Where's My Joy?

A question I am practicing and “documenting” –

Where’s My Joy?

It invites me to notice. Here. Now. Or after an experience.

I write them into my Roam Research daily planner.


  • My nature is to notice contrast and seek to respond and improve. But, that can get out of balance.
  • Joy, like a simple uplift, says “this is part of thriving for me, and it’s HERE!!!”
  • The question seems to activate a “noticer” part of my being: “Oh! We’re to notice the joys!”
  • It acts as an antidote (often tho not always) to when I feel a bit grumpy and unsatisfied.

This is an evolution of Memories I used to record. I removed that after awhile because it felt like a “have to” – if I don’t record the memories, does that mean they were not important?

Emotional energy for me is weird like that. Something useful can fall out of favor… until it evolves again. My hope/sense is that “Hmmm, where is my joy?” can both open awareness and nourish my felt sense of thriving.

(Yeah, I can be thriving without feeling it. Same as I can be around people who love me and not feel connected or loved. Right now that makes me smile with how energy and awareness in me calls to be “crafted” and not just stay when it defaults.)

Love to you!