Affordable Housing

Holy Guacamole! I have an interview tomorrow for a possible apartment unit through affordable housing and am really nervous and uncertain. Asking for good vibes, prayers, send light & love my way please. Not sure if I’m currently making enough income to budget for everything, and also my mom is complaining that she does not want me to leave and how will she live alone, etc. - so there are lots of concerns.

But I would dearly love to have my own space to live (and for mom to be safe and for win/win solutions for us both).

Praying for Divine Uplift and to be carried along by grace in all these details.


Absolutely. My Housing Goddess joins you in this!


Thank you, Rick!


Well, I found out today I didn’t get the apartment :cry: (but they will keep my name on the waiting list for next time).


Allowing… Is It Ripe Yet?

I share this as a self-reminder mostly that situations ripen over time, in my experience, and if I ALLOW them (consciously, rather than fighting them to ripen sooner), life just seems to be… a lot less stressful!

That has especially (!) been true with my nests over my life. Especially.

Holding a Good Thought for you!


Thanks Rick. Yes, trying to be in this state of allowing. Need some time to process my disappointment too. But it makes sense and my own heart/spirit resonates with this.

Thank you for your good thoughts! :sparkling_heart: :rainbow: