What is… Allowing?

Allowing is where we are recognizing that an extended powerful pause gives time and space for a situation to unfold, ripen, and clarify. Allowing is a natural state of being where energy is consolidating and coalescing towards growth, further inspired action, redirection, or release.

See also: Powerful Pause, Inspired Action, Reperceive

Benefits of… Allowing

  • Allowing is natural, a part of every biological system.
  • Allowing helps us feel we’re a part of an intelligent, co-creative process.
  • When we’re in a state of allowing, our intentions and role become clearer… and we’re able to focus more on future actions that are ripe and ready.

Examples of… Allowing

Is it RIPE yet?

Farmers understand the lifecycle of preparation, planting, tending, allowing, and harvesting. Those of us who are more detached from the rhythms of nature because of our technological world often forget about… allowing growth and ripening.

The co-creative journey is not one of task A followed by task B followed by C-D-E-F-G. Yes, that can be forced, and in many work worlds they try to force it. But what happens? Projects fall behind schedule. The timelines are inhumane and so the humans doing them feel intense stress. Forced to push from their primitive brains, the work loses any connection to a person’s heartistry – what really matters.

Allowing a pause after an action is a natural act. We do, then pause. If we don’t, then we end up in the Do-Do Cycle where we end up struggling for hours and days to “make it happen” when it simply is not ripe yet.

As you live more of a thriving lifestyle, you’re likely to learn how to discern when a situation might have some “pressure” to get it done, yet it is not ripe. You learn how allowing it to ripen might at first feel strange. You might accuse yourself (and others) of procrastination, even!

Yet, when a situation ripens, the inspired action feels… natural. It feels like the next step – whether a baby step or big step.

By practicing allowing, we have noticed that there is greater ease, deliciousness, and confirmed Rightness in actions that flow after allowing the powerful pause – even if that pause is minutes or months long. Years even.

We invite you to ask yourself, “Is it ripe?” If it is not, let the green banana ripen before you peel and eat. You’ll probably enjoy it a lot more.

Calming Impatience

Allowing is a part of the natural cycle of life… of relationships, of our work, and of our dreams. Yet, we’re taught to PUSH.

Push forward! Drive to the finish!

Impatience often arises from such cultural attitudes. When we’re waiting, it’s judged as laziness or lack of decisiveness. Is it?

Once you embrace the state of allowing, you discern that before decisions, there is a healthy state of allowing clarity to come (like allowing a muddle pond to settle to become clear again after being stirred up). After an action, there’s a natural pause – for a moment, an hour, or even a month – to allow our effort to reverberate and inspire our next action (when it is ripe).

Impatience can also arise out of intense yearning. In a “go for it!” culture, as soon as we have a yearning we expect to be making it happen ASAP. NOW!

Allowing calms the impatience. We allow ourselves to yearn – even to feel the uncomfortable activation of our deeper and deeper desire. When we allow this, we’re bringing forth a devoted energy that is much more likely to get us through the disappointments and detours along the way to our yearning being met.

Impatience is not an empowered state of being. Allowing ourselves to be with whatever we’re feeling, then calming our body and mind, we also get to build confidence and the energy to activate ourselves towards inspired action.

Divine Timing

“To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.” – Ecclesiastes 3

Spiritual practices help us to feel for the season and the moment when nature and our state of being and the cooperative energies come together. It’s a felt sense. Natural.

Those of us who live in zones where there are 4 distinct seasons can feel the vibrancy of spring, the growth of summer, the harvest in fall, the contrast of winter.

Projects have seasons, too, although not always so clear. Relationships change through the day, the month, the seasons of the year, the segments of a lifetime.

Allowing as a practice helps us listen and feel for such rhythms. It becomes palpable when there’s alignment… and when there’s not the kind of sacred readiness we seek.

Yes, this kind of divine timing can apply to Big Things – like having a child or moving to a new location or writing a book.

It also applies, in our experience, to the mundane – when to shower, when to go for a walk or drive in the country… when to do accounting and when to nap.

Allowing helps us to become more fully Aware.

We invite you to share life examples where this concept has played a role.

Useful Questions

  • Is it ripe?
  • If this situation were a banana, what color would it be?
  • Can I allow myself to feel what I’m feeling right now, even if I’m impatient?
  • Am I pushing? Rushing?
  • Would my clarity benefit from allowing a little time and space?

What other questions come to mind for you? Please reply and share your wisdom.

Resources for… Allowing

We welcome links to audios, videos, books, and courses that add to our shared understanding of this concept. Memes and quotes are also welcome.

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