What would a Thriving Family be like for YOU?

If you haven’t had a chance to read what @Jem crafted about this space, I invite you to take a moment to do so. It sets the tone for what we’re wanting to co-create in this space in the community center:

Family is what you decide it is… and so is what it means to be Thriving…

By way of introduction, we invite you to share what matters for you in the We-Space of your family.

Share one thing… or share this week’s menu!

Embodying Love in We-Space

We live in Kind House. We call it that because it sets an emotional tone for all 4 of us who live here: Me (@Rick), @Jem, Emerald, and Adira. That doesn’t mean we’re always all ways kind. We’re human and we’re all growing.

KIND-heartedness in presence, listening, allowing, and action matters to us. We’re all healthier and happier with that a a shared intention. It helps to remember and it acts as a way to explain the essential reasons behind boundaries we have.

We-Space Living

The expression “we-space” has become dear to me, especially in any areas where I am co-creating… like here!

And yes, it is possible to have me-space living. I know of roommates who don’t share much of anything. Each have their own pots and pans, shelves in the refrigerator, storage in the pantry, separate bedrooms and bathrooms. While there is a “community space” like a living room, it isn’t the focus of their co-housing. They are not consciously, intentionally co-creating a we-space (by my felt definition).

It’s true that a We-Space isn’t the same as a Me-Space. A We-Space has shared values, and shared limits – even if dynamic. My boy if he had a me-space living room could use any of his noise making toys anytime he wanted! Woohoooo!

And, our living rooms are we-spaces. As such we want him to find time and space to live out his exuberant expressions (and we do). That just isn’t when the impact on our nervous system would be “too much.” We balance it, best we can, with adapting and flexing and being clear. We might wear earplugs at times (sooooo useful for auditory folks like me!).

There’s much more to explore here… which contributes to co-creating a space here where we as those focused on We-Space living in “family” and “kinship” can explore and cross pollinate.

Knowing that our home is intended to be Kind, and that we’re actively cultivating a We-Space that serves us ALL (with adapting, rather than sacrificing), changes the energy and evokes our creativity.

Embodying Love

What are we teaching our kids, really? Yes, language, vocabulary, math, logistics, hygiene, health…

I believe the essence of home ‘schooling’ is the embodied presence of love. And from that love, we grow in the Real Skills… the skills that matter if we want ourselves and our kids and kin to live a thriving life.

Real skills are emotional, energetic… they go beyond rote learning and logistics. They go toward Clarity, Calm, Confidence, and more.

When we embody love, especially in a we-space, it’s fertile ground for thriving. Not guaranteed… “just” filled with the nutrients and groundedness where a thriving life can take root and grow strong and fruitful.

Thanks for listening! I’m so excited to hear what this evokes in you and what matters to you in your thriving family life, too!! Just click [Reply]. :smile_cat:

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It feels like exchange of warmth and be there for each other.


I have always had a Me-Space. I HAD to. The rest of the house felt like His-Space. I didn’t know about We-Space until just recently. I tried it a couple of times and he seemed to like it but it was soon forgotten. As I am learning I am practicing being kinder and it helps my emotional self. Sometimes I might point out we are having a We-Space and sometimes it just feels like it takes too much energy.

It’s not that he is selfish or anything, it is the way we were raised. (1940/1950) I was raised to be a good wife and not “rock the boat”. I did this for over 60 years. He was raised to expect his wife to be what wives were supposed to do. I think about We-Space more and it sounds lovely.


It seems most of the emotional labor and tending to the we-space has been Her job. I’m glad that’s changing in some homes and families now. Your enthusiasm even though your partner isn’t attuned to it reminds us of the value of transitioning home culture… and establishing a new family culture that is we-space savvy and as safe, respectful, and free as we can imagine! (Even if we can’t always yet embody it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:)

Thanks @Angelsloveyou!

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I really want to respond to this, but it’s one of those areas where I draw a blank. Dammit.

Mmmm, I get that. You’ve shared elsewhere about how being punished for laughing… well, hard to be clear what it might look like with that kind of de-inspiration.

I like to start from a place of “Kinship” and “Heart Family” – meaning, experiences where there is some connection happening that feels like its “right” in its own unique way.

  • Playing with kids in “their world” (invited in and getting to enjoy the ways they experience life and imagination fresh).
  • Laughter and tears welcome? For me that’s a big one for a thriving kinship.
  • Able to be vulnerable? I mean, you do that really well! Sharing that you draw a blank is the kind of courageous vulnerability that makes me feel “heart family!!”

How does that feel?

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Kind. Loving. Generous. Welcoming.

I could get used to this. :heart_eyes: