Which Real Skills matter to YOU right NOW? (Sharing)

The CALM & CONFIDENT is the #1 for me because my Type A personality is very amped up. I usually don’t take even small things calmly. I do have a lot of confidence, but I think it’s misplaced often or incorrectly done. I definitely am working to be calmer.

Had a major heart attack in Sep’19 and it was mostly due to stress and genetics. Can’t control genetics, but I can learn to control how I perceive and take action. I tend to get easily amped up and easily excitable about most anything (other words are easily triggered). I have this need to always be busy, so burn out or exhaustion are a part of this. And when I’m in a state of burn out or exhaustion, I can be more easily triggered and respond in unkind ways.

And, because I’m usually so very busy, I ignore or don’t have time to acknowledge my true feelings. So then I stuff them down and at some inopportune time, express them in unhealthy ways and then create unnecessary conflicts with those around. So my voting of the topics are based on this way of living for me. And, I no longer want to live this vicious, unhealthy, damaging cycle. It must stop and I must learn new ways to live life better.

The order of the Real Skills is really the order I need to go in, but however they are addressed, that is what will be good as well for me.


What an encouragement YOU are, Norene! Thank you! Jo :heart:

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