Divine Filtering

Divine Filtering

Divine Filtering is when the clarity of our attitude, values, identity, and what most matters to us help to filter out those persons and experiences that are not right for us… and allow “in” those beings and opportunities that are a better fit and more harmonious to our essence.

The word divine acknowledges the human experience of being attuned to spiritual intelligence. This intelligence helps the flower turn to the sun and the fungus hide from the same sun. It permeates All That Is and is a co-creator with us all in our thriving. Divine Filtering as a lived concept makes us more aware of that support and feel for and accept when it comes into play – even when we don’t seem to get “who or what we want” in the moment.

  • We actively feel for the intelligence that is a part of crafting our thriving life (and helping us heal and survive, too).
  • It takes a lot of the burden of boundaries off our human shoulders to have more ease and flow.
  • There’s a sense of being deeply and profoundly supported. We notice in retrospect how our clarity about what is a YES for us filtered out people and jobs and places that would not be a match that would support our true thriving.
  • When we have to assert boundaries with word or action, we are clearer about what matters and what works for us – because we’ve felt it when it felt right – divine even. When more crude boundary enforcement is necessary, we can have more energy and oomph as needed.
  • When experiences and people and places are being divinely filtered IN, they have a feel to them and a synchronicity that catches our attention and even makes us laugh with pleasant surprise of it.

Love Relating and Fewer “Matches”

People who grew up with unclear and unsupported boundaries often reflect on how terrible their past relationships have been. When we’re unclear, triggered, and traumatized, divine filtering seems less active.

As a person heals, they gain more of a clear sense that they are a match for Safety, desire Respect for their Yes and their No, and want the Freedom to be and do what is more precious to them. Guess what? They become a match for fewer and fewer people.

This can be disorienting. If a person always got lots of attention in a bar, and now with healthy boundaries, balanced sobriety, and a desire to engage more deeply… they can be ignored in the places and by the people who used to have the “hots” for them. Surprise! Divine filtering in action.

Is it surprising if two depressed and anxious lovers are no longer a match when one becomes sunny and hopeful? Or if someone who found a kind of comfort in being told what to do now has their own clarity, intends to follow it, and poof… the formerly dominating person is filtered out?

As a concept for thriving, divine filtering for love and friendships calls us to be more mindfully aware. When we speak our truth, how does the other person respond? Do we feel like we’re closer, or is there now a distancing going on?

When we play with this, it can affirm relationships that can hold our emotional energy and our passion for life.

Sometimes… it’s hard, though. We may not “see” the “why” the relationship isn’t working, why the attraction isn’t shared, why the mutual desire is waning right at the point it “should” be getting stronger. Diving filtering offers a spiritual perspective – there may be more here than we’re aware of. Indeed, there almost certainly is.

When we choose to trust the unfolding (and letting go) that divine filtering invites, we’re gifted with a sense of both freedom and support for our well-being, always and all ways.

“Failed” Projects

In a culture that exalts accomplishments, having a failed project can be hard on our psyche. A series of “failures” can sap a person of their vitality and enthusiasm.

Divine filtering can be consciously activated to help with this. We can get clear on why this is important to us… and also how it serves others we hold dear. We can let go of the magical misconception that all projects started are meant to be finished, and all finished projects benefit us most through being a success – in acclaim or financially.

Those practicing emotional freedom and the awareness that comes with it can point to multiple examples of when project “failures” have served our long-term growth and thriving.

Regrets come up most when we become aware of how much we fought, flailed, and flung up our arms in frustration when, surprise, divine filtering was at work. We just were not yet skilled enough to discern it and trust it.

Failures come in many flavors:

  • Lack of needed skill
  • Depletion of resources (energy, money)
  • Absence of co-creative people
  • Timing (not ripe, or too late)

Divine filtering can help with all these. We can start noticing how a particular skill keeps catching our attention. We can notice how certain events get canceled “just when we needed to rest.” Did we pick up on that and… actually rest, so we’re less depleted? Certain people might light up for us… while others we thought would be ideal are weirdly “unreachable” or reject us. Synchronicity can support right timing and ripening, especially if we allow ourselves to ripen into the project rather than forcing it.

Yes, this is a unique way to view projects and their expression and flow. Divine filtering is different from being driven, pursuing what you want, and not letting anything or anyone stop you. It uses Awareness rather than aggression. It uses Acceptance rather than fighting or failing.

Divine filtering helps to Adapt to conditions with grace. It also benefits from Allowing, where we let the intelligences that are part of our essential nature to work and choose and yes, reject, that which is and is not a good fit for our thriving.

Useful Questions

  • What am I clear that I want in my life… that supports me physically, emotionally, and spiritually?
  • What am I willing to let be “filtered out” so that it stays more distant from me?
  • In this situation I’m in, how might divine filtering be active?
  • Am I resisting this person or situation being filtered out because I need to know WHY?!?! Can I accept the filtering even if the “why” is never revealed?
  • Where in my past life can I notice, in retrospect, that divine filtering played a role in my redirection, protection, or redeployment in a way that better served my thriving than what I specifically thought I wanted at the time?


  • Nature: In nature, we see how the same flower growing in one place thrives while in another place it struggles. We know how the ecosystem for all living things has a significant impact on the well-being of each part – and on the whole. As part of Nature, with a divine capacity to craft where we live, who we’re with, and the energy around us more than a dandelion or lion can, making divine filtering a practiced skill can help us nurture our essential nature.

  • Prayers: Many spiritual practices include asking the divine with clarity what we want and also beseeching for what we want to pass over us. Divine filtering can add to your prayers as you articulate more clearly what matters to you and how you want to express your heartistry for your benefit and others. Asking to be aware of divine support can help open the channel to knowing when divine filtering is actively present to support your well-being.

  • Unanswered Prayers: Yes, the more challenging aspect of divine filtering is when we do not get what we intend in the form (or person) we wanted. There’s even a song about it. It’s one of the reasons this concept can be reassuring – we practice noticing the benefits of divine filtering. Then when there’s a doubt, we can more easily allow the filtering even when it’s honestly painful.

If not this, then something even better.

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I really like this one a lot Rick!


Thank you, @Glenn – it was one of those that means SO MUCH to me, makes it vulnerable to put into words. Yet, divine filtering comes through and I see your comment and hearts on it, too :heavy_heart_exclamation: