What If No One Shows Up?

I remember back when I was starting the Thriving Now Circles (which at the time were called the Team). A group call was scheduled, I showed up, and no one else did. Zip. Zero. Nada. Silence.

As I waited on the teleconference bridge all those years ago…

I did what I could… while I waited to see if anyone would show up

  • I meditated.
  • I stayed With+In my body (best I could).
  • I prayed.
  • I got flooded with doubts. :wink:
  • I tapped for being scared no one would EVER SHOW UP AGAIN!
  • I felt better after the EFT Tapping
  • I recorded anyway and did some tapping on what was coming up for me.

I can’t find that specific recording right now in the archive (there are over 1000 there). But I remember the feeling, and echoes of it are being felt in me today.

What I can tell you is that right here, right now, as I prepare to open this Community Center, I don’t KNOW who will show up. Or whether they will stay. Or whether it will over time serve the intentions I have for our We-Space here Together.

And it brings me back to what I know to be true for me NOW…

  • I am so glad YOU are here… with me in these words, this moment. You showed up! Woohoo! :clap:
  • I am deeply grateful to feel spiritually supported in this work.
  • This engagement feels important in my core.
  • This feels worthy of my life force… even though it is hard.
  • I am devoted to being courageous on behalf of Emotional Freedom for All. This fits that devotion.
  • Virtual community building is an aspect of my Heartistry for sure.

The Power WITH We Can Get From Community

It has been a “calling” of mine to connect geographically dispersed people through technology since I was 14. My first software (written in BASIC) was for building a way to connect all my fellow computer programming students across Fairfax County, Virginia high schools. My co-creators and I wrote the first community software for HP minicomputers ever (SCOM). And we had hundreds of students using it from 21 high schools (and sometimes crashing the system - oops!).

When the TRS-80 microcomputer came out, I co-wrote more BASIC and Z80 assembly language software to answer modem calls from around the world to connect people. I spent $800 for a modem and $3200 for a computer (about $16,000 in today’s dollars) and $40/month for a dedicated “data quality” phone line. It thrilled me to see people login and write and share what they were learning, help answer their questions, and to feel the shared support.

Later I moved to CompuServe to support WordPerfect (which I was writing a newsletter about called The WordPerfectionist). I helped support and co-create software called TAPCIS that made using the $12.50 per HOUR CompuServe forums and email actually cost effective–quite a feat at the time. We also made it possible for people with blindness to use their screen readers without paying per minute (5000+ vision-impaired people used our software for free). At one point our forums had 55 volunteer moderators across the globe serving a community of over 250,000 people - pre-Internet.

  • I didn’t do it alone. Together is always better for me.
  • Community matters when we’re learning, growing, exploring.

In the gap between CompuServe and Facebook, I was focused elsewhere. And I really and truly missed engaging with community (which has always meant to me kindred spirits wherever they chose to live on the planet).

Facebook arrived for me in 2007-ish. It connected me with my local Zumba community in Morgantown, WV (home of West Virginia University where I often danced). It was so much better than nothing!

And yet, as I think most of us who use Facebook can attest, it is a mixed experience on its best days. While I am a member of 50 different groups on Facebook, I rarely have much of a sense of depth of connection and real belonging on Facebook.

Which Brings Us Here… NOW

First, thank you for reading (or skimming :heart_decoration: ) this far. I know you have many things calling for your attention. I appreciate your engagement right now.

Next, my intention for this Community Center is that it meet some of the needs that so many of us who are emotionally sensitive and empathetic share:

  • A sense of Safety and shared Respect for our unique and intimate ways of experiencing the world.

  • An inclusive sense of Belonging.

  • A place where Laughter and Tears are Welcome.

  • A We-Space that we can cultivate, where our individual and shared contributions add to and enhance the experience for All.

  • A place where we’re actively encouraging and supporting each other’s Heartistry… however that expresses itself.

Your Heartistry Matters

This morning, with the cold rain coming down at my family’s home in Asheville, North Carolina… I send out this energetic message - in words and prayer.

Your Heartistry Matters - and if you’re here reading this I invite you to feel into whether this community is a place where you might find support in engaging and expressing your gifts. If so, do click the Sign Up button and join.

It’s free to join and you’re always free to leave. We Love Freedom of choice.

You see, writing this right now, I did not know that YOU would show up, that YOU would read this, and that YOU would consider adding to this specific community in some way(s) that feel like a YES to you.

Perhaps that is always true of The Art in Our Heart - our Heartistry. We don’t know if or when or who will accept and appreciate it.

And we do it anyways (at least when we heal the trauma’s enough to unfreeze and move forward).

Because our heartistry matters.

So… Thank you. And if this evokes words and thoughts and feelings in you that you’re willing to share… please do reply. I’m looking forward to getting to know you.

Love, @Rick



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I am really grateful for this because I don’t use facebook and haven’t for years. I know there’s a thrivingnow facebook group but I don’t use it. I’m hoping this will allow me to connect with more people who are interested in healing.


I have used Facebook for years, and I’ve tried and tried to make a group work in an effective way. Failed.

Right now, I am grateful to the failure. Because Facebook is so big and a focus of so much of people’s attention, there’s a tendency to “want to make it work.” I did want to make it work.

Yet, I was able to be notified that you replied and quickly compose something other than a “like”. You and I get to engage a little. And your choice of a nickname @StrongPotato7 means that you can be here without being tied as we would on Facebook to our given name.

Exactly. If there are people you’d like to invite, please do! If there are other places you feel drawn to share https://www.thrivingnow.center/ please do. Circle membership is not required (and I do so appreciate you are a Circle Member as indicated by the circled person in green next to your teal S).

Thanks for showing up! ~ @Rick

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Okay, so I admit to skimming. :smiley:

That said, I read every word of the first two bold sections. My heart broke a little bit, visualizing you waiting for people to show up, and having that not happen. Clearly, it has changed since then!

I feel so at home in this community. What an amazing group of people. As someone who has very little family, and none close by, all of you help me get through a lot of days when I’m not sure how I would otherwise.


Thank you for that, Margo. My heart goes out to Younger Me who really didn’t have support by my wife (long since ex-wife now) for switching careers and doing this work. I’m both glad I thought initially it would be easier… and also that I endured all the challenges and continue to.

And thriving is so rich when we’re connected like this… and thank you for joining us here. Feels like the Center Circle is coming together.



I feel that way too Rick. I’m so pleased that you have created this space for all of us. We are a wonderful little community and you have set the emotional tone of it so nicely. Thank you. :slight_smile:


I want to share this badge I just got from the center software:

I’m grateful for the ways I’ve consistently showed up for what matters to my heart these past 100 days, and that Dear Beings have joined in. THANK YOU and may we all be Thriving in the Now, always and all ways :heavy_heart_exclamation:


I’m quite appreciative to see attempts (Thriving Now, but also elsewhere) by folks to start communities and make connections outside of the spaces of existing corporate social media. Not only because I’m not on Facebook, but because these spaces are much more intentional/genuine/caring.


Thanks @Rach… I feel seen and acknowledged by your words of the intention here… co-creating spaces that are more

  • Intentional
  • Genuine
  • Caring

…and to do that where we as a community have more influence over the space. It’s OUR community center, not a corporate social center driven by advertising.

Great to have you with us! ~Rick