What Would Make This Moment Better?


Lovely, thanks Cathy. I had some yawns through the tapping, and paused at the phrase ‘I’m allowed to have a good time!’ As in it took me back slightly, as if there’s something I believe about the opposite of that. So there’s something there to explore.

Recently I walked past someone as they were stating to someone else, ‘Why shouldn’t I enjoy this lifestyle?’ in a rhetorical tone as if someone had said something like the opposite to her. It shone for me, felt like it was for me to hear, and has been on my mind. I’m aware I could enjoy living here so much more.

I’m having trouble keeping up routines (<— more tapping to do I see there) so I won’t say I will do the suggested tapping but I do think it would be a good idea. Will see what I can do to weave this into tapping somehow which somehow I hadn’t thought of exactly. (Thanks for that!) I see it’s knocking at my door which is nice :blush:


Thanks for your comment Kate that directed me here. I too fine this topic very poignant right now!

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