What I'm Entitled To

I’m curious as to how people respond to this meme…do you feel resistance to this idea?..do you feel repelled by it?..do you sort of believe it but also think it’s not really true?..do you out and out feel it is false?

I’m inclined to feel a strong ‘Yes’ with what it declares but there is a part of me that resists it a bit…that feels that there are examples where this isn’t or shouldn’t be true…and I’m not entirely sure why.

Also what comes up for me is the idea of a list that names 'all the things that I owe myself’…that feels more reasonable and Thriving to me than ‘what the world owes me’…



  1. having a right to certain benefits or privileges

  2. feeling that you have the right to do or have what you want without having to work for it or deserve it, just because of who you are

I had to look up the definitions, and there’s definitely a mixed energy.

“Just because of who you are” == could mean as simply as a Human. I am human, and humans have as an innate benefit certain things they “get” and can “have” without having to work for it or do something to deserve it.

Kings and Queens have asserted their privilege as “royalty” to their entitlements. And of course in hierarchies, entitlements are a big BIG deal.

What about in circles? In ecosystems? Am I entitled to healthcare because I am human? But what about the people who provide those services… am I entitled to even an hour of their life being spent tending to me just because I am human and they “chose” that career?

Am I entitled to someone to listen to me, show me compassion and understanding? What if I treat the person listening poorly, accusing them of not understanding my pain? What if they need to poop and I need to talk? Am I entitled to them being there for me? Even if they are my Mom?!??!

What I feel, at least this early morning, is that we are better served starting from a clean piece of paper. We’re entitled to nothing. There’s nothing inherently that is a right, benefit, or privilege.

EVERYTHING we have is worked for, by us or someone(s).

I am not entitled to eat. And… we live in a body that requires eating, and we live in cultures where that need is met by those who…

(a) Want to support their own needs by providing for the needs of others
(b) Feel that their lives and the world is made better when people have enough to eat without needing to starve or take food from others.
(c) Organized humans arise to meet the need to eat, and fund those needs where the systems use money to make it easier for people to get the food they need.

We NEED to eat (just like the leopard does). We’re not ENTITLED to eat. I appreciate that we’re in a world that however imperfectly and unevenly seeks to meet that need to eat and not just live in a dog-eat-dog world.

We’re not there yet, but I do want to see a world where wondrous, nutritious food is so readily available that deprivation becomes “not a thing.” Technology can help. Heartistry, too. Engineering. And yes, political change.

Entitlement though feels like the “wrong/off” perspective to build on. So, too, the “right” to something. Why? Because when you tell someone they have a “right” to something that requires the Life of others, there is a quality of taking and precedence over the freedom of others at work.

Food isn’t the only need we have, even though it is quite tangible and urgent for survival. We also need (many of us) Touch. Quality time with others. Healing. Fun! Safety. Resources.

That is why the Stewardship model, to me, is better than asserting “entitlements.” Within an ecosystem every single organism can make a contribution to the stewardship of today and the decades to come.


This reply may not make any sense but your meme activated quite a few emotions when I read it. First I do like the picture. I love yellow writing pads especially those that open from the bottom. I don’t like the word entitled. But what about what I deserve? Because I’m human? Because I’m a good person? Of course those are old beliefs or are they? As an elder am I entitled to more respect? No. How about deserving? No. I think I’m going to use the yellow pad and draw on it. Or write about gratitude. Maybe I’ll just fill it with rants and cuss words. Or maybe I’ll eat a cookie.