Anchor Positive Moments

Coming Tue May 31 2022 at 830pm EDT / 530pm PDT


This sounds interesting. I would say I probably don’t do enough of this!!
That whole negativity bias at play and a challenging life, mean I’m often in a state of survival.
Sometimes I do remind myself of the positive qualities I’ve displayed facing xyz. Then, I feel astonished, that that is me, and that I have so many amazing qualities, strengths and positive attributes. This method also shows me what it takes to face situations and events etc, that I typically wouldn’t label as positive. When I see the personal qualities I’ve shown to face or handle that, this can help to turn it into a positive irrespective of the outcome.
I see the importance of making new choices for our brain and neuro plasticity- anchoring positive moments- would certainly be a powerful way to show my me/my brain I can cope and that there are other positives in my life too, as well as…
Thank you both for this :heartbeat:


I love your reflection here. Appreciate you! When we anchor such strengths and positive attributes, they feel to me like they are more accessible when it’s right to call upon them once again.