Types of Rest

Here are the 8 types of rest and brief descriptions:

  1. Mental rest: Giving your mind a break from constant thinking and worrying. The article suggests mindfulness and meditation.

  2. Emotional rest: Taking time to process emotions and not bottle things up. The article suggests talking to friends or journaling.

  3. Physical rest: Giving your body a break through sleep, massage, stretching etc. The article suggests trying yoga or prioritizing sleep.

  4. Nutritional rest: Eating nourishing foods and staying hydrated. The article suggests meal planning and drinking more water.

  5. Sensory rest: Give your senses a break by avoiding overstimulation. The article suggests limiting screen time.

  6. Creative rest: Tap into your creative side through art, music etc. The article suggests crafting or playing an instrument.

  7. Social rest: Make time for fun with friends and family. The article suggests planning a games night.

  8. Spiritual rest: Connect with something greater than yourself. The article suggests spending time in nature or praying/meditating.

The key point is that rest encompasses more than just sleep - it involves nurturing all aspects of yourself. The article argues that small daily habits in each of these areas can help reduce stress and increase calm.