Weight Issues + Cravings

Last night’s 2.5 hour workshop by Carol Look and Peta Stapleton is worth finding time for if weight issues or cravings/binging behaviors of any kind are a part of your emotional world.

View the session here. (Available until Monday.)

If you know me, you know I really do not care at all about your weight or size. It’s not what matters to me. Period. While this is a “weight loss webinar” they had, the truth is more bald:

We as humans suppress painful emotions of anxiety, grief, and shame. Food is one way we do that. For some that adds up to more weight on the scale. But for all of us, it’s more heaviness in our emotional bodies.

Our underlying emotional well-being is what matters to me.

I was a scrawny kid. Different. I could eat anything I wanted.

But if you researched me then (as Peta has done with study participants and reports on her research in this session), you’d have seen that my cravings were tied to intense emotional states of anxiety, grief, and yes… shame.

I didn’t fit in, I knew it, and I didn’t know how to deal with those feelings.

During the session I flashed to a young version of me who would walk all the way to 7-Eleven to spend my entire allowance plus what I earned shoveling snow and delivering papers on Reeses peanut butter cups. I’d almost always have finished them off – a huge bag full! – by the time I got home.

Was I really in better emotional shape in that behavior back then just because I didn’t gain any weight? Uhh, no. I was just saved from being called fatso like my brother was.

I don’t actually want anyone to “lose weight.” I want us all to be able to USE our stored energy – including fat stores – to do and be in this world in ways that nourish our hearts and make our community better! Lose? No… I want us to thrive!

But we’ve been conditioned to think of weight as something to lose. You will notice that in 2.5 hours neither Carol nor Peta focused on how much “better” anyone will feel when they get to their “target weight.” Because that’s a lie. And Carol and Peta are direct, honest, and effective.

  • It’s not about the food.
  • It’s not about the “weight.”
  • It’s about the emotions we suppress and cannot be with that overwhelm us.

So yes, I benefitted from so many of the tapping rounds. I believe almost everyone would.

And… if you struggle with not liking (hating?) your weight or the way cravings take you over, this session holds such potential to open up your energy and direct it towards acceptance and healing.

Tap along here.

I’d love to hear back from you if you do what ah-ha’s come to you. Click reply and let me know.

Here’s to a world where we all feel more free to accept where we are and USE our energy for what matters NOW.

With Love,
Your Emotional Freedom Coach

P.S. Adira says, “Notice how happy I can be! I love what my healthy and fat arms can do!”