.

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I like to feel that we’re co-creating new emotional language and technologies together… Thanks for engaging, Jean!


I love not having to pretend to have all the answers. I’m so much more calm and confident now that I am not in a job where I need to play expert. My leadership now is more about my powerful vulnerability.