Womb Healing for Trauma Release

Here’s the link to @Jem’s recent interview on The Radical Mother Village Podcast. :yin_yang::heart::yin_yang:


Christa says, “In this episode, I’m talking with Jem Minor all about womb healing and how it can be used to heal trauma, reconnect you to yourself and so much more.

If anyone has had the pleasure of talking with Jem, you already know that she’s a wealth of knowledge and generous in sharing it with others. This conversation was no exception.

Together, Jem and I discussed:

• The traumas Jem’s first birth brought up for her (TW: some of it includes sexual abuse).

• How womb healing work helped transform Jem’s experience of trauma with her son’s birth and the radically different experience she had giving birth to her daughter.

• Jem and I discuss how common a traumatic birth experience is and how underrecognized that event for a lot of women.

• Listening Partnerships and how they helped Jem connect the dots on her trauma patterns.

• Womb healing from a Chinese Medicine & Daoist perspective.

• Why it’s important to not only clear out stuck or stagnant energy but also replace it with intentional energy that we do want to exist in ourselves.

• Why we need to befriend our bodies and our wombs and use embodied healing for lasting change.”

You can find the episode on all major podcasts platforms or listen in here: