Tossing It Around

I’m excited for this present for my boy:

My dad never threw a ball with me. Ever. And yet football was such a part of my youth. To get to reconnect with that feels soooo Right at my core. Thanks @Jem for suggesting it.

And thanks also to our across the street neighbors where Dad tosses with his son. I don’t know that I “need” to have someone else doing this first… and it definitely does make it easier to imagine. And we’ve had a chance to see them model happy play together AND feel some longing, too. Makes the anticipation all the sweeter!



Amazon affiliate link helps support this community center.


Oh, the FUN you two will have!! I love the idea of that foam football! :heart_eyes:

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I used to throw a football ALL the time. I’m hoping he likes it. It’s great eye-hand-heart-power coordination!


I love that you added heart-power coordination to eye-hand coordination!

Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness. _____Desmond Tutu

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