You know that crazy heart of yours?


…the one you’ve been told not to trust…

Our heartistry is precious. One of the core values I have is to feel when others are in their heart path, even if their is a lot of cultural / family noise around it, and support their clarity.

I look at the times when I followed my heartistry, and the times I clearly was NOT. The times when I clearly was NOT ended up being painful and expensive – energy and money usually.

That doesn’t mean that I’ve followed my heart and it means I’ve avoided heartbreak! But at least the heartbreaks were not accompanied by that feeling I had not stayed true to myself.

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Oh yes , I once followed my heart ! It was not good . Now I think more with my brain ( unless I get highjack by my primate brain ) which happens often . I would like to trust my heart once again . This is one of my new goals !

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“Once I followed my heart. It was not good.”

That smells like trauma. Have you tapped on that specific experience? How intense does it feel now when you remember “that time I followed my heart… and it was not good.”

This also goes to resistance about Joy, wouldn’t you say? The heart for many feels like a Seat of Joy. So, if following the heart isn’t safe… yeah, no joy allowed either!

How does this feel to you? On the right track or something else coming aware for you?

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So hard to say! I rather not go there , not strong enough right now . My focus is living panic free and is a day by day job ! I tap on my anxiety daily and it’s my go to and it helps . My heart is guarded due to many child trauma . Maybe some day I can bring it out , not yet , I want to feel my now with a joyful heart and right now feels ok !


Thanks for taking care of yourself, @Lourdes! It’s good to know when conditions are right, and also when the focus can be on joy. There’s a pathway of the Simple Uplift, pleasure that nourishes body, mind, and spirit through noticing that which gives a gentle sweetness. I hope for many simple moments of joy for you in the years to come!

Happy New Year 2021!