Tuning into the Energy Around You - Releasing Blocks and Resistance

 Real Skills Workshop - Community Event

RS 2024-01-21 Energy

Tuning into the Energy Around You - Releasing Blocks and Resistance

Real Skills Workshop: Energy & Vitality

Hosts: Rick Wilkes (@Rick) and Cathy Vartuli (@Cathy)

Recorded Sun Jan 21 2024

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**Different vibes are always all around us and in us. How do we benefit from the positive vibes? **

Real Skills Workshop

I walked into a coffee shop. I happen to love coffee! You?

Immediately, my sensors picked up ALL kinds of vibes. Are you sensitive like that, too?

In any place, there are vibes that are “threats.” What is THAT sound?!? What’s up with THAT person?!?

For our very survival, vibes that are “different” make us initially uncomfortable – it’s why it’s called being out of our “comfort” zone. It means the primitive brain is doing what it was DESIGNED to do.

And… people are stressed!

Like me before my morning coffee. Like the person coping with pain. Or the person uncertain about losing their job.

All these vibes we are going to sense, consciously or otherwise, if we are at all empathetic and sensitive.

The skill – and it is a skill – is to practice being aware of those, discerning anything you need to adapt to, and then… allowing your sensors to pick up on the good vibes, TOO.

ALSO the good vibes!

Because in the coffee shop there are people who just took their first sip and are soooooo happy. The pastry that other person came across town is fresh and yummy. The room is warm on a cold day. The coffee master is in their heartistry, crafting just the right amount of crema for a favorite customer.

Smells are vibes. Tastes are vibes. Emotions are vibes. Rooms have a vibe, and the vibe of some spots in the shop will appeal to you more than others…

But we don’t “feel” for our YES if our sensors are tuned only to what is not a yes for us, or might theoretically be a “threat.”

Would you like to use your super sensors in ways that nourish you more? Then let’s explore and practice together!

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A Real Skills Workshop for: Energy & Vitality

When: Sun Jan 21 2024 at 5pm EST / 2pm PST (90 mins with a 7 min break)

Where: Zoom

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Hosts: Rick Wilkes ~ Thriving Now and Cathy Vartuli ~ The Intimacy Dojo

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P.S. Adira says, “Can you sense the angels despite the bitter cold? Some wear purple and a mask…”

To live we must tap into Energy. Good thing it is all around us… and in us. If only we could release the resistance…

Real Skills Workshop

It’s cold in the house this morning. 55 degrees F. The ol’ heat pump even with auxiliary heat could not keep up.

Yet, there IS heat here. Compared to outside where it was 7 degrees, the house is quite toasty. There’s also protection energy from walls and windows. There’s support for my well-being from clothes and blankets.

Inside me, a fire burns. How do I know? Because my body is warmer than the house! A moment of focusing on that Truth, that a fire burns within each cell of me and in my core… helps me feel warmer.

Of course, I could focus on the issue with the furnace. Or, fixate on how I want it to be warmer than it is. Indeed, even to ALLOW my focus to INCLUDE the warmth that is and the fire within means overcoming resistance.

Parts of me are always more obsessed with threats than benefits.

If it wasn’t for meditation and EFT Tapping, I think by this point in my life I’d be a crusty, worried old grump.

Gratefully, I learned to tap into the fire within, the calm within, and the love inside and out.

Blocks and resistance are not inherently bad for our health. Letting them run the show is. So, we’ll be exploring ENERGY – the stuff we’re made of and run on and thrive with.

We’ll re-tune our awarenesses. Tap into sources of emotional energy inside and outside of us, and remind ourselves that we are both a Oneness… and a co-creation of parts working together. Cathy and I hope you’ll join us!

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A Real Skills Workshop for: Energy & Vitality

P.S. Adira says, “It’s AMAZING! I can be both warm and happy AND freezing cold at the same time!”

Tuning into the Energy Around You - Releasing Blocks and Resistance - Session Replay

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We covered…

  1. Be Aware of Energy Sensitivity: Recognize the various energies and vibrations around you to enrich your experiences.
  2. Acknowledge Diverse Energy Perceptions: Accept that everyone experiences energy differently, and this diversity is valuable.
  3. View Emotions as Energies in Motion: Shift your perspective to see emotions as dynamic energies, changing how you interact with your feelings.
  4. Tune into Subtle Energies: Pay attention to the subtle energies in your environment and within yourself for deeper insights.
  5. Use Intention to Guide Energy: Direct the energy around and within you with your intentions for a sense of empowered influence.
  6. Practice Energy Healing: Explore energy healing methods, such as directed healing intentions and EFT Tapping, for physical and emotional benefits.
  7. Identify and Release Blocks: Notice your personal energy blocks and learn techniques to release them for better flow and health.
  8. Filter Energies for Emotional Balance: Learn to filter overwhelming energies to maintain your emotional balance, especially if you’re sensitive.
  9. Manage Energy Overload: Develop strategies like grounding or setting boundaries to handle overwhelming energy situations.
  10. Explore Energy with Different Senses: Discover how energy can be perceived through sight, hearing, taste, and your personal “extra senses.”
  11. Integrate Energy Awareness Daily: Incorporate awareness of energy into daily activities to enhance your emotional freedom.
  12. Experiment with Energy: Engage in personal experimentation with energy work to find what uniquely works for you.

Resources Mentioned

  1. Free EFT Tapping Guide

  2. Thriving Now Emotional Freedom Circle

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Tuning into the Energy Around You - Releasing Blocks and Resistance

[00:00:00] Tuning into the energy around you, releasing blocks and resistance.

[00:00:05] I’m Rick from Thriving Now and we are energy and we’re surrounded by energy. That’s the stuff we’re made of and it can take physical form but there’s also vibrations all around us. We know that from seeing things, we’re seeing vibrations, we’re seeing energy and our brain translates that into colors of different parts of the spectrum but we don’t even see all of that.

[00:00:29] And for those of us that are energetically sensitive, guess what? We probably pick up on a lot of vibes, sort of like there are creatures that see a different spectrum. They see the world differently than we do. And for me, I know that my sensors are not just, I eat and sound and touch and taste and smell.

[00:00:51] There’s more to it. And the more that we tune into that, the. The more interesting that life and thriving can become, and I am delighted that someone that I am very energetically connected to, even though we are many thousands of miles apart, uh, Cathy Vartuli from the Intimacy Dojo and Thriving Now, Is going to be exploring this together because she’s been my cohort, tuning into energy and the energy of groups and the energy of places and the energy of animals and the energy of friends and coworkers and businesses and all of that.

[00:01:28] And, Cathy, would you. Introduce this to us. Rick and I have been talking about energy since I’ve met him and he was talking about it before me, he was the first person that I really met and resonated with that talked about energy in a very practical way that just resonated with me.

[00:01:44] One thing I’d like to invite you if we share something that doesn’t resonate for you. See if you’ll see if there might be something you’re blocking or whatever, but we’re not ever telling you that you should see it the way we do. or experience it the way we do. Everybody feels it and experiences it differently.

[00:02:01] Um, and I think just being here and hearing people talk about it opens our awareness up because we live in a world where people don’t talk about energy very much. That we might say that person is very vivacious or vital, but we don’t talk about energy. We pretend there’s the The physical, the world, you know, there’s the physical world and intellectual.

[00:02:21] There’s nothing else in between. And without the energy, I always felt very imbalanced. I lived very much in my head and having Rick helped me tune into my energy and more how it flowed in my body and my mind and how it flew around me. It just really gave me a whole new aspect of life to explore and to be with.

[00:02:41] And Rick and I have done energy healing for each other across thousands of miles. Like, Oh, you have a headache. I feel like maybe some spring rain might be good. Or like, can I flow this energy for you? And I can experience it when he does it for me. And he’s experienced it. He’s reported experiencing it when I’ve, I’ve offered energy to him.

[00:03:00] And I think. Probably if you’re here, you’ve probably felt some energy or had experiences. And I think we can always open up a little bit more. There are always, it’s, I think of it as like healing helix where, Oh, I think I’ve got it down now I’ve got it. And then a year later, I’m like, Oh, I thought I knew, but there’s a lot more there.

[00:03:19] And I’m kind of wondering if the, you know, we do that our whole lives, like. Oh, there’s something more I can discover. And the more I love crowdsourcing, like here as a group, whichever you put in the chat, or if you choose to raise your hand and share on the video, you’re helping us all see different aspects and see different ways.

[00:03:37] And I never thought of it that way. And I just love that for each of us because energy can add so much joy and flow to life. And, you know, I want that. I want more people to have that abundance. It’s right there. We’re just not taught to see it or experience it. So we want to help you open up to that in ways that feel good to you.

[00:03:59] Thank you. I remember hearing that emotion is energy in motion as a definition. And I was like, Oh, yeah. And I think when We attune to emotion as sensation of energy moving. It is different than labeling it. We label it for convenience for ourselves and others, but like. Last night I had finished a project and I said out loud, you’re really down.

[00:04:40] And because we’re teaching, we were going to have this workshop. I started feeling for what’s actually happening to my energy. If you imagine that you’re working and you’re, you’re working to accomplish something, there’s a certain vibe to it, right? It’s a bit like running the engine. And then when you get home, you turn off the car.

[00:05:04] The car is now very depressed. Really? No, you just Turned it off because the, that vehicle isn’t needed to be running the same way. And because we’re a living organism, when I turn off the part of me, which is analytical and focused and the like. There’s a, there’s a change in my energy. I put away my computer that changed the energy around me.

[00:05:36] That makes sense. Instead of like right now, there’s a vibe I’m getting not only the vibe from this device, which is a big part of my life, but from Cathy and I see some faces across the way, Hey, um, and I’m getting a vibe. Now, if I were to close this computer, the vibe would change. I want to invite that if you have emotional states that you kind of label a certain way, Oh, I’m really depressed.

[00:06:09] I’m really down. I’m really anxious to allow yourself to feel for the, for the energy. Like, what is happening actually to your energy? So yesterday when I was, I was really feeling down, I was actually settling. You know, like, Oh, there was a feeling of coming down, like the energy was coming down. But it’s a bit like if you swirled the sand in a glass and then you watch the sand come down.

[00:06:45] It was about like that. There were some things that were clearing. While I was settling and, um, for most people, we’re, we’re never invited to tune into our experience at that kind of level. And I love that we’re weird and that we’re doing that. And many of us have, have been doing that. And by tuning into that energy around us and in us, one of the things that I also want to have in our awareness is that, um,

[00:07:27] The sensations that we have in our body, they’re often very loud ones. I touched on that, um, this morning in, um, the email that went out. Oftentimes we can have a sensation that’s loud. It’s loud because maybe our primitive brain is picking it up as a discomfort or a pain or a threat or something. That’s almost never the totality of us.

[00:07:55] And as I’ve been shifting over the years from saying, like, I am so tired. I can say something like my eyes are wanting to be closed and have a rest and a reset. Now notice, if you ever say like, Oh, I’m so tired. Do you notice that your whole body starts going along? Oh, that we’re, we’re tired. Okay. And that like, Oh, I’m so tired.

[00:08:24] Like my shoulders immediately respond with. Being tired. My shoulders are not actually tired right now. They’re I’m I feel great being here. Um, so that’s the other part of it is I woke up really stiff and cold. It was 55 degrees. And again, part of this practice, the skill part of a real skills workshop is, Hey Rick, are you like stiff all over?

[00:08:50] Or so the energy in my back, you could describe it as stiff, but if you, if, if you went a little deeper, what’s going on, there was protection. There was, Hey. We’ve been lying down. We were deeply in sleep. We’re getting up and my body was saying, take it slow. And what was interesting is when I realized that I could feel my legs were being very supportive, like able to walk more gently.

[00:09:28] So my, my low back and, and hips and everything else, I sat a lot yesterday doing this project. And. My, my body was saying, Hey, parts of us are alive, awake, looking forward to going down. There’s coffee. Um, And other parts of me were like, tender, warm up. What I, by tuning in at that level, what I noticed is that my arms were said, hey, lean against something and let us take just some of the gravity off of the low back.

[00:10:05] And just a little bit of unwinding, and I felt this swirl of energy and aliveness and the relief combined with awakening. Like, oh! Relief? Yeah, it needed relief. Those muscles were, and the tissue there was needing some gentle movement, but also an, an enlivening. But if I had stayed stuck a lot of my early life, I would, I would have just said, Oh guys, I, Oh, my back hurts or I’m so stiff.

[00:10:41] That’s such an incomplete picture. Um, It’s like being in a, a, a beautiful, um, garden and noticing the dog poop. There is dog poop. I’m not arguing that there isn’t dog poop. You probably don’t want to step in it either. Like it’s really useful to be, Oh, somebody didn’t clean up after a Fido. Um, and there’s flowers.

[00:11:09] It’s not just the scent of dog poop. It is flowers too. And whether it’s in your body or in your environment, being aware that there’s almost never a devoid of. I have not been able to find a place where it’s devoid of some kind of nourishing energy or a time when even at my, where my physical pain was at a 10, that there weren’t parts of me which had compassion and um, softness that weren’t actually in pain.

[00:11:45] And That skill of awareness, um, changes everything in my, in my experience of living. I think a lot of times we’ll, I used to try to force myself forward, intellectually deciding on what I needed versus tuning into the energy and following those baby steps forward. And. I mean, sometimes it worked. I was able to force myself into certain get through things, but it was never, I never felt in the flow with it.

[00:12:15] There wasn’t that satisfaction and fulfillment that I experienced when I slow down and say, what is right for me right now? What’s the next step? Um, I felt more as I tune more and more into energy, I feel more in step with other people and other events that feel right for me. Um, I also felt drawn to share, like, I imagine most of you know this, but I, I think hearing this again helps with the helix that all things have an energy to them.

[00:12:42] We may be more or less sensitive to, like, I’m very sensitive to trees, like I can, I, for some reason, and I don’t know why. You know, just like some people like bright lights, some people don’t, some people can hear certain music and remember it. We’re all different things we’re tuned into, but all things have energy.

[00:13:00] Um, and like, you know, I love crystals. So I have some around because they helped me tune into particular energies really quickly and different people, people have energies and the same person could have somewhat different energy if they’re in a good mood or a bad mood, if they’re undernourished or fulfilled.

[00:13:18] So we’re constantly getting information around us in ways that are not the five senses that we were taught to look at. Um, I think our brains also will tune us in. Um, some people talk about hearing energy. They hear the guidance. I don’t often get that, um, unless it’s really, really important or I’m do, I do ketamine for, um, anxiety and depression and I often will hear things then, but I get visuals.

[00:13:46] So I will get, like, a picture of a closed door if I’m not supposed to go somewhere. Or, or I taste things. I taste things a lot. So energy can be, we can perceive it in different ways, and our brain, our subconscious will try to cue us in different ways. And I think the more we are curious, like, what are you trying to say?

[00:14:05] Does it mean this or this? And feeling in our body, there’s a way we can tune more and more into energy over time. Um, and energy follows intention as well. So if we intend To send energy, loving energy to someone. Whether they, I always offer it in someone’s highest good, but their choice, but I can send energy.

[00:14:26] They may see, receive it or not, but you know, are my intention to send it is what sends it out, if that makes sense. Um, it allows it to move. So if you’re playing with energy, that’s something you can try. Try intending it. If you don’t experience energy in a certain way, you could say, if I really could, what would I see?

[00:14:47] What would I taste? What would I smell? Because often we’re kind of shut down a little bit because our society just doesn’t acknowledge it. So allow it. Yeah. You think we’re shut down a little? If we are, should we do some dapping on it? Uh, well, we will. Um, so yeah, I think that we just noticed, you know, when I first, people were telling me about auras, and I’m like, I don’t see auras.

[00:15:12] I see, I see lights around people, but I don’t see auras, like specific colors around people. Um, and they were like, well, if you could, what would it look like? And over time, I was like, Oh, I can imagine this. There’s no right or wrong, we’re not calibrated. We don’t all sit there and when we’re little kids going, here’s green, and here’s like we, cause we’re not, we’re not talking about it in general, so we’re not training ourselves to call it the same thing.

[00:15:36] Whatever you call it is okay. It’s your experience and your definition. If that makes sense. Indeed. And, um, you pointed out that your sensors tend to come in visually, sometimes auditorily, sometimes in taste or smell. Right. Did I hear that correctly? Yeah. I’m primary auditory. And so when I was getting my body work, um, massage therapy license, I read a lot about, um, hands of light and how other people saw energy.

[00:16:14] And I was like, Oh, I guess there’s something wrong with me. Um, and because I don’t, I don’t see it that way very often that it took like 15 years before I start. And I think you and I were talking about imagining, um, the, um, the cool thing here is that as you discover your own energy sensors. It taps into, into pathways that are naturally nourishing for you and also pathways that you may want to filter.

[00:16:55] So for people that get a lot of, of, if you’re in your, the depth of your guidance and you get visual clues. If you tune down like screen time and other things, you can often feel more nourished or have that available. For me, for example, I, I need to be selective with what I listen to. I may record a podcast, but I don’t typically listen to it.

[00:17:22] AI has been amazing because I can have it take a YouTube video and summarize it for me and even give me step by step what they talk about and I can scan it with my eyes. I, my own guidance system and my own awareness of energy. And it’s, I will say it’s weird. I was out for my walk and we’ll talk about that a little bit, but, um, I know that.

[00:17:50] When I’m out in nature, it isn’t actually the sounds of nature that necessarily are what’s nourishing to me. It can be, but there’s a feeling of energy coming into those same channels. And they’re channels that even if I go within in a perfectly quiet place, those energetic channels are where I can pick up on energy and feel it.

[00:18:21] I want to pause there. If you told me this like When I was 25, I would say, Oh, okay. Bye.

[00:18:36] And like Cathy said, um, our, our experiences are unique, but, um, by sharing our weirdness, I believe that we create a spectrum, a diversity spectrum, which is more inclusive than if it’s like, Oh, this is what most people do go around sensing and not sensing. And that’s normal. And anything outside of that is wrong or bad or wacko or crazy or.

[00:19:02] Um, imaginary. Um, I think those of you that know Cathy and I were, were practical beings and it’s been extremely practical to be aware that, for example, kinesthetically is my secondary one, um, touch. So today I On the trail, I paused and I was taking in energy and I reached out and I touched a mountain laurel leaf.

[00:19:37] Oh, I can still feel it. Now visually, it had a lot of imperfections. I just got to tell you, there were brown spots on it and everything else. Like if I was a visual person, I might not have chosen that particular leaf, but that leaf was like calling and I touched it and I and I could feel the kinship.

[00:20:03] Between the mountain laurel and the holly, two pretty different, um, uh, plants, but there was an immediate sense of differences coexisting, even intertwining. Like there were branches of the, the mountain laurel, uh, and branches of the holly tree that were interwoven together. Now, what did that? Do for me in a world where, where differences often create this to be in touch with in nature, something where differences intertwine and coexist and thrive together was really good for me.

[00:20:53] In a moment, I felt like part of me was nourished by that. I can even now tap into that feeling hours later. And that’s another thing that’s part of this is that when you have energetic Experiences often they are reachable later narrative stories like, Oh, I went to this and did this and did this. Okay.

[00:21:24] Um, narrative stories. As you hear people tell them often, you can feel like, Oh, there’s something missing here. You’d call it maybe emotional content, but for energetically sensitive people, I’m like, you’re telling me a narrative, but there’s, you’re not in it. Um, in the same way. And when someone is, has had, uh, an energetic experience.

[00:21:46] They’re consciously or unconsciously tuned into the energy of the experience. If they’re open and revealing of that, when they tell that story, you can be nourished by it as well. I think that that’s a skill as well. Um, the storytelling skill.

[00:22:11] Yeah, um, one of the things we want to go into deeper about what things can block us now in, you know, in the present time and what things are coming from the past. But before we do that, before we talk to you about putting the accelerator down on your car and taking it for a spin, we want to talk about the brakes that you can put on.

[00:22:28] Because I know the people are writing in the chat too as well, like, Some of us have been labeled overly sensitive or too sensitive. I love, Drew, you were, I’m sorry, I hope it’s okay to say your name. Uh, thanks. Um, exquisitely sensitive. I love that. Um, but when we’re sensitive to something that other people are not, it’s easy from their perspective, like I never used to be sensitive to scents.

[00:22:54] They didn’t really bother me. I didn’t particularly like really strong scents, but I didn’t, it didn’t, it didn’t hurt me in any way. And so people are like, Oh, that’s so strong. I can’t be around it. I’m like. What’s your problem? Like, I tried to be compassionate, but I didn’t really get it. And then as I’ve gotten older, like, they give me really bad headaches, I can actually feel nauseous with some, some of them, my lungs will start getting raspy.

[00:23:13] So I’m like, Oh, now I understand what they were talking about. I wasn’t as sensitive to that when I was younger. So to someone I’ve had since I’ve had got to have the both of those, I don’t understand the perspective of people like, Why would that bother you? I don’t understand. And, oh my God, this is really intense.

[00:23:31] Like I, I can understand why you can’t be around it. And I think for energy, people that haven’t been tuned in or don’t, haven’t had a lot of energies that didn’t feel unpleasant to them. Or overwhelming to them. They just don’t understand what it’s about. And I think when we have ways we can put the brakes on, or give ourselves permission to step out of an environment that’s really overwhelming, it’s less frightening to be, like, I don’t want to open the doors if I know all the bees in the neighborhood are going to come in.

[00:24:01] But if I have a way to keep the bees out, then I’m glad to open up and let fresh air and new energy and information come in. Does that make sense to folks? So, yeah. So I think knowing how to put the brakes on the energy is really powerful. And one of the things when I first started working with Rick, I’d always been, when I was a child, I had energetic experiences.

[00:24:23] Rick was the first person I really got to talk to about it. And I think being around him really opened me up and I was driving to work one morning and I was picking up energies. I was picking up energies. Uh, night from houses, three or four houses away driving. I was driving to work one day and there’s someone at the bus stop.

[00:24:40] And I started sobbing because I was picking the, I, whether it was true or not, my understanding was that person was very, very sad. I was like, this is really, this is, I’m an engineer. I’ve got to go to work and act like I got it all together. How do I do this? And Rick led me on a tapping that I’d love to offer you my own version of it.

[00:24:57] That really made a huge difference. So I, you know, feel free to change the words or however you like, but I’d like to invite you to just take a nice gentle deep breath, let yourself settle in. If you’ve been a little distracted, we’ve been giving you a lot of information. Let yourself come here and now close the Facebook cats down.

[00:25:17] They’ll pro I promise there’ll be more later. Just let yourself come here now. Feel the energy of the circle you’re in. You’re surrounded by all these really amazing people in a safe space that Rick and I have created for you. Where you can explore this. And it’s okay to just be really present. And to notice what’s coming up.

[00:25:37] Tears and laughter are welcome here. You can have great experiences and if things that come up aren’t great, we’re glad to process them with you. This is what the space is for. So, and if you’d like to, I invite you to tap along with me. Karate chop. Hey universe. Hey universe. I’d like to be much more tuned in.

[00:25:59] I would like to be much more tuned in. There’s all kinds of delicious information and experiences out there. All kinds of delicious information and experiences out there. And I’d love to open up to your energy. And I’d love to open up to your energy. And I also don’t want to be overwhelmed. And I also really don’t want to be overwhelmed.

[00:26:24] So I’m asking you to guide this. I’m asking you to guide this. Universe, please draw my attention to the energies and information that’s useful for me to know. Universe, please draw me to the information and energies that are useful for me to know. Top of that. And send the others past. And send the others past.

[00:26:47] Eyebrow, if it’s something you want me to do something about. You want, if there’s something you want me to do something about. Side of the eye, please let me know. Please let me know. Under the eye, if it’s an experience you think I should have. If there’s an experience you’d like me to have. Under the nose, please send it my way.

[00:27:08] Please send it my way. Chin, and things that don’t belong to me. And things that really don’t belong to me. Collarbone, things that are not my business. Things that are not my business. Under the arm, please let me pass me, pass, please let them pass me by. Please let me pa, let, ahem. I stumbled a bit. Please let them pass me by.

[00:27:32] Top of the head, top of the head. Thank you so much. Thank you so much. And just take a breath and you know, it’s like it didn’t serve me at that point. I was not sleeping at night because I was picking up the anxiety or the stress of someone houses away, someone I was never going to meet. I didn’t know them.

[00:27:54] It would be very inappropriate for me to go up to their door and knock on it and say, Hey, I’ve been noticing a lot of stress come from this way. Would you like to like really inappropriate? Not so there really wasn’t any reason for me to have that information. And we don’t always know what’s useful for us to know or not, but I think the universe does.

[00:28:12] So I found after I did that and I still repeat it sometimes if I’m feeling a little overwhelmed, you know, just send my way, what you want, what you would have me do or what you would have me experience. And it really does. Cause there’s, even as we’re sitting here, there’s hundreds of millions of bits of information, sound, light, noise, people outside that we’re picking up consciously and unconsciously.

[00:28:36] And most of it. We don’t have to do anything about, but you know, having my attention drawn to the things that made a difference, really nice to have that not distracted by all the noise. So, um, you can try that out if it feels good to you. Someone shared in the chat, it’s difficult to tune into energies, especially subtle ones, when the way you survive was shutting them down and feeling numb.

[00:28:59] Absolutely. And that is definitely one of the things that we wanted to address here. Address as in acknowledging that, um, numbness is really helpful. If there’s nobody to help you tune, to provide a space where you’re having to cope, um, and navigate rats, um,

[00:29:28] that’ll energies require a certain amount of safety. Um, I know that environments that I used to consider very unsafe, um, like a grocery store, I can actually pick up subtle energies from foods that I’m considering. Um, as long as I’ve done a little bit of that filtering, like, Oh, there’s fluorescent lights and I’m attuning myself to moving in a certain way.

[00:30:00] But when it was decades or most of your childhood, where the vibe was one of I’m. I’m with a dangerous person. I’m with a dangerous person. I’m with an uncaring person who really, you know, if I was really needing care, I cannot count on them. In fact, I can, I can counter count on them for coming through for me.

[00:30:24] Um, whatever the vibe was there, um,

[00:30:32] helping your body notice. in small ways, something that is more subtle. It was the pathway back for me. Um, for example, you know, this is a crystal, I think it’s quartz, rose quartz art. Um, I pick it up. It’s like, Oh, you know, it’s hard. It’s cold. Now those are kind of the gross Way of doing it. Now, if you have something that you like that has some meaning to it, it’s, it’s nice to have something like that.

[00:31:12] Um, and here I can, I can feel that it’s also really smooth now, smooth, especially if I’m, if I’m just like gently moving, close my eyes and feel it smooth has an energy, doesn’t it? Just like soft. I’ve got this nice soft blanket over there. Um, and. There’s the sensory aspect to it, and as emotional freedom seeking people, is there an emotional energy to the thing, too?

[00:31:52] This was a gift,

[00:31:57] and there’s an energy of gift

[00:32:02] that’s present in this still. I’ve had gifts that had that energy and they, they went away. Um, the energy of gift, and sometimes there was time for that to go on. You can often feel that in the energy of things around you that the energy can change, but right now, as we’re talking and engaging, it’s. It’s warmer.

[00:32:25] I’ve been holding it. It’s smooth. It’s got this little nudge on it. Those are subtle sensations. And if you, it may be hard to do that. It may be that, you know, Hey, I want to drop in and really feel this thing or smell this thing or taste this thing. It’s important to me. And it’s not as natural. Part of me is pissed off about it because Because of them, and I want to feel this for myself, the energy of it, more of the energies of it.

[00:33:08] Um, Cathy. Yeah, touching something can bring up, someone also shared that when they’re working as a dental hygienist, they can feel the patient’s pain in their working hand, um, on my arm. I tune into things very strongly, energetically when I touch them. Um, so even just talking about the breaks, like if you’re touching something and you’re getting a lot of energy from it, can you take your hand off of it or can you go some distance from it?

[00:33:37] I, I think a lot of us have different ways we, someone shared, they shared they were numb to the energy. Well, congratulations, your younger self figured out how to tune it out. Um, so I, I just want to kind of go, like if, if something is too bright or we don’t want to see it, we can close our eyes. We can tune out that the information coming that way, if it’s really bright, we may have to like really like we have to put multiple layers or we might want to move away from it or turn our head.

[00:34:06] There’s ways to turn down the information coming through our eyes. If we’re hearing something, we can plug our ears, play something else. Muffler head under a pillow. There’s ways we can muffle information coming in. Um, and even with scent, which is more, you know, we can plug our nose, but it’s much harder.

[00:34:23] Not you have to breathe. It’s hard to get away from sense. Our body will actually usually after 3 to 5 minutes of something that smells really bad. We’ll start. We’ll stop smelling as intensely. Like, our system just actually shuts it down a little. So I’d love to do just a little tapping on the, the, the, we don’t have to feel everything full intensity all the time.

[00:34:45] And I think that that can, that kind of contracted stretch can help us open up more on the other side when we want to, if that makes sense. So do you want to leave this tapping Rick, or do you want me to? You’re in tune with it. Great. Karate chop. Even though there was a lot of information coming to me when I was a kid.

[00:35:06] Even though there was a lot of information coming to me as a kid. And I was picking up all this energetic information. And I was picking up all this energetic information. I was really smart. I was really smart. And I learned how to numb some of it out. And I learned how to numb some of it out. But I was a little kid.

[00:35:27] But I was a little kid. And I didn’t necessarily learn how to take down those walls again. And I didn’t learn how to take down those walls again. Top of that, I was so smart back then. That’s so smart. Eyebrow, I protected myself really well. I protected myself really well. Side of the eye, and now I get to do it even better.

[00:35:53] And now I’m learning to do it even better. Under the eye, I can put up walls if I want to. I can put up walls if I want to? Yeah, I know how to numb out energy. I definitely know how to numb out energy. Chin, and now I get to raise and lower the walls when it feels right. And now I get to raise and lower the walls when it feels right.

[00:36:15] Colorblind, it may be a little awkward at first. May very well be awkward at first. Under there, I’m learning something new. And I’m learning what to do and how to do it. Yeah, top of that, I can invite that really smart younger self to help too. And I invite that really smart younger self to help. Just take a gentle breath.

[00:36:42] And I think a lot of us probably learned to numb out energies when we were little. Um, I grew up with someone who could be very chaotic and a lot of frenetic energy and it was like, ah, um, and I still don’t like to be around that energy very much, but I definitely can. Go, Oh, that’s not me. That’s that other person I can separate.

[00:37:02] I can notice the boundary between them. When we’re little, we don’t always know that someone is someone different, especially young, very young children. There’s not a lot of psychological separation between them and you like that. It’s like they kind of are us, our mirror neurons have adopted them in a way, um, but helping like, oh, that’s someone different.

[00:37:23] And if this person was in my face, I might take a step back. I might, you know, put up hands. I might do things to protect me. And I can imagine, and again, energy follows intention. So if you want to imagine an energetic barrier coming up with some people, it’s a nice plexiglass. With other people, it’s brick wall.

[00:37:42] Sometimes it’s mortar. You can put up different walls. You can raise and lower them. Um, and if you ever, like, want to explore more with this, Donna Eaton has some really great stuff on YouTube. I love her zip up method where she just imagines zipping up a, a, like, cleanroom suit and, like, Latching it at the top and like nothing can come through that cleanroom suit.

[00:38:02] And then when you leave that place, you can unzip it and step out and just discard that contaminated cleanroom suit. So there’s lots of mental things you can do to help the energy follow the intention and just practicing and seeing what works for you. Do you want an umbrella? Do you want something that, you know, like a drawbridge that raises and closes?

[00:38:22] What works for your brain?

[00:38:27] Someone asked if there’s a visualization grounding exercise to help create a boundary to protect us from energy we don’t want. Um, as someone else shared, while working as a dental hygienist, I would feel the patient’s pain from my working hand up my arm. I believe that if we were in a different kind of culture, one that Thank you for co creating that, uh, together actively.

[00:38:50] Um, viewing it as a skill that there would be a, Oh, you’re noticing you’re getting that, Oh, that’s what’s happening in that kind of energy. And there would be a sharing of possibilities. Um, I use a term called divine filtering. It’s a bit, uh, the derivative of what Cathy started us with, with, um, let me know the things that are useful and, and the other things pass me by.

[00:39:17] Now, um, we do have parts of us that are designed to pick up information from others and mirror it. It’s really useful when we’re learning something, it can be really useful for helping us understand other people in our world, and it can get too much. Especially for those of us that might have hands on, um, in, in bodywork school, um, all the sensitive folks, we started picking up, like, oh, they have a pain in their hip, and they did, like, there was validation, you’d touch their shoulder, and you’d know that their ankle was locked up.

[00:39:57] There’s a lot of information when we touch each other. Well, guess what? Uh, our heart field extends many feet away from us. Our, we are, we are layers of energy, um, and we’re touching each other. So we pass by. We are, our vision, you know, if you see someone, you are literally getting their vibe, their vibrations of light bouncing off of them and emanating from them are coming to you.

[00:40:29] So what do you do? There are, there are lots of different things. Cathy shared on Eden and energy medicine work, um, and tapping on, Hey, if, if it’s useful for me to know, then I’m open to it. I’m getting the information. What the tapping that I did when I was in school for massage was something like this, and you can try it on like.

[00:40:54] Even, even though the information’s echoing in my body. Even though the information is echoing in my body. And it’s getting a little sticky. It’s getting a little sticky. It hurts sometimes. And it hurts sometimes. I’m open to the information that’s useful. I’m awfully open to the information that’s useful.

[00:41:15] But I don’t need to mirror it. But I don’t need to mirror it. What if I don’t have to mirror it. What if I don’t have to mirror it? Eyebrow. I can be caring. I can be caring. Side of the eye. I can be connected. I can be connected. Under the eye. I can even be deep. I can even be deep, deep on my nose, profoundly present, profoundly present, and, and maintain my own energy.

[00:41:43] And maintain my own energy. Hold on. It does not need to always mirror inside me. It does not need to mirror, always mirror inside me. Yeah, I appreciate it when I get the information without the pain. I appreciate it when I get the information without the pain. And one of the things that I, we noticed in class within, um, just weeks.

[00:42:10] Is that, uh, when you said, Oh, got it. Like in turn, your inner dialogue is, Oh, hip. Oh, sadness. Oh, heavy chest energy. Oh, kind of a gray, cloudy, dissociated feeling. Um, you’re maintaining, um, Your own vibration rather. And this is, this is developmentally as children. We are often, um, submissive to the dominant vibrations in our house, even if they’re very unhealthy part of me maturing into an adult energy field is I am the one who is the vibe in my space and I may let things come and go.

[00:42:59] And there may be impacts and the like, but this is my, this is my space. And I, I want to be, um, I don’t know what good words, dominant, master, masterful. But essentially, this is my skill space. This is the place that I’m tending to. I’m the steward of my own energy. And the more that, for those of us that are sensitive, got it, like, I got it.

[00:43:27] It means that the information can come in as a whisper or a hint, sometimes a poke, but not as a pounding or a taking us over as much. Um, my theory on that Is that it’s coming in more through the energy centers of wisdom and, um, caring connection, less about the threat aspect of it. If someone’s dissociated, there is a quality.

[00:43:58] My primitive brain goes, Oh, this isn’t good. Okay. Why are they dissociated? What are they dissociated? Because there’s a bear or a threat, you know, like. My primitive brain, you can tell like my whole body just went, okay, I got it. They’re a little numb. They’re a little dissociated. It’s okay. And, and that’s part of the tuning into the energy without it needing to raise inside of us.

[00:44:27] To the point where it’s unmistakable. And Cathy said, there’s, is this one of the things that you also can check in with is like when you’re doing body work, like I would get this pain in my shoulder. And, um, when you check in, is this mine? Your body knows, well, yeah, like 60, 70 percent of it is yours. And this person is really asking for their shoulders to be rubbed.

[00:44:56] Oh, okay. So then it’s like, okay, I’ll just stretch my shoulder, maybe change my body position. And then I’m tending to what’s outside of me energetically that I’ve also been getting. Because if my shoulder’s a little tight and I’m picking up on someone else’s, it can, it can, and that’s goes for stress. It goes for worry.

[00:45:15] Um, You know, and you may notice that. My inner world, how stressed am I? Six, seven, uh, that’s not true right now, but at times it is. Six, seven, if I pick up on somebody else’s stress, if there are four or five, now I’m maxed out. Like, I’m, I’m up at a ten. That’s where this, hey, I got it. You’re stressed. I’m stressed.

[00:45:42] Oh, okay. I think it’s a great segue. Someone asked about, I feel like I’m carrying around other people’s doom and gloom energy, even though I don’t want it anymore. And I do, I, I just want to talk for a moment about, we’ve talked often about the primitive brain and trauma. So when we experience a trauma, the primitive brain kind of freeze frames it and we talk about the echo or the trauma bubble.

[00:46:07] It’s just all frozen there. So, and normally if we were in a society that let us cry or fuss like polar bears or chicks, they kind of shake it off. They show videos of that, you know, they kind of burn off the trauma afterwards. Then we go back in and we go, Oh, this belongs to that person. This belongs to me.

[00:46:26] This, you know, this is something that is actually scary. This is just something that was riding along. So I use the example often of a little kid riding his bike. He’s going along and he falls really hard, feels trauma, but he also will store. There’s someone cutting grass nearby and he just saw someone with a, walking a dog and someone else had a baseball cap in.

[00:46:46] All of that gets stored in that trauma bubble and later if it’s processed and healed, it’s easy to sort out and go, oh, there’s a big crack in the sidewalk and I was going pretty fast. That I should watch out, but the dog and the ice cream and the, you know, the going for ice cream and the smell of grass, none of those mean anything.

[00:47:04] But for a lot of people, if it’s trauma isn’t processed, I smell cut grass, I’m going for ice cream, I get really unexp Um, I think in those trauma bubbles, we stuff all the energies that are around us and we don’t ever get to sort them out very well. So I think as we do more processing, more clearing, more tapping, we, it’s much easier to say, Oh, that was never mine.

[00:47:27] I just stuffed, like I was packing really fast and I shoved all these clothes in the suitcase. And a bunch of these don’t belong with to me. No wonder that suitcase feels uncomfortably full. Um, and some of them we don’t have to process consciously. I’m a big fan of conscious processing. But I do, there are times, um, someone asked about a visualization for, for a boundary.

[00:47:50] I think the boundaries work best when they resonate for you. So I work with electricity all the time. I work with small circuits. So I will often, if I go up and I touch something that’s grounded to earth, if I touch the faucet that I know is grounded to earth, I can imagine letting a lot of the excess energy run out of my body along that.

[00:48:09] That works really well for my nervous system. Other people, salt might work, like imagining sprinkling salt around them. Or someone else, like, it’s really what your Uh, archetype. What your brain has created is safety for you. So someone was talking about rabbits. I mad. Maybe there’s a offensive of fierce rabbits around you telling the, the energy, no, you won’t pass.

[00:48:33] Um, so I don’t think we can tell you one specific way. We can give you different examples. But for you, if you want to stop some energy coming in or you want to drain excess energy off, what works for you? You know, do you imagine yourself, do you get in a bath or a shower? Do you, how do you allow the energy to move off of you and how do you protect yourself from it?

[00:48:56] And really, the fun thing is you get to try a bunch of things and find ones that work for you for different situations. Um, and that can be really fun. Um, it also, one of the things that Rick and I talked about, I know we’re, we’re having fun sharing, talking about your experiences, and I want to make sure we hit a few things.

[00:49:15] Um, people eat when they’re stressed because it does dampen, like, especially for me, I find heavy foods or drunk foods dampen my intuition, my sense of energy a lot. When I was little, I would turn to that because I couldn’t handle what was coming at me. Um. So if you find yourself as an adult eating when you don’t want to, you might ask yourself, are there energies coming in that I can protect myself in another way from?

[00:49:44] Or do there energies I want to drain out that I’m not necessarily wanting to carry? And there’s nothing wrong with if you’re feeling really overwhelmed, okay, I’m going to get a cheeseburger because I really, this energy is hard to escape and this is going to help me right now. So I think, you know, understanding, it can be good to find a balance with that, but there are a number of things that we can do present day that can help us open up to more energy and also can help us shut down, you know, when we need it.

[00:50:14] So for me, if I’m eating a lot of vegetables and healthy foods, I’m much more tuned in. And I’m not overeating a lot. I’m much more tuned into energy than days when I’m like, I’m going to Burger King. Um, or I’m going to have some cake with dinner. Cause that, for me, I find it muffles it somewhat. Um, Rick, do you want to talk about the distraction?

[00:50:34] I thought that was really good when you were talking about that before we got on the call. You touched on a little bit. And we want to take a break here for seven minutes soon. Okay. It can be a teaser for them to come back. Yeah. Um,

[00:50:53] there isn’t a

[00:50:57] sharp line between internal and external. Um, and if we’re aware of the energy around our organs, around our psyche, around the space that we have, um, one of the things that I noticed and then working with clients around that are energetically sensitive. So Cathy was just vulnerable, vulnerably sharing that, you know, for her and for me, um, that certain types of foods dampen when things are too much.

[00:51:37] And in Chinese medicine, we tap on meridian points. My partner is a Chinese medicine practitioner. And it is literally dampening. They are, they, they dampen chi. You have a big piece of cake and it dampens your chi. Um, we’ve known that for thousands of years and we’re, we’re visiting it here again in this healing helix.

[00:52:09] Um,

[00:52:13] if I notice myself distracted, like when I’m eating, eating is taking in energy, essential energy. So today I was watching a TV show, it’s um, it’s, what is it, uh, Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat. Um, it’s a little short series. Um, and I had made myself a meal, and it was salty and fatty and carby and meaty and delicious.

[00:52:50] Um, but here’s the interesting thing. I don’t usually watch TV when I eat anymore, but my family’s not here. So little treat, watch that. I love the show, but what the energy in that food was really powerful. Like it, there’s a lot of, of oomph to it. I put love into it, because the rest of it is going into a soup for my partner.

[00:53:18] She gets home on Tuesday. Um, but I wasn’t in the energy of it. I literally wasn’t aware, really, of what I was eating after the first bite or two.

[00:53:38] And I missed a bunch of the different energies. And they’re not all that subtle. Like, it’s warm protein. It’s delicious. Rice made in chicken broth and like there’s a there’s a bunch of energies which aren’t about the food but about the care that I put into it the the life of the animal and the life of the farmers and those that brought the rice to me and There’s so much energy that’s available in a pretty simple bowl of ground beef.

[00:54:20] It’s just ground beef and rice. That’s a good meal, right? But there’s a lot more energy. And I usually take in at least more of it, right? Maybe 20, 30 percent more,

[00:54:34] but I missed it. And it’s a bit like walking down a trail trying to get somewhere or, oh, it’s cold. Stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp. You don’t notice the laurel leaf. You missed it. It’s not the end of the world, but today you can probably sense that that experience that I didn’t miss, I didn’t miss the call, um, nourishes me still for this time.

[00:55:05] So there’s, I would call that a block to awareness if I’m being distracted. Um, honestly, there are things that the kids can do at the dinner table, which distract me. And this is now a reminder that before I take the next bite, come back into the enjoyment for myself. Could be that they don’t like what I made.

[00:55:29] Okay, that’s information. But then I come back into it. Because I want to pick up more of it. And because I was distracted, I was missing the energy of the food. I also missed the, the sweet spot where my body would have said, Oh, that was great. And left a couple of three bytes. Um, I missed that. And so, here I am a little over full, um, before the workshop.

[00:56:06] And this is the other thing that I believe that when we’re uncomfortable, it can distract us from other things that are happening. While I miss some of the energy, I said, okay, I’m, I’m a little over full. I’m going to be gentle with myself. What else is going on? And this is a beautiful question. It goes to the trauma healing.

[00:56:28] Well, what else am I, what else am I perhaps not aware of that I could be? I wonder what else is present here too, because even though my stomach was over full, My brain was like, here it comes, baby. We’ve got this juicy stuff. Go. Yeah. Like there’s some really happy part of me and I could feel it. It was like, Whoa, that’s almost, I gotta, I gotta thank you.

[00:56:58] That was great. Uh huh. Yeah. I’m going to go do a workshop now. Um, I’m even blushing. It was that, like, whoa! Um, and that comes from the skill of saying, well, what else is going on? Oh, I feel, or I’m this, or I’m that. I am. Those are clues that we’ve, I think, created too big of a bucket. I’m feeling, I’m noticing this, and I’m noticing I’m really, like, my stomach is Good now, and I’m noticing that there’s this warm energy.

[00:57:36] I’m feeling connected to some of you, um, in a sweet way. I’m really grateful to have a circle that comes together on a Sunday for For this type of engagement, and, um, if you want to bring us to a close for our seven minute break, that would be great. Yeah, so I invite you over the break to just tune into yourself.

[00:58:00] See if you can quiet the noise because distractions can, we’re not going to tune into anything. Like, I’m not really tuning into the green of the snow pad if I’m like thinking about 50 other things. So if you want to be better at energy, allowing yourself to be a little present and notice any place you have resistance or tension or like, um, I’m learning more and more to notice what I’m avoiding.

[00:58:23] We’re very good at not noticing what we’re avoiding, but I’m like, Oh, I’m never looking over there. What is over there that I don’t want to see? I just invite you over the seven minutes to just kind of notice what’s coming up. We’ll do some more tapping to help you. Open things up when we come back and we’d love to hear what’s what your particular thing is coming up for you.

[00:58:42] So we’ll see and particularly any beliefs. Yes, buts. Yes, buts are like yeah. Well that works for you rick, but for me dot dot dot or um, I can’t let anyone know this or What those are kind of the genre That would be helpful for us for tapping fuel for tapping. Um, when we return from the break, if you’re watching the replay.

[00:59:05] Hi. It’s great to have you with us. And we invite you to take a short break to move around tend to your needs. And then we’ll be back.

[00:59:16] Welcome back tuning into the energy around you. Releasing blocks and resistance. I’d like to share, um, an image here. Let’s see if I can find it.

[00:59:34] So, um, this is where I was walking this morning, and it was cold. And, um. That was, that was one of the vibes that was around me. And I’ll say that when I first moved to Asheville, this particular trail, the Mountain to Sea Trail, was so boring to me. Boring? Yes, boring. Because I went to waterfalls. I’d drive an hour and go to the waterfall.

[01:00:05] I’d climb to the top of the mountain. The kind of ecstatic scenery. The sunset from the top of Craggy Gardens is really quite something. And by comparison, it got some, uh, Uh, rhododendron, the mountain laurel, and the holly that I was talking about were behind me at this point.

[01:00:28] What do you notice here? Like, if you were imagining yourself just trying to stay warm, moving through, trying to get back to your car, you could imagine that the energy that you’d be aware of would be different. When I paused here and I, and I felt like, what’s the energy around me? Um, the first thing that I felt were, if you look at the, um, rhododendron, their leaves are slightly curled and more droopy because it’s cold and they kind of curl up into themselves.

[01:01:07] So there’s a quality of like, Hmm, quiet. Curling. And then the thing that really struck me was, you know, I’ve, today was one that day, 1111, 1111, uh, for me of my morning mile. Um, and I haven’t been hurt on these trails. And one of the things that I really felt in this moment is even though it was cold and there’d been some icy weather and things like that, these trails are maintained by volunteers.

[01:01:41] People who tend their trail tenders, they steward this trail thousand plus miles of it. I walk in one mile segments of it. Um, they tend to it. They keep the runoff, they keep the, the fallen trees, um, cleared, they tend to it. And I really felt their energy in this moment. And then I felt the sun. Doom and gloom, if, if you’re really resonating with the coldness of like, I just, it’s so cold in the world and I’m curled up like these rhododendrons, there’s nothing wrong with that.

[01:02:20] That’s an energy there too. Tuning into the energy. All around us allows us to say, and what else, particularly what else is here that might be. Nourishing for me right here, right now, that to me is part of the savvy skill of energy work, energy engagement is that we are aware, um, I do a lot of tending a lot of stewarding and it’s really nice to walk a path where.

[01:02:57] I’m, I’m not the, that’s, that’s not my volunteer work in the world. That’s not my work that matters. But boy, I, I, I love that feeling of tending and I’ve seen some of the people go out and tend to the trail. Um, I can feel it now. It nourishes me hours later when I, um, when I’m on the break and I’m looking at that picture.

[01:03:24] That is the beauty of energy. It isn’t just a memory. And this is something that, you know, I was taught, Oh, you remember that time when it goes beyond remembering the, well, it includes everything that we call memory, as well as for me, the sensory, the meaningfulness, the, the part of it that nourishes me still and can.

[01:03:58] I love that, Rick, and someone shared some idea, but which I think is really useful. Yes, but what if you don’t want to tune into the deeper energies because you want them, don’t want to feel them because they just hurt too much. And I think that when we have a lot of unresolved energies that are floating in our system, the more just being quiet with ourselves, they start, we’re kind of like haunted by these old energies, these ghosts, and when we’re quiet, they start pinging at us.

[01:04:28] And I had the experience when I was first starting to heal that I was had, um, I use the analogy of having like 30 different TVs turned to different channels, constantly going at the same time and some radios, like, my brain was so busy and loud. Um, and each of those was an unresolved trauma that was because our subconscious holds.

[01:04:52] Traumas that are unresolved as present tense. They don’t, our subconscious doesn’t know that it’s in the past. So it’s kind of going on in our brain at the same time. So we have a lot of noise coming up. Um, it can be really hard to slow down because it’s like, wow, that’s a lot. And a lot of those are bad stories that I don’t want to hear.

[01:05:12] And I invite you just to be as quiet as you can. Like it’s building up a muscle as well. And when we’re quiet with some of those energies, sometimes they just need to be acknowledged and felt. Um, tapping can help a lot with that, but I have learned more and more that the tapping can help me clarify and understand what’s going on.

[01:05:31] It can help me process it through, but I still have to bring my courage. And I find that sometimes if I can just sit with the energy, sometimes I can only do it for a couple seconds. Or even sometimes a microsecond. You know, I consider it almost like I’m if this is the trauma, I’m like kind of pinging off.

[01:05:48] I’m like barely touching it. Each time I do though, it releases a little bit of that old energy. And it builds my muscles up. And maybe I’m only pinging off for a while, but I’m consciously trying to ping off. And I’m processing and supporting myself afterwards. Then I can touch it for like a minute or like a couple seconds, a full second.

[01:06:07] Oh, that’s a lot. Rest, be with it. It’s there. It’s not there to torch you. It’s there because it really exists. There’s energy there. There’s an experience there that wants to get healed in my, in my understanding of the world. And then after a while, we start being able to go with it a little more and a little more.

[01:06:26] And then it just. When I process things this way, they’re just gone. Like, it’s not that I forgot them. I know they existed, but the haunting part of it is not there anymore. And then the next one I go to process is a little bit easier because I got some muscles and I got some confidence that I can do it.

[01:06:44] And getting support, Rick does a lot of great coaching. I do coaching as well. Um, trading, tapping with people, whatever, but you start clearing that out. And the way my brain feels to me versus where, how it felt 20 years ago is just night and day. It’s like someone gradually turned those TVs down and some of them turned off.

[01:07:06] And now there’s, there’s murmurs. Of course, I think we’re all human. We live in a world where we have traumas and we’re not going to always. You know, there’s, oh, I should have done done that at work, or, I wish I’d said that, or, but we can calm them and quiet them down and then it’s not so hard to be quiet.

[01:07:22] I do think that they talk about meditation for people that have been severely traumatized. It actually isn’t very traumatizing to try to meditate for some people that have had a lot of trauma. So it’s actually not, I didn’t meditate right. For many years because it just. Being quiet with my own brain was, like, not a good thing to do, but the more we can just gently learn how calm, how we can calm ourselves, how we can support ourselves, the more we clear out, the more space we have, and then it stops being so overwhelming.

[01:07:55] So, and I know it’s Um, at least for me, it felt very frustrating to hear these kinds of words when I was on the other side of it. Like it was like, Oh, it’s so far to go. It’s so much work to do, but I’m really, really glad I’ve done the work I’ve done. Each step forward has been really rewarding. And I imagine that I have an insight and strength that people that didn’t have to go through this process might not ever, ever seen.

[01:08:20] So if you can know that each baby step forward, you’re healing part of yourself and learning how to heal yourself more efficiently. Um, and, and, and you have my compassion because I know it’s a tough journey and so far it’s been really worth it. Um, so I don’t know if that helps. You’re glad to ask questions in another way if I haven’t touched on something that’s helpful for you.

[01:08:47] Maybe Rick has some thoughts.

[01:08:51] Someone shared, I think one of my yes buts is, yes, but I do feel sad and I do feel scared. Particularly about my current circumstances and my future. Pausing there, we’re already aware of two different vibrations, two different energies. The feeling of sad, and the feeling of scared.

[01:09:23] Acknowledging, oh, I can feel multiple things. at the same time. Maybe one’s louder than the other. Maybe one is centered in my primitive brain. Maybe my adrenal glands are really busy giving me chemicals of scared, even though right now, um, there’s no obvious threats to me. Like, I can be aware of that. And I feel like I can’t hold space for that, and for the good things in a way that’s actually sustaining and lasts, and isn’t just pushing away or ignoring my pains.

[01:10:09] Yes. I, as a coach, I hear a belief that, um, the, the model is either you’re tending to your pains and you’re in the, and the scared and the sad and the fears and the uncertainty or you’re, ah, dah, dah, dah, dah, everything’s good. You know, like I, I, I know that that’s out there. Um, I can’t do that either. The invitation of being aware of, of tuning into the energy is not like sustaining, Oh, I’m always appreciative.

[01:10:46] I’m always feeling, um, Uh, gratitude. I’m always feeling like energy moves and chances are if you mapped your sadness over the course of 24 hours, I suspect sometimes even when you’re asleep, your sadness energy, if it was on a meter, would rise and fall. And during the day, there would be times when your sadness energy would rise and fall.

[01:11:15] Um, A thriving, rich life can hold space for that and this and this. Maybe not at all the same time, if I’m, but there’s I’m aware that for sensitive people, there can be this fear and it’s a real one that I’m going to get so, uh, so focused, even to the point of obsession with the uncertainty and the sadness and the threats that I am more than capable of imagining that come my way and my, my family’s way like, Oh yeah, I’ve got the whole landscape of possible terror.

[01:11:55] I can hold that. You feel it. Right. Like, uh, if you’re one of. If you could do what I do, like, you’re aware of everything from apocalypse to just mere horror. Um, and, gosh, I’m here with you guys too. Now, I’m still aware, I, I, there’s a part of me that I’m letting quiet down so that I can be here with Cathy.

[01:12:20] And I can be here with all of you too. I’m looking at the names. Oh, so nice to see you and faces. Um,

[01:12:32] we are designed, you know, our, our kidneys are doing a job and sometimes they’re processing how pissed off we are and letting it come out in urine and our liver can handle an enormous amount of energy and emotion, sometimes well below Our awareness, our baseline awareness. Now it’s true. If you numb out to the things that are being processed in your body and they get too much, we can get what’s called a disease.

[01:13:01] Um, but our body, our brain is doing things and there are many different parts of our brain. They’re all actually doing pretty cool stuff differently. Um, our. Each of our meridians has a different flow and a different, different parts of us that it touches. The big toe is connected to the left lung, you know, kind of connections that are happening energetically.

[01:13:30] There’s so much that our being, our aliveness, is holding space for. And when we think of just holding space as the thought field, The thinking, like, what am I focused on? What am I focused on? That’s, I can be aware that my heart is beating for a beat of my heart. I can feel my pulse. I’m actually feeling my voice, and it’s pleasing to me that, wow, what a vibration.

[01:14:03] I’m not going to just sit here and focus on that. And I don’t think that that’s denying that there’s a vibration in us, there’s a heartbeat in us, there’s a breath in us, there’s a liver. And I don’t even know what the spleen does, um, but there’s one of those doing a whole bunch of stuff too. If we become aware of the energy around us.

[01:14:24] We can even feel the parts of our children, parts that are growing, parts that are curious, parts that are disappointed, parts that are hangry, parts that may need to visit the bathroom pretty soon before we get in the car. We can be aware of all of those. without obsessing on them either. And by tuning in for a moment or two, I don’t necessarily, I, I believe that that kind of touching on the other qualities of the energy around us is sustainable, but it’s not like You can’t necessarily grab hold of certainty and hold on to it for the rest of your life.

[01:15:07] It doesn’t exist. That kind of certainty doesn’t exist. I do think of like, if you inhale, like maybe you can worry while you inhale and you know, relax while you exhale. Like, we do both. We, you know, we can be aware of dangers and we can also be aware of the pleasures in life and if we don’t find some balance, life can get really anxious and not very fun, really quick.

[01:15:30] I also think that because of the way our, our, our news media and all is coming at us, we worry far more than we really need to. Um, we spend far more time trying to prepare for emergencies that never happened. Um, so we’re really not nourishing and replenishing ourselves as much as we can. So I’ve been trying to limit like, Oh, I’m worried.

[01:15:52] I heard there might be a meteor. Okay. Your entire lifetime has a meteor ever hit the earth in a way that caused damage to your life in any way? No. Okay, if there was a really big meteor, it would be in all the news. You know, like, maybe I don’t have to worry about that meteor. You know, like, I’m, like, trying to be more logical and go Worrying about this is just distracting me from times I could let the sunshine into my system.

[01:16:16] Is it actually useful to worry about this? Or is this an old habit or a way of like punishing myself or distracting myself? Um, and I’m trying to kind of be firm and gentle with myself when it gets worrying. No, that’s enough. And I think try to think of something else. Kind of a little bit of, I can do tapping on it as well, but I’m trying to have a little more mental hygiene rather than letting myself just wallow and run on that hamster wheel.

[01:16:42] If that makes any sense, um, overwhelm has come up in the chat a number of times. So energy builds up, right? And if we’re, it can be overwhelming. What’s the skill with that? Well, is there any energy of settling around me in me? Is there any part of me that’s settled? And the first answer I used to give was no.

[01:17:14] Well, actually, if I scan my body, um, my, Arches of my feet are willing to settle, settle down. And that quickly, I am now less close to overwhelm. That’s an energy skill. It’s a real gill for those of us that weren’t taught that by the influencers in our life. We were taught something else. Like worry, maybe that’s our ancestral line.

[01:17:55] Um, it is a weirdness for some people, like someone mentioned, um, loneliness was such a profound energy, just profound energy of their childhood. And even in their adulthood, where is their connection? In a generic way, what’s connected to anything else that can be more active? It doesn’t have to like, I,

[01:18:32] my loneliness was different than this other person’s, but I often felt horribly alone around other people.

[01:18:43] Yeah. Um, and so for me, one of the things that’s helpful is a weird, like these are weird, weird approaches and I’m going to share it. So if I’m in the grocery store and I’m feeling very alone amongst a lot of other people, I will pick something and I will feel connected. I will seek out, actively seek out the connection to those that brought that thing to me.

[01:19:13] It could be an orange, it could be my mouse. You know, why? Because I know I’m a social connected person. I want to feel, need to feel, it’s essential that I feel connected to other humans. Even here in this, in this session, I’m actively reaching out to The people on the call, it’d be great if we were sharing a workshop space, you know, um, and there’d be like the vibe and the pheromones and, you know, all the things that you can get from a couple dozen people in a room together.

[01:20:00] That would be sweet. Now I. If I start thinking, you know, I’m alone in this house and I’m going to be like, I’m starting to tear up already. I don’t think it’s in denial of the truth that I’m alone in my home to also actively seek out and connect with the energy of my co creator, Cathy, and people that are part of my, my heart circle and my work.

[01:20:27] And I think, you Kinship.

[01:20:33] And it is a block, like, oh, am I allowed to feel the good ones? But, you know, am I in denial of the bad shit if I feel good also? Or I attune myself to things that are nourishing to me while I’m also insecure in other ways?

[01:21:00] It’s It’s actually absurd that I’m suffering on every single level because there are cells in my body. And I say this to me, like, you know, even though I’m suffering, there are cells in my body that are doing just fine. There are cells in my body that were just born and they are so happy. There are cells in my body that are eating yesterday’s carrot cake.

[01:21:24] I love it. Yum yum. Ah. There’s their organs in me that are doing their thing with such competence and they’ve been doing it all my life. Wow. There must be mutual connection there. Is that a vibe I can let nourish me. It’s not gonna reach a hundred percent. It’s not like being hugged by your beloved, and it’s okay.

[01:21:52] It’s still, it’s a kin. It’s, it’s a kind of vibe and music that’s nourishing and even essential. And yeah, I’m afraid the feelings are gonna be taken away, but you know, I don’t live with assholes like I used to. That’s great. And their feelings shift and flow, and I want to have some savvy at accessing energies when I’m called.

[01:22:19] I’m wanting them.

[01:22:24] Um, I wanted just a couple comments. Somebody said, I know we’re at the end, someone shared that they have It’s a lot easier to feel, um, it’s hard to feel the good feelings and believe they’re true and real. Sometimes we just have a lot better muscles, especially if we grew up in families where we didn’t get to practice the muscles of feeling good and supported and safe.

[01:22:45] Just because those muscles are weak doesn’t mean they don’t exist and that the good feelings don’t exist. Just an invitation to keep practicing. And someone shared about the loneliness. One thing I’ve found for myself is it’s a bit of a trick. I’ll focus so much on the loneliness. That I don’t have to see the fear I have of connecting.

[01:23:05] So sometimes, look at the other side of the coin. If you’re really struggling with loneliness and it feels like the pain is never getting less, is it a, is it a trick to make, what is it you’re afraid of connecting about? Look at the other side of that. There may be some really good juicy things you can change, but your system is keeping you focused on the thing that feels a little safer.

[01:23:27] It’s safer to be alone, maybe, in your system or your experiences from when you were a kid, than the other side of, oh, if I connected with people, this and this might happen. Um, so, sometimes flipping it over can make a little bit of a difference too, and give you something more easy to process, something that has give in it.

[01:23:46] Um, if you have the courage to look at it. So, I really appreciate all of you showing up. It’s a great, great, lots of engagement, lots of ideas and thoughts. And, uh, please know that it takes a lot of courage to do this. You’re walking in a path that’s, you’re kind of a maverick. Most people would not be talking about this today.

[01:24:06] Um, and most people wouldn’t talk about deepening it. So, I really appreciate your courage and your willingness to be curious and try things that are off the beaten path. I do think that it brings so much joy and fulfillment over time too. So congratulations. Thank you. Thank you, Cathy. We continue. There’s this in this exploration of emotions, energy in motion, the freedom to be able to tap into energies, um, where they exist, where we create them with our own artistry.

[01:24:41] Um, I so appreciate. Also, uh, you being a part of this, our inbox is open support@thrivingnow.com and also thrivingnow.center is where you can also, , exchange, , and be a part of the sharing of wisdom and skill and dialogue. Thank you. Bye.

[01:25:01] ​

Great to have you on this journey with us!