Your Angels Have a Message For You

We all have angels who love us and want to help us. Many times we don’t hear them or get our messages. So here is an opportunity to get a message. Ask for your special message and choose a face down angel card. You can choose all the cards if you want. Ok now take a calming breath and intuitively choose.

I picked the card on the left. Boy oh boy was it the perfect message for me.

Four of Air - Left card: Take a moment to visualize sitting with us (angels) face to face, brainstorming a perfect solution to your challenges. Keep pen and paper nearby so that you can write it down. Be prepared for additional messages to come in throughout the day (and weeks too).
Additional Meanings of the card - Taking it easy, making time for your spirituality, answered prayers. Getting away from it all. Taking a break even if it is only for a few days.

Seven of Water - middle card: We love sending you signs! However, it is still important for you to listen to your own guidance. Are you feeling challenged to make a choice because of other people’s wishes? Is there truly no option that makes your heart sing more than the others? If you listen closely, we think you’ll realize that deep down you know the right choice.
Additional Meanings of the card - Time to get focused. The need to release unhealthy choices. Unproductive daydreaming. Listen to your intuition. Are you taking the necessary time to choose wisely, or have you fallen into procrastination?

Two of Water - card on the right: Relationships can heal. We see it happen all the time. This is not the time to give up on love or that special friendship. We will help guide you through the process.
Additional Meanings of the card - Very close friendships. The end of conflict. An unexpected gift. A powerful connection. A relationship moves into a deeper, more meaningful phase. It may be romantic, or it could be a very close friendship. Feelings continue to grow, and the connections between those involved expands. This is a very powerful, spiritual connection. Wounds at this time will heal.


Seven of Water.

I haven’t written a new concept for thriving in… a long time. Yes, there are many things calling for my attention. This effort matters to me, and the card is a reminder to go back to core intentions. Thank you


I, too chose Seven of Water! The importance of listening to my own guidance and becoming focused are what resonated with me. Thank you, as always for these messages from our Angels!