We All Do it ❗️

Saw this on Facebook and sort of laughed. I don’t know about you but I’ve sure beaten myself up a lot. With tapping, meditation, asking myself how do I want to feel, talking and listening to my angels and spirit guides beating myself up is lessening.

What’s your experience if you want to share?


I have beaten myself up for not painting as much as I should . I mean, if I call myself an artist (which took decades for me to do), shouldn’t I be painting!?!? I have been easier on myself lately though given the year that I have had. I have realized the same creativity/heartistry that I have used in painting, I am using in creating my home and garden here on Oahu.


Absolutely Norene, you have done so much in the past year with all you did by selling your house and everything that goes with this, moving, setting up a new place to live. That is so very creative, all of it! You are an artist in many ways. Creativity and heartistry is about communication too. I feel it applies to almost everything including the way we think. :heart:


Mahalo Jean ~ Your words are always so supportive and encouraging! :heart:


Thank you Norene, I’m smiling all over myself :heart:

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Your smiles made me smile!!