Truth and Direction - EFT Setup Statement

“Truth has two important dimensions: 1) accuracy, and 2) direction.” - Scott Adams

When I found EFT Tapping for myself, I was struck at how much better it worked for me than the usual Positive Affirmation.

In the setup statement, we say something like:

Even though I feel ______

We get to state the truth about where we are. It can be “Even though I feel shitty right now and want to eat an entire chocolate cake!”

…because if that is where I am, saying “I feel wonderful and am going to nourish my body with a cucumber” will set off my screaming inner bullshit detectors.

I need to speak the truth to myself… or else.

If I do not speak the truth to myself about where I am and how I feel, it lose self-trust. I start radiating the energy of someone not true to himself. It’s not a good look for me.

And… the truth doesn’t mean where I intend to stay, or want to stay, or will stay.

“…and I have decided to pause and accept where I am and how I feel.”

Ahhh, a direction.

“…and I’m open to feeling calm and confident right now… anyway!

Can I leap there? Not always. Sometimes I can.

What matters is Truth (where I am now) combined with Direction (where I want to be… acceptance, calmer, more confident).

It’s an aspect of EFT Tapping that is under-appreciated, I feel.

Truth. Combined with Direction. YES! EFT Tapping for the Win!


So so true! I had years and years of setting off my inner bullshit - gosh it’s all documented in my 1960’s journals. I tried so hard to be positive and then beat myself up regularly because it wasn’t working. I even believed that if I continued to be positive no matter how I felt, I would not have anything really bad happen to me! I’m glad I’m off that trip. :lying_face: :lying_face:


YES to that!! I’ve always found that the ‘acceptance’ aspect of EFT – the ‘truth of how I feel right now’ part – is the most profoundly effective means for shifting stuck energy. To me, it’s much more respectful to acknowledge the :poop: and compost it (diffuse it) rather than try to ignore it! Sure beats stepping in it again and again!! :roll_eyes: Jo


I did read The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale, and so much of Zig Ziglar as well. I sense that, like movies like The Secret, there is a deeper message that often gets obscured by desperation and the mass-market version of the message.

I did need to be more positive with myself. I needed what I call confidencing as part of the flow of energy in me and to me.

I also needed calming of my anxiety, the fears and traumas and pains that were triggering heightened alert. Confidencing without calming (which I believe being truthful with ourselves – kind and truthful – also brings) was a disaster. Like you noted, IT WAS NOT WORKING… and thus when all these “wise folks” are saying that positive thinking was IT… left me feeling even worse.

Yes, a trip that did not work for me, either. Now when I listen to Zig or read positive-minded people, I can feel the rightness – just the incompleteness for me.

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I needed to be positive too and I also read the Power of Positive Thinking. However I did not acknowledge the pain and anxiety I had. I pushed it all down and covered it up with “positive thinking” hoping it would be the answer to letting go of negativity and fear. I use positive thinking now because I have acknowledged and tapped on the fears. I tap first if I’m really activated, do a few rounds of how I’m feeling. Then I invite the positive words and feelings. Sometimes when I’m not real activated I can go right to the positive or better thinking. The other day I was in the Dr’s office waiting for the PA to come in. He is our new Dr’s assistant. I was able to think about the names of the archangels that I learned about in my angel class. I call that positive and honestly I didn’t feel anxiety or fear.


Indeed! That’s a sweet signal that our energy is congruent with the uplift, with the flow.


This came through today, a sweet invitation to my heart this morning…

Scatter sunshine :sun_with_face: :sunflower: